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dokkan battle

  1. S

    Selling  Dokkan Battle Small Whale Account endgame,Rank 351 20 LRs, Many Featured tur's

    Link to Box Below (Don't really know how to properly post, new to site and just trying to get hands off acc) Discord (Offers/Questions): Ace#3183 20 LR's - These include F2P And Summonable Summonable Lr's w/ Dupes: Gogeta, and Goku Black Notable Featured TURs New DBS Broly, SSBE Vegeta...
  2. U

    Selling  Both Fresh & Farmed Accounts w/ LRs and 3K+ Stones! (iOS & Android)

    Hey, I'm selling global and jp Dokkan Battle accounts with over 1K stones including LRs of you choice (if in stock). I have both iOS and Android accounts, please let me know which OS you use prior to choosing an account so I can see if I have it available. The fresh accounts are completely...
  3. F

    Selling  Beastly Dokkan Battle JP Account with 10 Summon-able LR's

    I'm Selling my JP Dokkan Account you can view the images to see what it has + 10 LR's ( SSj4 goku/Vegeta got 1 dupe each) ( LR Gogeta & Vegito got 1 dupe Each) Their most dupes in each of the category leaders and random SSR's The account is very stacked and the best part is there is still OVER...
  4. M

    Selling  Selling my account for 150$ or best offer. I have screen shots for my account

    If you would like to buy my account please message me at my email [email protected] I have screen shots of all my characters. I have about 65million in zinnie and 15 dragon stones. Lots of good characters I spent real money to get.
  5. Atreyu747

    Selling  Endgame 7 LR and new Vegeta plus many category leads and 1100 stones

    Hey guys. Selling my Dokkan account. Here are the details. Story is done. Only current story events are cleared. So portal of memories will get you more stones. Only 3 EZAs have been completed. The rest are undone. LR Bardock LR Goku and Friza LR SSj3 Goku LR Majin Vegeta LR Trunks w/ dupe...
  6. infra

    Selling  Infra Shop Fire Sale $3 (Ios/Android GLB Accounts)

    Limited time fire sale 1300 ds Ios and Android accounst are buy one get one free. Use code Infra for 20% off. For any additional information on a account dm (discord: Infra Discord) (skype: jamell.brown1) Infra Shop Payment Method : Paypal, BTC instant delivery: delivery to either your Paypal...
  7. Atreyu747

    Selling  Rainbow Vegeta Selling Fresh level 1 PHY Vegeta plus LR accounts

    Here are the accounts I currently have. Out of the accounts, 11 of them contain AT LEAST 2 PHY Vegeta. All accounts come with PLENTY of orbs, 40+ Elder Kais and 10+ of each color Funky Kai. Message me here or on discord at Atreyu#3192. - Discord is much easier though. Account A - (Kokichi)...
  8. Atreyu747

    SOLD  Buying Dokkan Whale Accounts with AGL Gogeta and Phy Broly

    Hey guys, looking for whale accounts with AGL Gogeta and Broly. Must also have plenty of Gacha LRs and Category leaders. Everything must be awakened. Message me here with what you have or at discord at Atreyu#3192
  9. N

    Selling  2 JP Dokkan 9LR & 12 LRs

    ACCOUNT 1 - 9 LRS has sbr left and hero and villains event untouched endgame $25 or best offer ACCOUNT 2 - 12LRS endgame $80 or best offer open to negotiation here or discord @ anbui#1215
  10. F

    SOLD  Selling Beastly Global Account! Still Has ALOT of stones to farm

    Account has most of the story UN-farmed and most of EZA's are NOT done! Boss Rush is done. Never Modded and never bought ''cheap stones'' The account is 100% clean, And basically almost new i mainly play JP but sometimes i buy stones and summon on this account! The LR Goku Black has the lower...
  11. U

    Selling  1K Login Days LR Spirit Bomb Goku Global w/ Gogeta Blue & More!

    I'm selling my Dokkan Battle Global account with over 1000 days of logins which means it has the Spirit Bomb LR Goku. The story mode is done, but a ton of events including some Super Battle Roads have never been touched so you can easily farm stones all day with this account. If interested...
  12. R

    Whale account Dokkan Battle Global

    Broly LR with dupe Bardock LR Trunks LR with dupe Black LR Majin Vegeta LR Goku ssj3 LR Gohan LR Boujack LR Vegito LR Gogeta LR Rainbow Gogeta int, Goku UI, Goku ssj3 EZA, Janemba str, Beerus teq, Gotenks ssj3 phy, Coora phy, Omega Shenron phy, Broly ssj3 teq... Only Paypal
  13. Atreyu747

    Buying  Buying Global WHALE accounts with Agl Gogeta and Phy Broly

    Please send me what you have. Criteria: Must have AGL Gogeta and Phy Broly. Must have at least 8 Gacha LRs. Must have plenty of rainbow units. Must have plenty of category leads (at least 12) Message me on here or on Discord at Atreyu#3192
  14. Atreyu747

    JP Endgame with category leads and 10 LRs

    TEQ Transforming Frieza has 4 dupes. LR Mighty Mask has 1 dupe. PHY Android 17 has 2 dupes. SSBE Vegeta has 2 dupes. Turles has 2 dupes. Jiren has 1 dupe. FP SSj4 Goku has 1 dupe. SSj PHY Vegito has 1 dupe. EZA Perfect Cell has 1 dupe. LR Cell, Beerus and Gogeta are unawakened. Please PM...
  15. Atreyu747

    SOLD  Global Whale with optimal Potara and rainbow LR Goku Black and new Phy Broly

    850+ login days. Contact me here or on Discord - Atreyu#3192 Album below: Asking for $210. DM me if you have an offer otherwise.
  16. X

    Selling  | Dokkan Farming (ANDROID/IOS)

    Dokkan Battle Account Farming All versions available. Follow my Selly link for fast and reliable services. https://selly.gg/@FusioNz Feel free to contact me on Discord: FusioNz#0235 Email: [email protected] Twitter: @xffusions
  17. Atreyu747

    $200 b/o Global WHALE endgame optimal potara, rainbow LR Goku Black and more

  18. P

    Selling  Selling dokkan battle account, will use MM if required.

    looking to sell my account fairly quick, i dont play anymore so its just sitting there doing nothing. its end game account with 6 summonable LR. most characters already have dupes in them. https://imgur.com/DwrI3vH https://imgur.com/cJeKDwV https://imgur.com/Kca6Cyr...
  19. Atreyu747

    Global FRESH level 1 rainbow Gogeta Blue and ssj3 Goku account

    100% fresh, nothing touched. Gogeta has 4 dupes, SSj3 Goku has 4 dupes, STR Vegeta has 3 dupes, Int Gogeta has 3 dupes, Gotenks has 1 dupe and SSj4 Gogeta has 1 dupe. Basically, a killer Movie Heroes team! LF $40 but negotiable. PM me if you need any more details!
  20. P

    DOKKAN BATTLE, account sale 6 summonable lr, many tur, many ssr.

    6 summonable lr including lr majin vegeta, lr trunks, lr gohan, lr vegito, lr gogeta, lr broly, lots or turs and ssr, most chars have dupes. https://imgur.com/DwrI3vH https://imgur.com/cJeKDwV https://imgur.com/Kca6Cyr https://imgur.com/Qh3DNrs https://imgur.com/ShXpXzh...