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  1. D

    SOLD  Epic Seven Account w/ Dizzy + 60 Costume Tickets

    my friend code is #506228836
  2. B

    SOLD  Selling optc end account 4 U$ a lot of legends

    this is a old account mine, i dont play anymore because i dont have time, because of this i am selling this account for 5 U$, there is a lot of legends and other character, all island challegens complete , and history in big mom island maybe? i cound't see my box is full, i think that a lot of...
  3. T

    Selling  [Europe] 3 ML 5*, 4 Limited 5*, $35

    Hi, I'm selling a lvl 62 account on the European server with the following details: -English account name; -Level 62 account; -300+ Liefs; -Story progress is 6-10 of the second continent -70 Skin tickets -60 Molagora 5* ML; -ML Kise; -ML Charlotte; -Ruele of Light Limited 5* -Dizzy; -Baiken...
  4. F

    WTT or Sell Global Starter Account 12 6 stars and 5 Nat 5

    Good Global starter account with good Monsters Nat 5s - Laika(Fire Dragon Knight), Woosa(Water Pioneer), Charlotte(Wind Occult Girl), Rika(Fire Occult Girl), Ritesh(Wind Beast Monk), Veromos(Dark Ifirit) Nat 4s - Chilling, Xiao Lin, Barque, Acasis, Delphoi, Eredas(Light Sylph), Baretta, Lanett...
  5. H

    Selling  Summoner’s War Account - Asia - 6 Nat Fives

    A COLLECTION OF OVER 300 DIFFERENT MONSTERS (from over 4 years) 150$ (or best offer) x19 6-Star Monsters x6 Nat Five monsters Psamathe Chow Charlotte Leo Beth Pungbaek Quality Nat 4 Monsters Lushen (x3) Galleon Trevor Delphoi Chilling ALMOST ALL TWINS (excluding boomerang light/dark) ...AND...
  6. M

    Selling  Selling starters global nyx l/d

    SELLING GLOBAL STARTER ACCOUNTS PAYPAL ONLY KIK: MatinhoBR 1st account: LnD 5* NYX, VEROMOS done LnD 4* Lannet PRICE: 20$ 2nd ACCOUNT: 3 Nat 5*: Charlotte, Ganymede, Triton Veromos | Sigmarus done PRICE: SOLD
  7. P

    Selling  Eu 78 6* / Wolyung / God Runes / Late Game

    Summoners War / Europe Account / Very Late Game / 78 Six Stars / 20 Five Nats Wolyung, Fregate, Homunculus, etc ... ( First of all, i'm sorry i'm French, so my english is bad ^^ ) I'm selling this account for the price of 300$ How to contact me ? Kik : PouNaiiDe Skype : Sidiso2 How to...
  8. A

    BOUGHT  Trading Eu summoners war account Charlotte/Brandia

    :)Two nat 5*! Charlotte (wind occult girl), Brandia (fire polar queen) Essential Nat 4*! Galleon (water pirate caption) Basalt (dark mammoth) Chloe (fire epikon priest) Orion (water brownie magician) And others!!:)
  9. M

    Selling [GLOBAL] 21 6* | 5 nat5

    Currently looking for offers Can clear: GB10 DB10 NB10 ToA100 ToAH80 Nat5s: Jamire (WIND Dragon) Taor (WATER Chimera) Kumar (FIRE Beast Monk) Anavel (WATER Occult Girl) Charlotte (WIND Occult Girl) Plus all fusion monsters and Ifrits Please leave a message if you're interested.
  10. rapinto

    SOLD  Sold! Selling Global Starter 4 nat 5 Rica, Charlotte, Vanessa, Jamire

    WTS GLOBAL STARTER 4 nat 5 RICA, CHARLOTTE, VANESSA, JAMIRE $SOLD! I can only accept paypal gift (send as friend and family), western union or bitcoin. If you can't send via paypal gift, please use TRADE GUARDIAN I prefer use legit middleman for any transaction (you pay the middleman fee)...
  11. rapinto

    SOLD  Sold! (Broker) Selling Global G1 8 nat 5 including Double Zaiross

    READ BEFORE CONTACT ME! (BROKER) WTS GLOBAL END-GAME G1 8 nat 5 including DOUBLE ZAIROSS I prefer selling my account, but possible trade if I like your account Natural 5 stars : DOUBLE ZAIROSS, PRAHA, CAMILLA, BRANDIA, LAGMARON, RICA, CHARLOTTE AUTO ALL B10 DUNGEON G1 BEST Arena TOA N/H...
  12. rapinto

    SOLD  Sold!! Selling / trading global midgame dual l&d shan fermion 7 nat 5

    WTS / WTT GLOBAL MID GAME DUAL L&D SHAN FERMION 7 NAT 5 I prefer sell my account, but possible trade if I like your account Natural 5 stars: SHAN, FERMION, SHI HOU, BETH, PUNG BAEK, BRANDIA, CHARLOTTE AUTO DRAGON / GIANT DUNGEON B10 TOA NORMAL CLEARER SOLD !!! ACCEPT TRADE + MONEY I can only...
  13. rapinto

    SOLD  Selling/trading global midgame, 8 nat 5 non fusion including double perna

    SELLING/TRADING GLOBAL MIDGAME, 8 nat 5 Non Fusion including Double Perna I prefer selling this acc, but will trade with equal or better acc. Natural 5 stars: SHI HOU, DOUBLE PERNA, RICA, CHARLOTTE, VANESSA, JUNO, HATHOR $140 negotiable price (can reduce the price) Only accept paypal gift...