1. Selling  23 LVL | 9 Medal | First email | 3600 hours | Faceit 2100 ELO Since 2017

    Hey, Currently the account is Level 10/2107 elo. Member since August 4, 2017 This account currently is Global Elite 3500 hours of CS:GO and 50 hours of PUBG on Steam. (got many games GTA V, rainbow six, cs pack , ark and 30more) Steam level 27 OPEN TO OFFERS. BUYER GOES FIRST. ONLY...
  2. Selling  LEVEL 30 | 8 years+ | 390 games | Europe Account | 60 USD on Hellcase.com

    Hello everyone Im selling my 8+ years STEAM account. I dont use it anymore and it has good value (steam calculator value: 411 USD, screen below). Never VAC ban, no trade ban, all in good stands (which you also can see on screen). It has 390 games. Also this account has 60 USD balance on...
  3. Selling  Aimware 5.1 Lifetime Account | CSGO Subscription

    - As the title says, selling my Aimware subscription account within the new 5.1 update for CSGO since i don't use it anymore - Price is negotiable -Feel free to DM with your offers - PM ME OR DISCORD regarding any further questions : MaMaDz#2561
  4. Selling  🚩Faceit accounts registered in 2021 - 5 USD

    Selling some faceit accounts registered in December of 2021. OG details (first name, last name etc) included. Price - 5 USD (until 31st of December) Payment - Crypto (USDT, LTC, BTC, ETH or any) Discord - slightlyboss#1580
  5. I need a Trade ban account worth about $100

    Please contact me if you need to sell
  6. Buying  done

  7. 6 medals (blue 2018) oge access, pops

    Original first email access First proof of purchase (2016) around $120 in CSGO skins No faceit access old main steam level 5 any third software never used dm me on site
  8. Buying  Buying trade banned account [budget : 1000euro]

    I'm looking for a trade banned account (or shadow banned depending on the skins but not community banned) my budget is around 1000 euro for an account really good (i don't really care that much about the total price of the inventory if it's for the account to have 300 copy of the same skins)...
  9. HighTier⚡FaceIT premium lvl 9, 6 medal, lvl 101 steam⚡First CD key included

    Hello! 👋 I want to sell my high tier account with FACEIT ACCESS (lvl 9). REALLY CHEAP! Account has 6 rare medal (but you can easily reach to 7 medal with 5 years old badge), steam lvl 101. !!! Account has native mail ID and first CD-key!!! Price: 150 € GREEN TRUST FACTOR, HIGH MMR, NEVER...
  10. Selling  CSGOROLL trading script

    Selling CSGOROLL auto trading script for 100eu, u can leave script on and do what u want to do because script is pulling items for you with 0% commission and only thing you'll need is to accept the trade offer. (you can keep your skins or sell it 1week later with any % you prefer on the site)...
  11. Selling  Steam Account CSGO + Prime Loyalty badge | 17$ | Email Full Access 🔥

    Hello dear Friend! Price list 💰 : CSGO + Prime + Loyalty badge Account - 17$ ✅ With Original Email ✅ Full Access ✅ You can change all data to yours Payment Methods: USDT, BTC, ETH, Paypal ( F&F ), LTC Also selling other game accounts. Custom Accounts with games, hours, badges, coins. We...
  12. Selling  4 LVL Service Medal 2022 | 3 LVL 2021 | 3 LVL 2020 | First email | 3600 hours

    10 medals Steam Level 25 For Main Account Faceit Level 0 10 Medals : 2022 Service Medal ( Level 4 ) 2021 Service Medal ( Level 3 ) 2020 Service Medal ( Level 3 ) 10 Year Birthday Coin ( Major Medals ) IEM Rio Major 2022 Gold Coin Antwerp 2022 Gold Coin Stockholm 2021 Diamond Coin ( Operations...
  13. Selling  Genuine csgo pin code series 1 nuke

    Hello Selling genuine pin series 1 nuke code without pin For faster response, please contact me on discord at void#3610
  14. Buying  [93% buff price] any csgo skin

    Willing to use middleman if requested. Buying all skins above 5 bucks for 93% buff price, if you have anything you would like to sell add me on my socials: Can pay with crypto or PayPal Discord: ryzen#8829 Telegram: @highballer
  15. Selling  [Steam] Account has RL+29 games LVL12 80$

    Steam account is LVL 12 Original email . Games: -Rocket League -GTA5 -CSGO with 3.384h (has a 5 year Veteran coin ) -PUBG with 1.900h (has Shround gun pack ) -R6 with 600h -The Isle -Deadside + more games -WILLIG TO TRADE THE ACC FO COPY OF CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFER 2 FOR MORE INFO CONTACT...
  16. Selling  CS:GO Prime with 2 Service Medals (2020, 2021)

    PRICE: 10€ (BTC/LTC) CONTACT: Telegram Account is limited, no original e-mail (re-sale), got first cd key.
  17. Selling  VAC Banned CSGO Account with $8000 skins +Wallpaper Engine

    Hello, I am selling my VAC Banned CSGO account with skins that are roughly $8000 in value for $30, perfect for HvH sessions. Includes Wallpaper Engine as well as original email. -11 High Tier Knives - 1 Gloves - Agent Skins for both T/CT - High Tier StatTrak Skins for AK, M4, AWP -Howl pin...
  18. SOLD  FACEIT LEVEL 10 account since 2013

    ELO 2029 Member since May 29, 2013 519 MATCHES 1300 FACEIT points 610 hrs on record NO Prime Original Email ✅ screenshots PRICE: ~$100 discord: Tutifruti#3615
  19. SELL FACEIT 4100+ elo

    Product: STEAM + FACEIT ACCOUNT - 4100elo + @ 8k matches @ 1.35 KD RATIO @ 9500+hours @ 7+ y.o. Price: $350-400 PAYPAL or BINANCE DISCORD: moltisanting#4176 Note Direct transaction (Without middleman). Customer goes first. IF YOU ARE THE CHEATER OR GOT BANNED FOR CHEATING ON FACEIT. DON'T...

    Hello guys! It's again Itachi :cool: Last time i sold 2 account's with 200+$ so right now i have a account with 450$+ value skins! If you want to see account please add me on discord - Itachi.#8594 I have also my own discord server with 1200+ clients! Feel free to dm me and have a great day!
  21. Selling  My RARE 100+ Level Steam Account / 5+ years.

    Hey, As you see. I have my own steam account for sale. With which I have been playing for over 5 years, mostly CSGO And GTA V. (Great progress) This account is not the cheapest, but I believe that it is not easy to find a better one. This is a real account made by me with my own fingers...
  22. Selling  My RARE 100+ Level Steam Account / 5+ years.

    Hey, As you see. I have my own steam account for sale. With which I have been playing for over 5 years, mostly CSGO And GTA V. (Great progress) This account is not the cheapest, but I believe that it is not easy to find a better one. This is a real account made by me with my own fingers...
  23. Selling  LVL 51 Main steam account | CSGO Prime | 169 games | AAA-tier games

    LVL 51 main account with original email - 169 games (Alot of games with remaining card drops) FAMOUS GAME TITLES WILL BE MENTIONED BELOW! For the steam profile link, message to me in Discord : Aru#2243 CSGO Prime MM - MG1 (33 games played) WM - MG1 (Around 20games played) Faceit - LVL 4...
  24. Selling  Triggerbot - Never miss a shot in ANY GAME again ! Cheap, Undetected, Lifetime

    We have reached 20 sales I'm closing the sales for a little while Hello dear Gamers Tired of missing shots because of reaction time ? Maybe you're just not in the best mood ? It's 14-14 and you want to confirm the draw ? Or maybe you just want to land crazy shots just like M0nesy does ? Well...
  25. Selling  7 Year Old Turkish Account With 112 Games incl. cyberpunk, rdr2, csgo, gta5

    Turkish Steam Account with Low Market Prices No VAC, (Game Ban From Hunt Showdown), 7 Years Old Account with 1779 Achievements and 112 Games including : -Cyberpunk 2077 -Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition -Grand Theft Auto V -Valve Complete Pack (Also CSGO with prime and 5 year veteran...