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  1. C

    Whale dokkan account with 500+ stones

    Selling this beast whale account with 17 summonable lrs with lots of dupes couple are rainbowed and over 120 rainbows also has 500+ stones android though !!!
  2. A

    Selling  Dokkan battle Lvl223 Account with 7Lr / 20$ negotiable

    WtS Dokkan Battle GB account Android Level 223 Stones 493 Lr 7 Ss4j Goku Ss4j Vegita Broly Cell Int Goku TRIO
  3. J

    Selling  (GL) 8$ 7 summonable LR (15 LR total) sell for cheap ! Pm me !

    Offer your best price ! +260 ds left via paypal only . pm me or add on discord
  4. J

    Selling  (Global) 5$ 5 Lr with 1000+ ds . PM fast !!

    *Farmed story *Events still got a lot to do *LR SSJ4 GOKU *LR GOKU & VEGETA *LR CELL *LR SS GOHAN (+ 1 dupe ) *LR GOKU BLACK Sell for only 7$ via paypal . Pm me or add my discord zeroth#7849💃
  5. D

    SOLD  Dokkan Global 11 Summonable LRS Plus Lots Of God Leads Android

    Dokkan Global 11 Summonable LRS Plus Lots Of God Leads Android Here Is A Link To The Box 50 USD Paypal Friends And Family You Can Also Add Me On Discord DarkReaper#4016 Thanks.
  6. T

    SOLD  $50 Account. 8 LRs

    Global Dokkan account with 8 LRs. 2 of them are ssj4 goku and vegeta. No dragonstone but plenty zeni. Over 600 other units plenty dupes. Rank 400+. Lots of awakening medals. $50 USD to my PayPal. If interested message me on Instagram @r_kingiii or discord @s y k e l x r d#8261 for more details.
  7. Atreyu747

    Selling  13 LR with 5 of them rainbowed Global Endgame account, 19 rainbowed 58 leads

    Hey guys, selling my account. Has 5 Gacha LRs rainbowed, with 19 of the DFE's being rainbowed as well. 250 stones on it currently (Android). LR Black, LR Bojack and LR SSj3 Goku all have 3 dupes EACH. One away from rainbowing them each! Serious offers only. DM me here or on Discord at...
  8. E

    Selling  Almost Endgame 12 LR, Rainbowed LR Gogeta and many more cat leads

    Heyyooo Account Details Level: 329 Stones: 0 LRs: 13 (Summonable) - Rainbowed LR Gogeta - 2 Dupes SSJ4 Goku - 1 Dupe Goten and Trunks - SSJ4 Vegeta, LR Vegito, GoBros, GoPunks, Black and Zamasu, GoFrieza, Cell, SSJ3 Goku, Trunks and Mai 58 Cost: 20 -...
  9. K

    dokkan battle global account 16 lrs endgame

    most of story is still not done pictures of the account my discord kidsbop#8913 give me an offer
  10. Atreyu747

    Buying  Endgame Whale Global, must have rainbow Gacha lrs and LR SSj4s

    Hey guys, looking for an account for my friend and he has a budget of around 450. He's looking for; Global Endgame (no sellys, fresh or farmed accounts please) At LEAST 3 Rainbow LRs BOTH LR SSj4s. If not both, at least LR SSj4 Goku Plenty of category leaders. Must have Gogeta + Broly. If you...
  11. R

    Selling  Dokkan Global/JP ios/andriod ⭐Fresh and farmed with 2100 stones starter $4

    global or japan server ios/andriod all has with 2100 stones starter, you just need pay almost 4$. Whole Transaction & Delivery can taken from 5 minutes to 30 minutes if we start deal, there are different of Time Zone , if i am not online ,add my discord my discord: rommanjason9527#0682
  12. A

    Lvl 377 endgame | 27 LRs 200+ URs | tons of medals

    Selling my JP as well as Global account. (Seperate or together, send me a message and we can talk) I’m looking for no less than 200$. Almost every event has been farmed minus the newest releases this month, SBR complete, story farmed, legendary goku too, end game account overall. 27 Awakened LRs...
  13. A

    Lvl 349 endgame | 14 LRs | tons of medals

    Selling my Global as well as JP account. (Seperate or together, send me a message and we can talk) I’m looking for no less than 200$. Almost every event has been farmed minus the newest releases this month, SBR complete, story farmed, legendary goku, end game account overall. 14 Awakened LRs and...
  14. O

    Trading  Dragon Ball Legends for beast Glb/JP Dokkan

    I just want to get rid of my legends My legends hasn’t been fully farmed completely so there is plenty of chrono crystals to get. It has SSB Goku and Vegeta, LF Super Vegito, and more strong units I am looking for a beast IOS Global or Japanese Dokkan battle account PM me in discord...
  15. V

    Selling  Dokkan Store | 3,49€ => +700 DS Fresh Global Android

    Visit my store here +700DS : 3,49€ 20% with this code : EPICNPC Android Farmed Global : 1 LR + 2k DS : From 2,99€ Vegito + 3k DS : 7,99€ 2 LRs + 2k DS : 4,99€ 2 LRs + 3,6k DS : 14,99€ 2 LRs + 5,1k DS : 23,99€ 3 LRs + 2k DS : 9,99€ 3 LRs + 3,6k DS : 23,99€ 4 LRs + 2k DS : 14,99€ 4 LRs + 3,4...
  16. R

    Selling  Great LR Global Account

    Great Global dokkan account * Has a bunch of events to do for more gems * Has amazing characters and LR's and world tournament teams. * Everything is not maxxed to you can get the grind feel of a new account but semi started * Here is my discord for questions and price Rafa#3684 * Here...
  17. Atreyu747

    Selling  Massive whale GLB - 18 Gacha LRS including both LR SSj4s - 400+ red coins

    This is MY personal account and I am the original owner. Selling my account as I've been dumping way too much money into it and want to find it a good home. Has almost every category lead on Global. Missing STR Buu and AGL Metal Cooler. You can buy one when they return on a future banner with...
  18. M

    RANK 505 GLB 2.5 year old clean veteran account. 8 duped gacha LRs+Cat leads.

    Selling Almost 3 year old account ,nearing 1000 day Goku LR. If anyone interested . Gacha LRs info : 1. LR Gogeta rainbowed 2.LR Super Vegito 3. LR Gohan 1 dupe 4. LR Cell 1 dupe 5. LR Boujack 6. LR Beerus 7. LR Majin Vegeta 8. TEQ LR Gohan and Goten All prime battle LRs farmed. All 70%...
  19. S

    Selling  LR SSJ4 LR Goku Frieza

    Don't play anymore. Tons of Kai's, LR Goku&Frieza, LR SSJ4 Goku, LR Vegito, LR Trunks, Tons of SSRS, etc. Best offer!