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  1. S

    Selling  Level 300+ JP Dokkan Account, 9 LRs Multiple Category Leaders

    LRs: Broly Ssj3 Goku Ssj4 Goku Bardock Majin Vegeta Both versions of LR goku and Vegeta LR goten and Trunks LR Trunks (PHY) Category leaders: Phy super vegito(Rainbowed), Future Gohan, Full power ssj4 Goku, ss4 gogeta, Omega Shenron, ssj3 Bardock, Agl Gogeta, Int Kid Goku, SSBE Vegeta...
  2. Atreyu747

    Selling  7 LR + new Vegeta and 11 Category leaders - story untouched

    Hey guys. I have an account with 7 LRS +1 dupe, 11 category leaders and the new Vegeta. The only things cleared were the 3 current EZA events, Dokkan Events, Boss Rush, Hercule's Punching Bag and current Story Events MINUS Hero Extermination and half of the Villain one. So stones are also...
  3. infra

    Selling  INFRA Shop weekend Fire Sale $3 GLB Accounts

    Limited time fire sale 1300 ds Ios and Android accounst are buy one get one free. Use code Infra for 20% off. For any additional information on a account dm (discord: Infra Discord) (skype: jamell.brown1) Infra Shop Payment Method : Paypal, BTC instant delivery: delivery to either your Paypal...
  4. K

    Rank 396/A nice dokkan battle acc/GLB

    Hey, I am selling my global android dokkan account. Add me in discord: KingEspada#8823 or skype: espada.amv and we can discuss about it. Acc:
  5. T

    Global f2p over 850 days 3 Lrs (gohan, goten and trunks, trunks) over 570ds

    Hi there got for sell a global dokkan battle, most info here https://www.ebay.com/itm/382852576361 or msg me . Can sell outside ebay
  6. P

    Selling  6 summonable Lr account, plenty of content left.

    Selling my dokkan account as I am burned out from the game. Any questions just ask.
  7. Criscp96

    Selling  🔥Awesome Dokkan Global 281 Lvl Gogeta Vegito 11 Lr🔥

    👉 Global Android Account 👉 Box 1: 👉 Box 2: 💥11LRs : Notable-GOGETA, VEGITO 💥 Multiple materials for specific and new to come characters, even awakening and extreme Z awakening medals stocked for when the unit for them is pulled 💥 Android 21-Good cat lead for Android team 💥 LVL 281...
  8. T

    Buying  Looking For A Dokkan Global IOS Account W/ Potara or Fusion team

    Looking for an account with a fusion team or potara team fully farmed.
  9. K

    Buying  LOOKING for a WHALE! gbl/android

    Hey looking for a nice whale with a few must haves: LR Gogeta, LR Blackmasu, PHY Movie Broly, AGL Movie Gogeta, Transforming Vegeta Blue, UI Goku, and yea way more whale units. going up to 500€ †NOTE† If you have a new profile dont even bother to post here :)
  10. C

    Selling  Whaleish JP

    Selling this jp for 140 dollars Has many good unitz rainbow plentiful dupes amazing undokkaned units High rank (403) and many more! pm me on discord Chidox27#0989 if your interested
  11. S

    Dokkan Battle Jp ios 97 URS/8 LRS Finished Account $80

    Selling this account for $80. If you guys want this account hit me up on my email [email protected] We can negotiate the price. The story mode is finished all the events are done except for super battle road.The 8 lrs are ssj4 goku , ssj4 vegeta, meta coora, lr Baby, ssj3 goku...
  12. Criscp96

    Selling  🔥Beast Japan Dokkan 17 Lr (Free and Summ) Lvl 358 with Good Lead🔥

    👉 Japan Android Account (if you are iOS tell me and I will use the dragon stones for you) 👉BOX: ⭐ 7 SUMMONABLE LR (17 in total) ⭐Very good Cat lead: MUI Goku, Android 21, MVP Android 17, Movie Gogeta Blue, Time traveller Goku Black ⭐LVL 358 Account ⚡PM YOUR OFFERS ⚡VERIFIED AND...
  13. Criscp96

    SOLD  🔮Dokkan Lvl 340 Lr Gohan Lr Vegito Lr Broly+Good Capt Lead+Movie Units🔮

    👉 Global Android Account (if you are iOS tell me and I will use the dragon stones for you) 👉 BOX: 🔵 5 Summonable LRs 🔵 Perfect Movie Heroes and Movie Bosses Teams Perfect Pure Saiyans Team 🔵 Plenty of events still to be farmed 🔵 Good units like Gogeta Blue, Android 21, SSJ4 Gogeta etc...
  14. riigoox

    Selling  NEW Accounts Riigoox Store

    Welcome to my Store Im selling GLOBAL and JAPAN accounts with autodelivery through Selly. Check all the accounts here : Riigoox Store Selly PROMOTIONAL 30% DISCOUNT CODE : RiigooxStoreEpic List: 1.- 9 LR + GOGETA BLUE RAINBOW Link Store (GOGETA, VEGITO, GOKU&FREEZER, BLACK, CELL, TRUNKS&MAI...
  15. I

    Jp account

    selling this jp. Lf paypal offers
  16. Criscp96

    SOLD  📀Awesome Global 7 Summonable Lr (15 in total) Android Lvl 278 📀

    👉 Global Android Account (if you are iOS tell me and I will use the stones at your wish) 👉 BOX: 🎃 7 Summonable LR (15 in total) 🎃 Good lead : Transform Vegeta blue, Android girl (red one), movie Gogeta, UI Goku 🎃 A lot of good subs 🎃 75 Dragon Stones ⚡PM YOUR OFFERS ⚡VERIFIED AND...
  17. Criscp96

    SOLD  🐉Cheap Japan Android Ssj4 Goku+Ssj4 Vegeta+Beerus&Whis Lvl 223🐉

  18. Criscp96

    Selling  ⚡Fresh Global Android Dokkan Broly Lvl 75+ 215 Stones⚡

    👉 Global Android Account 👉 BOX: 👉 LR Broly+LR SSJ 3 Goku+UR SSJ Bardock+UR Perfect Cell+UR SSJ 3 Goku Angel+UR SS3 Bardock+UR Golden Frieza etc. 👉215 Stones 👉Story at Area 3 ⚡PM YOUR OFFERS ⚡VERIFIED AND TRUSTED SELLER (CHECK FEEDBACKS) ⚡PAYPAL ONLY (Friends and family option) ⚡FOR...
  19. F

    Trading  Trading great global dokkan account for a good optc jp account

    6Lrs: Broly,Trunks and goten, Goku black, Bojack (currently Tur), Gogeta, Vegito Many category leads including: ssj3 bardock, new phy broly, ui goku, angel golden frieza, ssj4 teq goku, android 17,Evolution blue vegeta, Omega shenron and phy future gohan all stages of boss rush cleared some...