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  1. M

    Selling  LR Vegito with 7 other LRs & 2600 Stones! [Global iOS]

    Discord: Maysiin#6036 Selling this account for $25 This account has: 2600+ Stones LR TEQ Vegito 2x LR TEQ Broly LR STR Broly LR AGL Gohan LR INT Perfect Cell LR INT Vegito UR TEQ SSJ4 Gogeta UR STR Super Gogeta + Plenty of other solid TURs and Grand/Elder Kais
  2. S

    Selling  Glb semi-farmed account, has both LR vegito/gogeta, agl gohan, phy goku&vegeta

    This account has the units listed above 2350 dragon stones 200 stone banner unused Account is linked to a dummy fb Android account Price is 12$ Paypal F&F DM me if interested!
  3. D

    Selling  Global Accounts!! Up to 6000+ Stones & 8 LRS; Accounts as cheap as $3.99!

    >> dokkandealer.com << 5-year Pre-Farmed Accounts (2600+ DS & 1 LR) - $3.99 [iOS][Android] Fresh Accounts with 2600 DS & 3 LRs - $29.99 [iOS][Android] UI Goku Account (2800+ DS & LR UI Goku) - $24.99 [Android] Farming Service (Story/Events/EZA/Battlefield) - $2.99 [iOS/Android] -- Additional...
  4. S

    Selling  S>glb semi-farmed account that has LR vegito/gogeta, Movie broly

    This account has both LR vegito and LR gogeta, movie broly Has 2510 dragon stones 200 stone banner unused Linked to dummy fb account This is an android account Price is 10$ Paypal F&F Dm me if you're interested!
  5. S

    Selling  S>semi farmed global account that has both LR vegito/gogeta and agl zamasu

    This account has the units listed in the title 2768 dragon stones unused 200 stone banner The account is for android and is linked to a dummy fb price 9$ paypal F&F dm me if interested!
  6. D

    DragoSlime's Dokkan Shop! Selling: Farming, Accounts

    Hi! I'm DragoSlime, and this is my Dokkan shop! My discord tag is Drago#7502 , and I look forward to doing business with you. I sell accounts and farming services. I take my payments through Paypal. Here's a breakdown of what I do. ACCOUNTS (Exclusive to Global Dokkan at the moment): -FARMED...
  7. U

    Global Dokkan Account for sale. Multiple top tier Dokkan Fests & LRs

    global account with several LRs like Spirit Bomb Absorbed Goku, Goku & Frieza, INT Vegito, TEQ Broly, SSG Goku, & more. also top tier dokkan fests like str cooler, namek goku, bardock, phy vegito blue & more. see images for the rest. contact me on discord: ultrainstinctpaul#5649 if you have an...
  8. D

    Looking for a FEH account with specific characters!

    I want an account with specific characters. The more you have, the better. -Altina -Brave Ike -Legendary Lucina -Brave Lucina -Spring Lucina -Lucina -Summer Lyn -Summer Mia -Summer Byleth -Summer Robin My tag is Drago#7502 . I specialize in trading accounts for Dokkan Battle. This means that I...
  9. Atreyu747

    Selling  Fresh LR Gogeta and Vegito accounts CHEAP!

    Discord: Atreyu#3192 - Status: Online These are all my current LR Gogeta and LR Vegito accounts from the 5th anniversary! If you're on a budget these accounts are an excellent choice to celebrate 5 years of Dokkan with! All accounts are FRESH LEVEL 1 with NOTHING touched! Everything can be...
  10. K

    Trading  Looking for Late/Mid Game Masters Account with Red

    Looking for Masters account with Red and others
  11. K

    Trading  Looking for Mid/Late Game Masters account with Red

    dm me on KungFuKenny#7200
  12. Atreyu747

    Selling  11 LR+ Farmed Stone Accounts 2700+ ready for 5th anniversary!

    My Discord where you can already reach me at is here @Atreyu#3192 - Status: Online I decided to start selling some farmed accounts for those who are eager to pull - alongside having an already amazing box! All accounts come with 11+ LRs and plenty of Dokkanfest units PLUS 2700 stones! There are...
  13. Humble Merchant

    Global Anniversary LR Gogeta & Vegito Accounts! 4-14 LR accounts, 2000+ Stones

    All accounts feature new 5th year anniversary Gogeta + Vegito LR's! Accounts have plenty of zeni, training items, orbs and awakening medals! Accepting payments via Paypal family and friends. Please contact me here or Discord @HumbleMerchant#0906 Please provide facebook login for account...
  14. R

    Selling  Global Whale with multiple rainbow LR's and TUR's

    Dm me offers to Quimera#0278 on discord. Lowballs ignored Only using middleman from CommerceZ server or you pay the fee for middleman here.
  15. Y

    Selling  Dokkan Account (YEAR 1 ACC) Discontinued Charactets!

    DOKKAN ACCOUNT SALE I've had this account since the Str God Goku came out back when the game came out and I've managed to pick up plenty of limited exclusives and albeit discontinued characters that are no longer obtainable, some characters like Transformation Leader Str Super Buu, Agl Zamasu...
  16. F

    Selling  JP Dokkan battle Whale account 5+ years (includes new LR blue Goku and Vegeta)

    Whale account with about 1100 login days, not a farmed reroll account, contains millions of zeni, and tons of equipment and upgrade items, payment processed through PayPal, account screenshots attached, contact me on discord to talk if interested Faraz12#8435 or pm me.
  17. O

    Selling  dokkan battle farming service(android ios)

    i offer a farming service with everything included for just 10$ -i will finish the story(700 stones). -all events and eza's(this can depend on the events displayed). -hercule punching machine. -boss rushes. -Dokkan Events (77 medals) for 1$ -prime battles(777 medals) for 2$ -super battle...
  18. P

    Selling  Dokkan battle fresh 1600 stone accounts global android only

    100% fresh global accounts for android. 1600 stones. you will receive a working transfer code. price will be £20.00. add my discord if interested. dokkanz#0173 100% feedback on ebay, top ebay seller.
  19. P

    Selling  4600+ farmed accounts global android only transfer code ready

    4600+ global farmed stones accounts. 100% positive ffeeback on ebay. Top ebay seller. global android only. working transfer code. discord is dokkanz#0173 price is £20.00 per account. add me if interested.
  20. P

    Selling  Dbz Dokkan Battle 1500+ stones 100% FRESH accounts

    add my discord for 1500 dragon stone accounts. You will receive transfer code produced before the update, you will be able to use a code no problem. Nothing has been touched everything is available. I saved stones over the year by just logging into the accounts. I will sell for £17.00...