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dota 2

  1. U

    Selling  [$30] Dota 2 Acc CORE 4500 SUPP 4500

    Ancient 7 (Previous Season) Core 4500 | Support 4500 TBD (Previous Season) Not calibrated yet to new season - Core 9 TBD | Support 10 TBD 61% winrate Behavior 9420 Phone number for Ranked MM Included Can play ranked instantly Market and trade is NOT activated CANT add friends No VAC Ban History...
  2. K

    Selling  DOTA 2 Account Anceint 2 ( Core 4,3k Support 4,3k )

    Hi im selling dota2 account Core mmr : 4325 Support mmr : 4352 Market and trade is already activated Phone Number Included. No need phone number to do a rank. Payment method : Paypal Price : 28$ only contact me : Email : [email protected] Skype : nugraha.hs Thanks
  3. syumelcool

    Selling  Selling items on demand 85% price from market

    Hello, im selling dota 2 items for slightly cheaper price than market. Tell me what item you are looking for and i will get back to you once i got the items :giggle: If interested contact me through : Email------> [email protected] Discord---->khaleesi#3387...
  4. MasterBroshi

    SOLD  Core 6223, support TBD. Rank 636 on NA. Lots of game & items. Main steam acc

    Hi, I am selling my main steam account as I don't have time for games anymore and need $$ to pay for my masters degree... Account has 24 games, ranging from like skyrim to dying light to borderlands etc. 2 main games are DOTA 2 and CSGO. https://steamcommunity.com/id/brobroski Asking...
  5. O

    Selling  The International 2019| all Collector Cache I & II | Rare /V.Rare/Ultra Rare

  6. I

    ISO Arcana: IO

    Fell in love with io. I want the skin. I will purchase an account that has it on there. LMK
  7. L

    📱🔥Phone Numbers to Unlock Ranked. Very Cheap - 0.30$ Second Number Free!

    PHONE NUMBER TO UNLOCK DOTA 2 RANKED MATCHMAKING Only 100% secure phone numbers! After linking number to dota, you can delete it from steam, so it's completely safe! ᅠPRICE FOR 1 NUMBER - 0.30$ → I need feedback's, so for now selling very very cheap! → And besides, if you have another...
  8. V

    Buying  6k mmr supp acc

    Hi, I am buying a 6k mmr support mmr account - original email + first letter - no transactions. Paymenth can be paypal or wester union. All transactions will be done with an MM. BS above 7000 is desired. Discord: Supay#1466
  9. J

    Selling  7300 Solo MMR Europe Rank ~200 Highest behavior score

    Hello everyone, as the title says I have an account which I would like to sell for a fairly reasonable price. All information is listed below: -Core MMR: ~7300 (currently) -Support MMR: TBD (~6000 last season) -Behavior score: ~9000 -Dotabuff: https://www.dotabuff.com/players/179392808...
  10. .mmxwwx.

    SOLD  [$35] Dota 2 Acc Core 4500 | Support 4600 (Old Season) (CS:GO Prime Incuded)

    Divine 1 (Previous Season) Core 4551 | Support 4650 TBD (Previous Season) Not calibrated yet to new season - Core 10 TBD | Support 10 TBD 51% winrate Behavior 10000 Phone number for Ranked MM Included Can play ranked instantly Market and trade is already activated Can add friends No VAC Ban...
  11. .mmxwwx.

    SOLD  [$35] Dota 2 Account Core 4700 | Support 10 TBD (New Season Calibration)

    Hi Guys, I want to sell this Dota 2 Account for cheap price! Already Calibrate to New Season! *SOLD AT SHOPEE THANKS* Core 4700 | Support 10 TBD 57% winrate Behavior 5385 Phone number for Ranked MM Included Can play ranked instantly Market and trade is already active Can add friends No VAC Ban...
  12. A

    Selling  Selling Dota 2 Herald ( Herald IV ) 40$ ( 167.02 Malaysian Ringgit )

    SELLING DOTA 2 ACCOUNT Include : Dota 2 Plus expire on 30/9/19 ( Renewed till 2/11/19 ) Invoker glowing hair Some random item Invoker with all medal + Mirana with all medal Previous Rank is Herald 7 Current Rank is Herald 4 Matches 800+ 700+hours Payment Methods Western Union ( I am...
  13. IN10SE

    Selling  Dota 2 Private Store - Hero Items/Weathers/Tools/Announcers/Taunts & More!

    I will try and sell you cheaper items than Steam Market. Give me the list of stuff what you're trying to buy and I will see if I can give it to you for a lower price. It's not necessary but I recommend to at least get 5 items you want for a cheaper price then I can give you the final lowered...
  14. H

    Selling  Items ( Dark Artistry cape, arcanas, and stuff)

    Hey guys selling these Items. make me a good offer. Payment with Paypal. Send me a pn :)
  15. V

    SWAP! Dota 2 Account Ancient 3 w/1400 swc to ML Account

    SWAP DOTA 2 ACCOUNT TO ML ACCOUNT Ancient3 w/ 1400 swc to ML Account
  16. Y

    The Internation Collector Cache Tinker/Meepo/Bane/Winter Wyvern

    Winter Wyvern - Iceburnt Elegy (LINK) Price $10 Bane - Heir of Terror (LINK) Price $10 Tinker - Fortified Fabricator (LINK) Price $20 Meepo - The Family Values Bundle (LINK) Price $10 Price $10 each NOTE: COLLECTER CACHE SETS ARE NOT TRADEABLE OR MARKETABLE ! THEY ONLY CAN BE GIFTED ONCE ...
  17. 443 MMR BOOST

    Selling  #443Gaming Boosting Service [0-5500MMR] | Lowpriority | TBD | Quest | Behavior

    Hello everyone. I provide my services since 2014 year, playing in SEA Server and im new here. • 100% anonymous and safe • 940++ Account Boosted • Good price and Friendly service :) • We care about every client and value your trust i also accepting ⤵ • Boosting MMR • Lowpriority / Abandoned...
  18. D

    Invoker Persona

    Hello! I am looking for a dota 2 account with Invoker persona, nothing else matters, any mmr, no items at all! if interesested i can trade my ancient 1 account for it, but it's not necesarly! please dm me if you have one to sell/trade
  19. B

    Selling  Collector's Cache 2016 & 2019

    Collector's Cache 2016 Winter Wyvern (Iceburnt Elegy) Bane (Heir of Terror) Magnus (Rising Glory) Meepo (The Family Values Bundle) Price : This sets are $5 each Collector's Cache 2019 Echoes of the Everblack (Abaddon) Allure of the Faeshade Flower (Dark Willow) Paean of the Ink Dragon...
  20. D

    > URGENT <Excellent main account [72 games][7 years][Account+Email+Number]

    Having bought this account from me you save my life (credit history) I hope someone responds My account is personally Steam account, on balance 72 games, such as Dota 2 [5k hours 3k mmr], CS: GO [2.5k hours Kalash], Witcher 3, Rainbow six Siege, Dying light, Full edition of games from Valve...