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  1. L

    SOLD  Double Crest Juno, Emilia, Rem, 140 luck Chloe, plus more collab units, 20$

    Discord: Grinding#0073 Notable units: Ryuko Matoi, Max luck Chloe, Hellish Blizzard[2], Yusuke Urameshi, Double crest Juno, Asirpa, Priestess, Younger Toguro, Rem, Emilia, and Garou!
  2. D

    SOLD  Epic Seven Account w/ Dizzy + 60 Costume Tickets

    my friend code is #506228836
  3. F

    {KOREA} R40 /Vildred/Ken/Chloe/Martial Artist Ken

    Look at the pictures below first! 4 daily check-up with quite good rewards A lot of not maxed 4* and 5* characters Can link your e-mail (I unlinked mine) Name unchangeable Also, 2 undeveloped paths
  4. L

    Want to buy FGO NA account with Illya, Miyu and Chloe.

    I want to buy FGO NA account with Illya, Chloe and Miyu, from this last event., contact me with your best selling offer, thanks.
  5. A

    SOLD  [Europe] 4ml(Violet,Tene,Haste,Chloe) full collab+ssb,unlink uname-45$

    Sell EU stove account, Unlinked,Uname Full Collab + Seaside Bellona + Art . 4 hot Ml5: ML Tene ML Violet ML Chloe ML Haste 13000 skystone, 100 bookmark, 51 Leaf Monthly Pack 11 days left A lot of MolaGora Map normal: 5S, 8S untouch Map Eps2 : 1S, 2S, 6S, 7S untouch Abyss 70 This account is new...
  6. S

    Selling  Sell middle game account 30$ Server Global (mail and nickname you can change)

    More information and screenshot in discord. Server: global Discord: JuS#9755:love:
  7. T

    Trading  Na endgame (Merlin) for Na starter w/ Jalter, Merlin & Waver/Tamamo

    My Account has 7 SSR and a lot of SR. U read it. Add me on Discord if oyu wand Pictures.
  8. K

    Selling  Endgame Account - ML Vild, JKise, ML Chloe, Ruele, high gears, 5k+Mystic medal

    Hi, there. GLOBAL ACCOUNT Its time for me to leave the game due to work and other personal reasons. This account can bring you to any top 20 guild, ez champ rank in arena with only 5 entrys/day and all pve stuffs on auto, including hell lab, all hunts. 27.000.000 gold 5k skystones 150...
  9. L

    Trading  Trading 9x 5* hero for an account with Luna and Dizzy

    I'm offering an early game account with Sigret(2), Sez, Cermia, Chloe, Cecilia, Iseria, Aramintha, Baal and Sezan, Purpurio and Angelica for an account with luna and Dizzy. Doesn't matter if is everything level 1. I just want my fav heroes :( Discord: Red#0462
  10. GucciGaming

    SOLD  (Global) Double ML Vildred/Chloe - $60

    Global 10-10 Double ML Vildred/Chloe (Vildred will be ML Selector Ticket for any other ML Nat 5*) ML 4*s - Dingo/Achates/Zerato/Mercedes 5* - SS Bellona (Limited) - Sigret - Krau - Tenebria - Haste - Kayron (Angelica 4*) 2k Skystones 30 Bookmarks 5 Mil Gold 6.5k Energy 100+ Liefs...
  11. D

    SOLD  70$ J.Kise, Dizzy, Tamarinne, Ken, Ravi, Sigret, Tenebria Last Account!

    Moonlight Shop Global Server - Contact via discord: Diader#3803. I do accept offers, so if you are interested leave me an offer in discord and I'll consider it. I only accept paypal! I don't trade accounts, sorry. *NEW* ACCOUNTS! Message me on discord to know more about! 1 - J.Kise, Dizzy...
  12. N

    Selling  Cheap (na) illya np2 + little halloween devil, chloe np5, florence nightingale

    Hello, I don't have much time for mobile games lately... so I'd like to pass this account onto someone who will put it to use. Perfect for those who missed out on the Prisma Illya event! Server: NA Birthday: Not set Current SQ: 3 *There's still a lot of SQ to earn ingame. I haven't even...
  13. D

    Buying  WTB or WTT an account with Chloe in it

    Message me on discord. Dokkaebi#7767
  14. S

    Selling  32x 6 STAR

    32 6 star 17 Nat 5 Sigmarus, Verad, Zaiross, Vanessa, Xiong Fei, Chiwu, Brandia, Jamire, Pungbaek, Triton, Charlotte, teshar,wind Homunculus, Xing zhe, Ganymede, Ritesh, Veromos, Frigate. msg me on here
  15. L

    Selling  38 six star 14 nat5 Chow x2 Kumar x2 Seara Ritesh Lagmaron Taor and others

    $110 Selling my account as I can no longer commit to summoners war. Been playing for 2.5 years since almost the beginning. Account has 38 6* and 14 nat5 including fusions and Theo. Also has light mermaid, light assassin and dark sylph. Also has important nat4 (Chloe, Chasun, Verde, Lushen...
  16. G

    Selling  Wts (asia)- mid acc- camilla/poseidon/chiwu/isabelle -paypal only -$150 usd

    http://imgur.com/a/GBML4 fb: https://www.facebook.com/ahmad.syafiq.731 youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpY...aDsZ40_4NcO5Fg whatsapps: 011-12202712 (malaysia) use midman paypal only $150 usd
  17. Y

    Selling  Selling Camilla/Zaiross/Vanessa account

    Add me on Skype: imlucky423 il be taking the best offer auto giant b10 auto dragon b8 Conq 2-3
  18. D

    Selling  Lvl 40 Summoners War Account EU

    I want to sell my Summoners war Account lvl 40 because I lost interest in the game. I have some decent/usable Monsters. If you are interested message me and we can talk into further detail in private.
  19. F

    Lvl 38 (almost 39) acc. GLOBAL. With Polar Queen and Chimera.

    ONLY PAYPAL As i said, Lvl 38 acc, with Wind Polar Queen, Wind Chimera, Fire Ifrit, Trevor, Hwa, Eshir and A LOT of good mobs (and a lot for Fusion). Just PM me or kick me: Francofcx. Offer me!!!!!
  20. N

    Trading  WTT EU acc: Bastet, Vanessa, Chiwu

    Hello. I want to trade my EU account for a similar EU acc with atleast 3 nat 5's and prefer one of them to be Ariel but may accept other offers as well. Db10/gb10 auto. Toa normal clearer. You pay for official MM of my choosing or go first. http://imgur.com/qRanCuT <--- Picture of my mons...