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bleach brave soul

  1. I

    Good mid game account 65-70$

    Account with many 6* characters, 3 gold accessories and 2 50% SP accessories If you want another price or buy account - write here Price: 65$
  2. G

    Selling  Fresh BBS account with good top tier units like tokinada/byakuya

    Very fresh BBS account, it has every sub story left, 95% of story left, so basically a lot to farm. SpS Byakuya is 2/5. I only accept PayPal
  3. J

    Bleach Brave Souls Account NEW Grimmjow & Shinji, 79 6* Characters

    Price : $130 PayPal f&f open to negotiation Klab ID discord - Haksal, Sin of Gacha#8009
  4. I

    Top Mid game account 60$

    Facebook deleted, only Klab Big 6* characters collection 3 gold accessories, 2 50% SP accessories Price: 60$ If you want to talk about deal - reply me here
  5. I

    End game account, Low price(200+6* characters, 6 gold acs(+1 50%sp))

    -Easy clean Senkaimon -1 unclear story, 2 unclear substory, unclear point event -200+ 6* characters(7 10\10\10, 9 5\5 with good trans dops (3* sp, attack or fcs)) -6 gold accessories + 1 50% sp for speed arrancar\espada -2 data links(facebook losted and klab) Price: 200$ If you want - offer your...
  6. I

    End game account with low price(200+ 6*char, 6 gold accessories and e.t.c)

    -2 clear substory -2 data links(facebook losted and Klab) -Account easily complete senkaimon -PVP i've been in Lieutenant league -Accessories more than on screens but i'm tired to insert screens on site:D PRICE: 200-250$
  7. R

    Trading  Bleach Brave Souls endgame account

    Hi guys i want to trade this endgame account with 20 TYBW characters i search a valkyrie connect account with reformator characters.
  8. N

    Selling  10,050 orbs will summon for you and you get account afterwards.

    I will summon on the new Beastly banner for 10,050 orbs and then you get the account afterwards. Price is....let’s say 35$ and through PayPal. I cannot guarantee any characters as it’s RNG. I also attached a picture of what is already on the account. PM me if you interested, otherwise have a...
  9. S

    WTS End Game Global BBS Account

    Could provide more screeenshots just reply to me in this thread because it got many more 5 and 6 stars
  10. M

    SOLD  Bleach brave souls AMAZING acc cheap $10

    Hello i am selling an AMAZING cheap bbs new shinji tokinanda and 10/10/10 kirio 2 golden chappies and much more also loaded with 470 orbs discord is Malono#1578
  11. M

    Bbs sale $5

    Hello selling my bbs for $5 have a look you can contact me here but reply isnt consistent but replying on my discord Malono#1578 will be faster
  12. K

    Fresh BBS Acc

    Want to Sell my bbs acc. Over 400 Chars to use Over 500 Accessoires Can Farm orbs Cause i dont played the Story to much For More Infos pm me
  13. H

    Selling  (JP) Tokinada,Senjumaru,Oetsu,Ichibe,Sado(Blue) and more 20$

    Contact me on facebook : Nattaya Yamlungsab or discord : JOSEPH#0562 (Pay by paypal or bangkok bank only )
  14. Nxp

    Selling  Beast End game Account | 5 golds (4 Chappies) | 13k potions | 21 maxed charcs

    Selling this beast end game account, Still has heaps of story to farm and plenty of Orbs to gain. Great PvP Characters and PvE with some nice gold accessories! Account Information - Available - 15 TYBW Characters - 6 CFYOW Characters - 5 Gold accessories (4 gold chappies no dupes) - 21 Maxed...
  15. M

    Selling  Bbs AMAZING $15

    Hello like to sell my bbs for $15 has New ichigo and 3 gold accessories and all of round 7 tybw dm me on discord Malono#5283
  16. W

    Buying  LF A fresh tominada account

    As it reads looking for a fresh tokinada account not trying to spend a lot of money max would be 10-15$ message me on discord Wimpykid81#1734
  17. M

    Bleach brave souls 3 accounts for $10

    Hello having a new year special for you bleach players looking for accounts im bundling 3 accounts for $10 all of em are klab only and are semi fresh with lots of story dm me on discord Malono#5283
  18. M

    SOLD  Selling semi fresh bleach brave souls $35-40

    selling bleach brave souls account 7-8 tybw semi fresh, Prices are negotiable dm my discord Memexou#8400 for more details
  19. M

    Selling bleach brave souls $5

    Hey selling my bleach brave souls for$12 has alot of story events and etc available contact me on discord or here Malono#5283 contact
  20. M

    Looking for bbs for my dokkan

    Contact me on discord Malono#5283