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dbz dokkan battle global

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    Selling  1000 day+ 13 banner Lr and 31 58 cost units Endgame Global many rainbows

    Message me on discord or here for coins etc Roxasiid#9774 Discord for faster reply and free MM their if necessary
  2. P

    Selling  Dokkan Battle farmed - 2200+ stones ios or android £1.30ea

  3. A

    Selling  GLB Lr SSJ4 Goku&Vegeta,16 category leads,24 58 cost,10 gacha lr

    Have both LR SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta. Also has LR Gobro and LR Freeku. Strong bench and solid potential system of many characters. Rank 408. Has 138 stones on android. Part 2 missions and Vegeta jr eza still can be cleared for more stones. Selling for $150 paypal Contact me at andrewchelsea#9013
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    Selling  dokkan battle beast global farmed account LR ssj4 Goku & Vegeta.

    LR SSJ4 GOKU, LR SSJ4 VEGETA, LR VEGITO, LR GOGETA! 1000 STONES REMAINING! PAYPAL add DISCORD paulo#3461 Android only, do NOT transfer to ios, you will lose all stones.
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    DBZ Dokkan Battle Global account

    Sell endgame global account with many good characters for 18$ by Visa or PayPal. Contact me on discord Tengency#5137
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    Trading  My DBZ Dokkan battle for a good Captain tsubasa dream team

    Trading my account with a lotk of goodd ssr and LR for a good captain tsubasa dream team global
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    Selling  Semi fresh account global 8 LRs, 9 category leads

    Have an account has 8 lrs, 9 category leads, then few extreme/super leads, all you need to do is farm medals to awakened the units, open to offers, my discord is biggzie#3026
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    Selling  10 separate dokkan accounts for sale, multiple LRs, starter accounts

    I have 10 accounts for sale listed below, discord is biggzie#3026 or twitter @soldoutfunerals Prices: 1. £5 2. £5 3. £5 4. £5 5. £5 6. £5 7. £5 8. £5 9. £5 10. £5 1. Lr str broly Lr teq broly x2 Lr gohan & goten Phy ss3 gotenks x3 Phy gohan movie heroes 120...
  9. D

    Selling  Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Rank 353

    Like the title mentions the account is Rank 353. All EZA Events are done and farmed. Has every EZA Unit that has been released so far. Amazing Realm of Gods Team that can do most if not every event without healing items. Looking for $100 to $110 dollars. Willing to negotiate if needed.
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    SOLD  High End Dokkan Account (Lv 405, 838 Days)

    ACCOUNT DETAILS Main global account I've been playing since the game released, 838 days of cumulative logins. Level 405, 176 stamina, 51m zeni, 121 dragon stones, 223k baba points, 630 character limit. 12 LR's (6 summonable, 5 rainbow, all are SA 20). All major Extreme Z-Awakened characters at...
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    SOLD  Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Account. Rank 385 (22 LRs)

    Looking to sell a Dokkan Account. As Mentioned in the title, it's rank 385. Has new Broly and Gogeta from the Super Movie. Has 22 Potential LR characters. Whisper me for more info and with an offer. Update: LR Beerus is completed and awakened.
  12. C

    Selling  DBZ DK GLB Account Lv540+

    Want to sell my GLOBAL Dokkan Account 11 summonable LRs with many Dokkaned units. Full box link after pm
  13. Y

    SOLD  GLB Semi Fresh LR Goku & Freiza Account 615 Stones

    Hello. Have an account with LR Goku & Freiza with 2 dupes. The account has 615 stones atm and will keep going up since i will be logging in every day until the account is sold. Events: Mostly Untouched Story Events: Mostly Untouched Dokkan Events: Untouched Z-Battle Events: Untouched Story -...
  14. X

    Trading  Trading Global Dokkan account for a decent NxB NV acc

    https://imgur.com/a/mAXWqdy trading this dokkan acc for an NxB NV account that's very decent if interested pls pm me on discord @ xexes#4258 and don't even bother if you're not serious or if you're a scammer because I'm not going first
  15. A

    Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Account for sale

    Global Dokkan Account for sale. Most memorable things is Lr Gogeta and Lr Gohan both have a dupe in the bottom right path, I have Lr Beerus at TUR. Int Gogeta and Phys Ssj3 Gotenks both have a dupe in the bottom right. Rainbow Base Goku from the celebration as well as rainbow Lr Vegito but he is...
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    Selling  Dbz Dokkan battle global account Three LR’S

    Dbz dokkan battle global account no story but have three LRS and great SSRS and Great teams that are amazing. Message me at [email protected] or [email protected] or text at 347-495-2886. Looking to sell for 35$ will negotiate however so don’t stress