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clash of clans

  1. S

    CoC TH 11 Almost maxed

    Hello. I am selling my clash of clans account. TH 11 and almost maxed. You can find everything on screenshots, also You can ask me anything you want. I will give you all details needed or you want. Its totally safe and you will have full control of it. Price : 120$ or 110€ My discord ...
  2. P

    MAX TH9 Clash Acc - Excluding 16AQ 14 BK

  3. gl.

    Selling  Clash of Clans Store 7/12/19

    LVL 230 100% troops/heroes & buildings except walls $200 (negotiable) - LVL 140 $40 (negotiable) PM or Discord: gl#0001 *NOT RESPONSIBLE AFTER THE LOGINS LEAVE MY POSSESSION* Accepting Bitcoin, Cash App & Zelle.
  4. gl.

    SOLD  Fresh TH12 | Level 163 (Close to max)

    Name Change: 1500 Gems Current offer: Supercell ID connected Facebook/Google Play not linked Contact info: PM here or Discord: gl#9941 Everything else shown in screenshots below. SOLD
  5. Z

    CLASH OF CLANS account th 11 - 90$

    Selling my clash of clans acc because of lack of interest. 100% legit. 2183 gems TH11 lvl 139 extreme good account for beginners! Price: 90$ Pictures: contact: [email protected] selling via: paypal.
  6. R

    TH12 Max lv heros and defence/walls account.

    -6400+ GEM -TOWN HALL & BUILDER HALL =ADD SCREENSHOT -3 HERO MAX LEVEL -ALL DEFENCE / TRAP / ALL WALLS / BUILD IS MAX LEVEL -TROOP - ADD SCREENSHOT -ARCHER QUEEN New SKiN --------------------------------------- supercell ID+ Google E-mail account with full control info Pay via paypal...
  7. gl.

    Selling  Level 10 | 92/93 | take a look!

    Right here: https://streamable.com/xbfwd Name change available for 500 gems. Supercell ID connected. No Facebook/Google Play linked. Offer us! For more details PM us or Discord: gl#9941
  8. M

    Selling TH11 Rush Account

    I sell this account for only 30$ Just send Me private message.thank you!
  9. A


    Almost maxed TH 10, Builder Base Level 7. Name Change has been used but can be changed again with gems. Account Details all in the pictures. Full account info will be provided. Account used in an android device but can be used in an apple device with the supercell ID. For contact just PM using...
  10. H

    SOLD  99% TH12 Level 201 | BH8 | 1000+ Legends | Max walls | 500 war star |11k gems

    Level: 201 Town Hall: 12 Legends Trophy: 1000+ Barbarian King: 60 (Max) Archer Queen: 60 (Max) Grand Warden: 30 (Max) Walls: Max Builder Hall: 8 Battle Machine: 12 (Max) War Star: 500+ Currently finishing Ice Golem Upgrade, and one last upgrade after is Bat Spell. which can be maxed with spell...
  11. Clash of Clans Account Boosting service (Cheap, reliable and effective!)

    General boosting: Everything from day base upgrades, hero upgrades, walls to night base maxing out, even clan games. (trophy packages are separate) - th1(nothing) - 6( completely maxed): (31 days of pure building time, 29mil gold and 14mil elixir, estimated 3 months if you play) 30$ (no...
  12. Kultiras

    Selling  Level 126 Clash of Clans Cheap Town Hall 10

    Hello Another CoC account is here! Legit with Full Info For Ya =D. Willing to Sell this for $45 Only. For Fast Response Contact Me At: Join Discord Channel "Kultiras Gaming Shop": https://discord.gg/3EhpMys My Discord ID: Eblek#8951 Skype : eblek182 Steam : Eb-X [...
  13. M

    Selling  Clash Royale 5000 Trophies/12 LvL/ Clash of clans 8TX/ Cheap

    Card 92/92 Card Account has Supercell ID, therefore it's suitable for both IOS and Android devices Account Details: Name: SuperTrax Level 12 Max Account Cards Found : 92/92 Highest Trophies : 5002 War Day Wins : 58 Emotes Collected : 8 *Delivery of account will be in the shortest possible...
  14. I

    Selling  Level 171 Town Hall 11

    Information: Level: 171 Town Hall: 11 Builders: 5 Gems: 6703 Name Change: Available Note 1: Email comes with the account. Note 2: Buyer pays the middle-man fee. Screenshots: Contact Me: Discord: Rouzbeh Zarei#5409 Email: [email protected]
  15. AngelNPC

    Selling  Angels Clash Store - BEST Deals anywhere - Safe Seller - 100% Feedback

    Angels Clash Store Hey Clashers! Angel here! I created this store page because I was tired of seeing all of these crappy bases so overpriced. TH12 has been out for a year and people are still trying to get $300 for a max base. I can offer them, and much more, at a much smaller rate! Please...
  16. JamesWhyteIT

    SOLD  TH11 - BH8 - 23BK/24AQ/10GW - Repped Seller - $40

    Selling my old COC account, dont use it anymore really so my loss your gain, TH11 maxed for loons/lava attacks, screenshots below with most details, i am a repped seller so you go first unless you have higher rep then myself. happy to use middle man service at your expense. any questions feel...
  17. S

    Selling  Town hall 12 - level 3, BK : 51, AQ : 55, GW : 20

    Account details: Name change: Available for free This account has 9000+ gems. Town Hall level 12 - level 3 Heroes: - Barbarian King level 51 - Archer Queen level 55 - Grand Warden level 20 Base - maxed defences to town hall 11 worh extra inferno at level 3. - maxed troops to th11, bowlers...
  18. C

    MAX TH12 - with insane max'd troops and all defneces - super cheap !(only 50$)

    THIS IS MY ORIGINAL ACCOUNT, I HAVE FULL ACCESS TO IT , HAS NEVER BEEN CHEATED ON. Price : is not set , will accept any decent offers Best Ways of contacting me is via email : [email protected] (or just msg me on the site, may take longer to reply) REASONING FOR SELLING ACCOUNT: I...
  19. G

    SOLD  Cheap Semi Maxed TH10 Account, $10 Paypal 1000 Gems Almost max defenses

    New images: Discord: RealGangstaKev #0047 Message me. Name change available, pay $7.50 before and $2.50 after. Supercell Id Linked to a throwaway email. Will give password for both.
  20. I

    Selling  TH10, 5 builders, lots of gems

    Information: Level: 110 Town Hall: 10 Builders: 5 Gems: 1202 Name Change: Not available Note 1: Email comes with the account. Note 2: Buyer will pay the middle-man fee. Screenshots: Contact Me: Discord: Rouzbeh Zarei#5409 Email: [email protected]