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dota 2

  1. S

    Buying  I am buying dota 2 account uncalibred or 100h final 10-15$ maximum --Fast !

    And I'm loooking for serious sellers so whoever has an offer can go to Discord--SaiyanDota2#4410
  2. B

    7k mmr account

    7k mmr dota 2 account https://www.dotabuff.com/players/379447504 First letter, no purchases. 220$ Discord(better): daaya#2796 FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100022552130109
  3. S

    3000 MMR Account

    Price: 15$ Discord: skyline#0678 Rank: Legend 3 Payment Method: PayPal
  4. T

    BOUGHT  I am buying a Dota 2 Immortal Account for up to 70$ !!!

    I am buying a Dota 2 Immortal Account for up to 70$ Anyone who has an offer can write here or on the discord---Dota 2 Gamer#1153
  5. K

    Dota 2 Account | Normal Skill | Ready for First Calibration | 100 hrs Complete

    Dota 2 Fresh Account ready to be played Rank Games. All games are Played in SEA server. Win Rate - 48.04% Behavior 10K. Payment Method - Paypal Only. Message in Epicnpc Inbox.
  6. P

    Buying  Looking for invoker persona Under 20 dollars

    Looking for invoker persona account Under 20 dollars mmr should not be less than 2k
  7. J

    Selling  5720 MMR EU 10k Behavior /w original e-mail

    Hello everyone, I have another account up for sale. Account is only couple of games away from 6k mmr. The information is listed below: -MMR: 5720 -Behavior score: 10000(highest) -Dotabuff: https://www.dotabuff.com/players/233764857 -Original first E-mail made just for this account (same as...
  8. S

    SOLD  Dota 2 Account 6080MMR 70$

    MMR Hidden content Behaviour 9995, no transactions. payment method paypal, qiwi, webmoney, dota2 items (+30%) telegram - @sarikj2n discord - paravozik tyty#7160
  9. heartstainedwristicy

    Selling  6020mmr (2800 rank) account 99$

    Hello everyone. I'm Selling Dota 2 account. -dont have vac/lp/ban warning/any other restrictions -10000 behavior score -524 matches / 297 wins -24lvl account -2800 rank sea MMR: 6020 mmr startz: stratz.com/player/218282294 steam: steamcommunity.com/id/heartstainedwristicy price : 110$...
  10. S

    Selling Steam gccount 8.6yrs old original owner, CS Go Prime, Pubg+other games

    Selling Steam Account that is 8.6 Year old With CS Go Prime, Dota 2 with 25 pages of Items PUBG and many more. No VAC BAN or TRADE BAN, Original Owner. DM for offer.
  11. A

    Sell DOTA 2 Account | with golden ornithomancer mantle and immortal gardens

    Personal account, exists for 7 years, ~4k mmr, 142 games in steam, 4k hours in dota 2 1500$ (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198089814224/) there are more items than you can see on screenshots there are more items than you can see on screenshots
  12. U

    6200 mmr 9k behaviour score <800 games 80€

    I will of course grant the account email with it Stats: -6120 mmr mostly safelane games -9360 behaviour score -Less than 1000 games -First match: 4/2/2016 -Previous rank: Legend More information: I'm not an hardcore account seller, and this was formerly an account i had to play with friends, but...
  13. K

    Selling  Dota 2 Account Legend 3 Rank $14 Only

    Legend 3 Rank MMR : 3300 Normal Behavior Price $14 Mode of Payment - PayPal Only. Market not Open and no Transactions.
  14. E

    SOLD  ⚔️Ancient 3 Rank. 4040 MMR. 797 ITEMS. Full Access⚔️

    ✅ FULL ACCESS! ✅ 797 ITEMS ✅ BEHAVIOR 4031 ⭐You can contact me here: Discord: Escrit0r#4092 Payment method: Paypal (25$)
  15. gewoih

    Selling  5970 SOLO MMR | 10k Behavior Score | Verified Seller

    Hello everyone I'm selling my Dota 2 account which wasn't made for sale, but I'm done with this game so I decided to sell it. Available payment methods: PayPal/BTC/ETH/PaySend/Skrill Price - $120 negotiable Feel free to contact me via Discord 24/7 - gewoih#4677
  16. Z

    Selling  Dota 2 Immortal / Divine / Ancient Accounts FOR SALE~

    Summary Table Account #MMRRankPrice (USD) Status 14630Divine 150Sold 24630Divine 1 50Available 34630Divine 1 60Available 45490Immortal175Available 53950Ancient 130Available Account Details #1 [SOLD] Price: USD 50 Rank: Divine 1 4630MMR Level: 43 Hours Played: 1997 Remarks: Has VAC ban for CSGO...
  17. H

    Trading  Cinder Sensei [Ember Spirit] x3 for Arcana

    Interested in trading Cinder Sensei set for Arcana. Priority: Monkey King, Legion Commander, Teeror Blade, Shadow Fiend. If you have any other offers, kindly post it here. Trading will be after 30 day friend period or as per trade offer. Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/harikrl/
  18. J

    Selling  6200 MMR 10k behavior/Original e-mail Cheap!

    Hello everyone, as the title says I have an account which I would like to sell for a fairly reasonable price. All information is listed below: -MMR: 6200 -Behavior score: 10000(highest) -Dotabuff: https://www.dotabuff.com/players/435217316 -Original first E-mail made just for this account (same...
  19. G

    Selling  Selling any dota2 accounts you want!!!

    Hi i`m selling dota 2 accounts. Mmr or with items. I`m a legit booster too, i`m current working on a two dota 2 boosting website. I can find you guys what account you want! Just tell me or message me, i have a lot of legit connections here in ph who sell accounts too. Just message me on my...
  20. K

    BOUGHT  WTB a High Ancient or Low Divine Fresh Account. Original Mail Only

    Want to purchase a new account of Dota with high Ancient or Low Divine Medal. Will be able to give $10-$15 accordingly. Paypal is preferred. Thanks