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  1. Selling  Rank 137 with 73UR+ Character

    Selling my wotv account Rank 137 linked to dummy email Kindly refer to pictures below Payment via paypal. For fast reply can discord me soraskyz#4838
  2. Selling  102k vis + Celes + Astrius + Persona + maxed base game units and VC $250

    I'm a day 1 player and this is my on-and-off alt account that I used to pull for fun. Every year 1 VCs and units are maxed out except for Ruin Sterne; many VCs are maxed but unleveled since I don't want to waste EXP pots, the same goes for units - many are maxed Limit broken but have not been...
  3. SOLD  [Rush] War of the Visions Day 1 Account [RR10] Former Top 2 Guild Player

    -Rush selling my account for $600. -Preferred payment method is Paypal. If you're in the Philippines then, we can do bank transfer instead for less fees. -Day 1 player, almost RR11 account. Unit & VC roster are flexible in any given meta. -For PVP and PVE account. -Have many resources like...
  4. Selling  [GL]RR8 Top Tier well plan 612days end game 24/7farming many vis

    RR & VIS TOP 200 player in PVP match. 1. Unit Only 2 non-limited unit not obtain, most unit have enough shards but not worth to MAX. Nier: 2B (Max), 9S(99,can MAX) FF14: Thancred(Can MAX) FFX: Yuna(MAX), Tudis(MAX), Auron(99,can MAX) FFVII: Cloud(MAX), Tifa(MAX), Barret(99, can MAX)...