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cs go

  1. SOLD  Trade Ban Steam CsGo Inv:20000$

    Selling a Steam account with a Trade Ban https://i.ibb.co/w6hBZBD/1.png https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198326277335/ For a long time lying idle https://i.ibb.co/nLDdCT0/2.png Inventory value:Total: $20,183.12 (479 items) There is no access to the first email, but the login is known...
  2. Selling  Faceit professianal boosters | 3-4k elo | Fast delivery | legit boost

    Contact discord: Gred#1500 always check id!!! ID: 424471778832809985 Selling a new rank up method for Vertigo boost 2022. Ranks can be promoted to global without rank downgrades. for all questions, contact the discord, the price is negotiable Stuck in Elo Hell? Get your dream rank with our...
  3. Selling  CS:GO, Dota 2 | New Accaunt | 2600+ hours! | No-prime | 2$

    PandaStore ⭐Price: 2$ ⭐New account ⭐14 games with 2600+ hours of play (Including CS:GO, Dota 2) ⭐All passwords are transferred to you! ⭐Payment by popular payment methods, via donat service ❌No prime Payment:
  4. Selling  CS:GO Trade Banned Account

    Selling an account with a shadow trade ban with some insane skins. First owner, original mail. Price: 20€
  5. SOLD  18 y.o. Main account, Faceit lvl 10, 1100 matches, 5 medals, 2.6k hours 620€

    Selling 18 y.o. main account with faceit LVL 10, (1100 Matches), 5 medals, 2,6k hours, Matchmaking - LEM (expired) +Prime status Steam : Pubg 3,9k hours, 18 years of service, (registred in 2003). This is my own account so i can guarantee 100% safety, no one will ever recover the account Payment...
  6. Selling  Counter strike global offensive cs go account with prime and rank 10$ only.

    This is a new Cs go account you can contact in discord --- Tapan9999#9061.go Prime Enabled with ranked i Want sell this account for 10$ via acceptable payment paypal and bank transfer only also paladins rank ready platinum game free. urgent sell price can be negotiable. fast
  7. SOLD  selling my personal steam account for a good deal high accounts in it

    hi guys im selling my main steam account with some amazing games with high accounts . no ban no cheats its my personal account 4 years -steam budget 4 lvl 4 good for market trading . - i have 11.26 $ euro in it . - Black squad ( a high profile with very unique skins and cards corba s1 and...
  8. Steam account level 204 - 6.2k Hours on CS GO

    Selling my personal steam account. Level: 204 No bans on the account. Games: CS GO Prime - 6.2k Hours, Sea of Thieves 414 Hours, Among Us and Dead By Daylight. Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/d8r Payment thru Paypal F&F - 70 eur. Discord: s1m 🧃#0666
  9. Steam no Ban - 60 Games - Argentina currency games in store are cheap! 15 USD

    Steam with 14 LVL. No Vac bans! 60 games and Argentina currency so games in store are very cheap! - New World - Valheim - Icarus - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Grand Theft Auto V - Battlefield 4™ - Battlefield™ V - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with PRIME - Stronghold Crusader 2 -...
  10. Selling  Cheap CS:GO Commendations

    HI IM MIZU AND I SELL CHEAP CS GO COMMENDS!! 100-100-100 csgo commends / compliments / praises=£1.50 250-250-250 csgo commends / compliments / praises=£4 500-500-500 csgo commends / compliments / praises=£7 1000-1000-1000 csgo commends / compliments / praises=£13 1500-1500-1500 csgo commends /...
  11. 🤑 Account Cs:Go prime + medals ✅FULL access with mail

    ✅ Account CS:GO PRIME + medals FULL ACCESS WITH MAIL(Steam)! ✅ After purchase, you get full access for account ! ✅ After purchase, you become the first and only account owner ! Contact Discord: BigBoy#3782 Payment methods: PayPal, cryptocurrency (Binance)
  12. 🤑Account CS:GO Prime ✅FULL Access with mail (Steam - 9.99$)

    Payment methods: PayPal, cryptocurrency (Binance) Contact Discord: BigBoy#3782
  13. Buying  Prime Account With 5/10 year badge.

    Hello, I need a Prime account with a 5/10 year badge. 0 wins preferable. Thanks.
  14. Selling  I will sell an account with a trade ban, $ 340 inventory, native mail

    no prime, 6 rank, $340 inventory, trade ban, 1 lvl steam, native mail with the first registration letter
  15. Buying  Looking for high tier tradebanned account.

    I want to buy high tier tradebanned acc My budget is around 350$, but if you have very good acc, I can pay more. Also you need to have original email.
  16. Selling  Steam account 43+ games

    hello guys, first I would like to say a few things. My name is Igor and I am 24 years old, I have always been a CS player and completely in love with FPS, recently I was scammed by an old playmate who was my childhood friend. I lost about 200 USD in skins, and that demotivated me a little...
  17. Selling  Account csgo Prime - 5 YEAR Veteran coin - GTA V + Garrys mod

    Hello everyone . I am selling Account level 21 - 5 Year Veteran Coin + GTA V + Garrys mod + some games CS GO also ofc . there is no BAN VAC , no Ban Trade . never got banned or something like that. add me on discord to talk : NAKNIK#0126
  18. [Selling] Account level 21 - 5 Year Veteran Coin + GTA V + Garrys mod

    Hello everyone . I am selling Account level 21 - 5 Year Veteran Coin + GTA V + Garrys mod + some games CS GO also ofc . there is no BAN VAC , no Ban Trade . never got banned or something like that. add me on discord to talk : NAKNIK#0126
  19. Buying  Main Account

    want to buy steam account with the following; has more than 7 Medals/coins FACEIT/ESEA UNUSED CSGO has more than 2k hours. CSGO has more than 400 wins. CSGO Rank does not actually matter. Steam level at least 50 or higher. without the OE or PoP, there will be no chance to make the dea Price...
  20. SOLD  Steam account: 305 game/75lvl/value 3742$/higth Destiny 2/GTA/ CS GO and more

    Original owner. Original email. My personal account for which I just have no time any more. Contains some great games and collections I bought over time. Very high account Destiny 2 (1-3 years old) The account has almost everything that could be obtained from the first to the third year...
  21. Selling  Prime account 100 ,No vac Blocked,Good Price,More accounts 100+ 10$

    My contact Line ID: Vtornik77777 After payment, you receive data from the mail and from the Steam account, where the Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS GO) Prime game is activated. You can play online. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a team-based tactical first-person shooter designed to...
  22. Selling  Selling 2014 6 Years old CS:GO account

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/benwaliddz/ 50 GAMES Old from 2014 for 5 years LEVEL 29 50 GAMES CS GO +1455 HOURS Global Sentinel 500 XP NO VAC RECORD CLEAN PROFILE Wallet On with 0.50$ Trading On
  23. CS:GO I Prime I 21 rank I First Mail I price 15$

    There are many accounts with Prime. When selling, the first mail is sent. All accounts without rank in MM
  24. Selling  Amazing Steam Account For Sale! Made 2013 so many games first and onli owner

    Steam Account as I have not got the time to use the account.Lost my job coz of corona selling my wow account too Games: Albino Onlie: 250h Spend 30e for gold got my own guild 150+ ppl own discord with 5m silver in guild bank + on main 2k silver and T7 unlock guild isle lvl 5 my isle max lvl...
  25. Selling  High tier cs go account 980 wins

    2000hrs on the account 980 wins steam level 10 , rank lem , comes with orignal email and cd keys , 4 years old account https://steamcommunity.com/id/ne1by/ price 140$ pm me here or add me on steam account if you are interested