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  1. B

    WTS Escutcheon Crafting Shield Building Services

    Hello, I'm offering a Escutcheon crafting shield service. I will build any shield you want. -Character needs to be Lv99. -Character needs to be able to transfer servers which you will pay for. I farm all the spheres myself. Takes me 1 month to attain 100k spirit from 0. -I need to have access...
  2. E

    SOLD  High end craft/gather account, house, 55M gil, 120 minions, i380 BLM, 299EUR

    Prepare yourself for Shadowbringers with this high end crafting account. Stormblood main story finished (including patch 4.56 main story quests) First owner, Louisoix (EU) server, game is PC version. Character is free to transfer if needed. Black Mage i380 All eight crafters have bis gear. Miner...
  3. M

    SOLD  10k DIY Account | Good Engagement and Active Followers

    Hey guys, I'm selling @craftinglifehacks, an account in the DIY niche with very nice engagement. The followers are still active and there are a lot of people that come from explorer, so if you keep the account active daily (something that I'm not being able to do) you'll have a great account...
  4. TheGrim1

    Selling  [Balmung] & [Mateus] Gear & Gil

    [Balmung] & [Mateus] Selling Price Stock Gil $2.50 N/A (Pre-orders accepted; ask) (1) FULL i380 DoW/DoM gear set $10 Made upon order i339 ALL Crafters $15 Made upon order i339 ALL Gatherers $10 Made upon order Complete 15-70 levekit (Any crafter) $10 Made upon...
  5. D

    BOUGHT  Balmung High-End Raiding & Crafting Account with Small House & Apartments!

    I have tons more screenshots than what is posted below and many many more items. I can take specific shots and just more in-general for serious interested buyers. Please contact me on Discord and I can give those and any extras out there, but only do so if serious about buying as I don't want to...
  6. P

    Selling  1000-3000 exalted orbs per league coaching !

    Im a pro path of exile player that enjoys all and every money making method. I provide coaching lessons that are performed via discord, i will include with it written files that summarize the items / things for the money making to easily recap them. I will also offer 1 hour question session for...
  7. J

    BOUGHT  Account with all craftings(Evernight)

    Hello, I'm interested in buying an account with characters that own all maxed craftings out(guilds included). Characters dont need to be at any specific lvls. I do care just about the crafting. Must be on [EN] Evernight.
  8. C

    Buying  Looking to buy all max level DoH

    Looking to buy a crafting account with all DoH max level 70. Don't care about any DoW/DoM.
  9. V

    Selling  Pc na high end pve +pvp account - 1068 cp + all rare end game items

    Includes Former Emperor, full End Game Gear You Could Need + Very Rare Items, Maxed Level Characters, Special and Limited Items, Rare Titles and an Insane Amount of Work) + Purchased DLC’s + High Level PVP Characters CHARACTERS Total Champion Points: 1068 Characters: 9 Character Slots: 12/14...
  10. Q

    NA :: 2x Character All Level 60 Disciple of Hand :: Endgame Ready and Money Ma

    Greetings! Selling a high end crafter on Hyperion Server Account includes: 1 – Character Endgame Bard 60 :: ilvl 252 · All 60 Disciple of Hand :: Penta Melded Max · All 60 Disciple of Land :: Penta Melded Max · Various level 60 War/Magic · 597,000,000 Gil · Full inventory of materials to make...
  11. H

    Crafting Power LEvel

    As said in the title i'm looking a crafting power level Plz. if price is good. i'll do often. Pm me with price. most insterested in clothcraft and goldsmithing
  12. J

    Selling  Affordable FFXIV Powerleveling Service

    ����Affordable FFXIV Power levelling Service���� HAND DONE POWER LEVELLING SERVICE: I have a vast knowledge of how FFXIV works as I've crunched in 5000+hours The prices I have set are cheaper than the majority of other levelling services, this is so that I may start gaining reputation so...
  13. L

    SOLD  Great come back Account! 2 crafts 110, multiple relics! multiple 99! Hume Male

    Original Owner Security Q & A available End Game Ready. 5 Relics 99- 19 Jobs, All but Cor, pup, geo 2nd character on same account is thf and whm 99, with alchemy 110 And Orvail Ring and Key Items. Crafts - 110 BC with Key Items Sub Crafts - Leather Alchemy 70, smithing 67, Cloth 43 All...
  14. B

    Selling  Softcore Seasonal and NS - Plvl; Unid items; Crafting & Legendary Material

    We play manually, NO BOTS!!! Playing Diablo series since Diablo 1 (1996). Greater Rifts lvl 40 - 0.30 lvl 50 - 0.35 lvl 55 - 0.40 lvl 60 - 0.45 You can also find our services on: g 2 g .com/BulKathos You can also offer us your prices and we will get back to you. If you need any other...
  15. B

    SOLD  Selling lvl 93 death

    Selling lvl 93 death, almost max gardening, almost max crafting (just need to turn in quest) hades robe crafted Azteca hat and boots, 2 Amber away from deer knight at game of the felled Titan, 3 energy ring, islanders hoard board mount, ghost chasers, 28 deer knight tc keeper of the flame...
  16. JalKhales

    Selling  GW2 (US/EU) 1-80 in 24 hours! Power leveling, masteries, achievs (no bots, no exploits)

    GW2 (US/EU) 1-80 in 24 hours! Power leveling, masteries, achievs (no bots, no exploits) Greetings fellow guild wars 2 players! I'm Archy the skritt, and here you can offer some of my shiny services: Power leveling from any level to 80 in 1 day Boost your character up to level 80 in less than...
  17. P

    Buying  !ESO Account Master Crafter!

    So I'm looking for an ESO account (NA) with all crafting max level or at least around high 40 PLUS most traits researched! I'm looking mainly for a Crafter character. I don't really care what race and class or faction he's in. I'm just interested in the crafting part. If you are will to part...
  18. Z

    Selling  WTS BRD,BLM,SCH LEGACY account with ALL DOH 60 except alc and BTN 60

    I am looking to sell my legacy account that has sch 60, brd and blm 50, all crafts 60 except alc and botanist 60. All crafts and botanist have multiple melds in each gear slot, and are capable of HQing the hardest crafted gear. The account comes with about 8 mil gil. Please reply to this thread...
  19. V


  20. C

    SOLD  5 accounts, KRAKEN CLUB, 68+mil GIL, 3 main & 2 PL, 3x 104+ fishing ebisus, 105 GS, 96 WW

    5 accounts, KRAKEN CLUB, 68+mil GIL, 3 main & 2 PL, 3x 104+ fishing ebisus, 105 GS, 96 WW 5 accounts, KRAKEN CLUB, 68+mil GIL, 3 main & 2 PL healers, 3x 104+ fishing w/ebisu, 105GS FOR SALE! 5 characters total. 3 main characters and 2 healer mules. Over 68 million Gil combined, KRAKEN CLUB...