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dmg account

  1. Selling  DMG Prime Account With 11 Years old on Steam and Many games!!

    Steamdb: Wins: 11 Hours: 850 Rank: Distinguished Master Guardian Medals: Loyalty badge Account has 11 years old on Steam and level 9 Steam points: 11,538 Games: 53 Account is clean from VAC/any type of ban and never been cheated on Payment method: Only Paypal Contact: Discord: Snoz#9323 Price...
  2. SOLD  Cheap Account with 2,4k hours, DMG (Price:25e)

    DM here or discord: ANEY#8007 Price: 25e / 30$ Only PayPal. 3 MEDALS(2020, 2021, and broken fang diamond coin)
  3. SOLD  CS:GO Prime Account Rank: LE 292 hours (Faceit lvl 8 1708elo)

    CSGO Rank: Legendary Eagle CSGO Play Hours: 292 Hours CSGO lvl: 6 Matchmaking Wins: 88 Win Matchmaking Green Trust Factor: Yes Medals: 2021 Service Medal FACEIT Member Since: November 7, 2020 Faceit Level: 8 (1708 Elo) Faceit Matches: 65 Faceit Points: 1000 (can change faceit nickname) Prime...
  4. Prime csgo account DMG 1+ k/d Green trust factor, level 11 steam account.

    CS GO INFORMATION : Competitive MM rank : Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG) Comp wins : 68 (few more require to be LE) Wingman rank : Master Guardian II (MG2) Winman wins : 22 (HIGH ELO) Skins : none Badge(s) : 2021 service medal K/D : 1.29 STEAM ACCOUNT INFORMATION : Steam level 11 6 Year...
  5. Emperor 5 on EU-1 ( can easy hit Saint 1)

    Hey guys, Im selling the account from a Friend, if you are interested or wanna have some informations about the Account, write me via PM or in the Thread. Server EU-1
  6. Selling  CsGo Account // DMG //16 Wins

    Steam information Steam Level 0 1 Games 1 Badge 4 Weeks OLD 1st Link Original email with the original creation email from Steam I'm the first owner and creator of the Steam account CS:GO information DMG 16 Wins No PRIME 23 Hours 2nd Link Coin´s // No Coin´s...
  7. Tales of Wind EU-1 Saint1 (DMG Set)

    Hey, i posted this Thread already the person didint bought it Informations: Saint 1 Fire lv 13 37 Outfits 25 Back Accesorry ( Outfit lv 44 ) 4 Mounts ( Penguin, Lion, Chubby Choco ( yellow ), Fortune Ahri Red HeadGear ( Succubus Satyr ) 333 Pierce Gold warmount 2 Stars LvL 105 Any else...
  8. Selling  csgo Accounts STORE|Original Email From 1st Owner| Prime|Price start from 15$

    Link to profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199040009655/ Prime account: Ready Member since 28 March, 2020 Library: CS:GO CS:GO Hours: 77 CS:GO COMMENDS: Friendly 12/ Teacher 11/ Leader 11 Trust Factor: Very good, never used cheats. Iventory: Gold Operation Shattered Web Coin...
  9. Selling  DMG prime accounts ONLY 20 USD

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/Closet2/ 245 Hours 30 Games DMG 61 Wins 5 USD in steam wallet LVL 2 on steam PRIME AND LOYALTY BADGE! https://gyazo.com/513f2934f20e05a981df1d7ee76a492e ASKING FOR 20 ONLY! IF YOU BUY I WILL COMMEND BOT AN ACCOUNT OF YOUR CHOICE! WITH MY OWN COMMEND BOT...
  10. Buying  /buying main account/ ~ must have oe ~ must not be registerd on faceit or esea

    ~BUYING MAIN ACCOUNT~ ------------------------------------------------------ Requirements ~ Must have Original Email ~ Must have more than 3 coins (2015 service medal, 2016 service medals, silver pick'em Boston preferably) ~ Cannot be registered on FACEIT or ESEA or anything else (no...
  11. Selling  [fs]cs:go dmg prime account with 1k of hours

  12. Selling  Selling dmg account

    I am selling my DMG account no overwatch and vac ban Price- 14dollars If u want to see my account or interest my account Contact me - Discord: jhh707#2040 Thanks :D
  13. Selling  Sell my old main account Dmg ranked Prime account 30€

    Selling my old main account this account has a vac on mw2 cause some stupid little hacker lobbys i never cheated on this account so its ow clean and vac clean Steamlink: http://steamcommunity.com/id/75575757575757/ This Account also have some Coins like The medal of 2016, 2017 and The...
  14. Selling  Selling my MAIN CSGO Steam Account 1600+ hrs, 383+ wins, 23 lvl steam

    DMG was lem PRIME, 2017 service MEDAL Perfect for people who are searching for a great new main account! Steam info: [+]SteamID STEAM_0:1:160503227 [+]Steam Link [+]Profile created 2 years ago [+]31 Crafted badges [+]242 Games, list here CS:GO Information: [+]1600+ Hours [+]Prime [+]DMG...
  15. Selling  Prime / 210 wins / 660 hours / DMG /

    Hello, Im selling my main account... Hours > 662 hrs. Comp. wins > 210hrs. Rank: DMG. Profile link > https://steamcommunity.com/id/xevy/ LEVEL 22 ON STEAM / MARKET OPEN / SILVER HYDRA COIN WITH 10 STARS. Price : 36$. Payment: PayPal.
  16. Selling  DMG / 118 Wins / Prime / Silver Hydra and Wildfire Coins / 2017 Medal / $30

  17. Selling  Dmg acc || 10 wins || 13 hours | oe | cd key | cheap

    dmg non prime acc with fe and cd key for 5 case keys :) skype:- rehansindhi786
  18. Selling  DMG ACCOUNT FOR CHEAP // 20€ // 33wins // 100hours // Paypal and PSC

    Selling Distinguished Master Guardian Account for cheap, only for 20 euros. No ESEA or FACEIT 33wins and 100hours, steam account -> http://steamcommunity.com/id/hannu69 Payments: Paypal, Skins (10%) or Paysafecard Add me on steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/danaaj/ or in skype: bile-dansku...
  19. Dmg 2 medals (2016 and 2017) 1391h 483 wins// 25 euros (100% feedback)

    / DMG// Prime// 483 wins//1391 hours// 25 euros++medal 2017++medal 2016 link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198214100015/ PRICE: 25 euros paypal SKYPE: Neversleep191i other accounts wich i sold last days...
  20. Selling  DMG ( Distingued Master Guardian, 16 Wins, 230 Hours )

    Profile : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198352164874/ Rank : Distingued Master Guardian Time played : 230 Hours Wins : 16 Level : 7 Prime : No Esea/Faceit account : No Email acces : Yes Delivery : >24 Hours Paypal only : 15€ Skype : RedOne
  21. Selling  Selling csgo acc | dmg | 140h | 70 wins | prime | cheap $15

    Account Stats: 140 Hours Played MM Rank: DMG ~70 wins Prime enabled The account is 100% clean. You can check that from its profile. Payment Methods:$15 Only paypal Add me on Skype: - facebook:270717440029044 (Nikola Novevski) if u have 10+ feedbacks i can give first
  22. Selling  DMG Distinguished Master Guardian account for sale only 19.90$

    Hi i want to sell my own account of CS:GO. Inside you will get fully clear account CS:GO with rank of Distinguished Master Guardian 32 competitive wins 62 hours in game You can chek it here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rokNrolla/ Or instantly buy rigth here...
  23. SOLD  DMG Main Account 510+MM wins 2015,2016 Service Medal 100%Positive feedback

    Hello Welcome To My Account Shop Rank:DMG(Can be Global on demand)Hours in csgo:2000+ Matchmaking wins:510+ Medal/Pass:2015 Service Medal,2016 service medal Operation wildfire coin Market EnabledGames inside account:Arma 3,Ark:Survival Evolved,Just Cause 2,H1Z1(Both Parts),Rust and many more...
  24. Selling  DMG Account, original email, No hacks used, 10 games won, 27 hours, 20$.

    Hey guys, just like in title, I'm selling an DMG account for 20$. I'm not going first unless you have reasonable amount of vouches :) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198316133454/
  25. Selling  Selling dmg smurf account! Dirt cheap!!!

    I am selling my csgo smurf account! :cool: Rank: DMG (Destinguished Master Guardian) Hours played: 34 Competetive wins: 18 (if you get 2-3 win streak, it's probably gonna be a rank up) Prizes are changeable! 25$ in PayPal, 35$ worth of skins or 11 keys! Contact me on Steam or Skype! Steam...