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bleach account

  1. S

    Selling  Endgame Stacked "Top Tier" Account, 780+ Logindays, 812/1473 Units, 70$

    Watch the Video. For more Information ask me on Discord- > Tag below Will keep logging in everyday to do the Dailies/Weeklies until someone buys the Account. 850+ Orbs currently. 7 Gold Accessories Can go up to 3rd Seat in PvP, and does have 400+ PvP Tickets. Can clear every Senkaimon...
  2. H

    Selling BBS account (TYBW,cfyow,golden accessories, etc.)

    Selling a BBS account with alot of good character and gear. -14 TYBW\CFYOW characters (Sinji,Tenjiro,Ichibe, etc.) - Over 20 5* gear with perfect roll for NAD\SP builds all attributes - 2 Gold Chappy (30% Attack on both) -Warrior path and path of Valor under 40min -15 characters to ressurect...
  3. I

    Top Mid game account 60$

    Facebook deleted, only Klab Big 6* characters collection 3 gold accessories, 2 50% SP accessories Price: 60$ If you want to talk about deal - reply me here
  4. I

    Endgame account 189$-200$

    -Easy clean senkaimon -Accessories top effects(30 atk 30 sp 40 sta 30 def 30 fcs) -5\5 characters top trans. effect(3* sp, 3* atk, 3* fcs) Price:189-200$, if you want another price - let me know, of course, within reason Talk with me about deal you may here or any social platform you want(i can...
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    SOLD  Lv 65 BIS acc VIP 13, 726k total power

    I am selling my BIS account, Server 33. I’m in the top 5, I’ve slowed down tremendously as I’ve gotten a bit busier with two jobs and tough schedules recently so I haven’t been able to play as consistently as I’d like. The account has every single character out for the server, 4K init, 240k...
  6. Z

    Selling  Bleach immortal soul Account

    Hello, I am selling a bleach immortal soul account, Server: 291 Account ranking number one. VIP13 50% to 14 lvl 42 Stage 11 Classification of character number one with byakuya 6 stars 500$
  7. L

    SOLD  Bleach Immortals Souls Account S25 + jades 19k

    Bleach Immortals account Vip 4 4 UR (Ichigo, Yama, Zaraki and Zangestsu) All SSR of season 1 except for Soi Fon Season 2 Rukia 10 purple + and two gold characters Paymente (75€/100$) Contact Light#8597
  8. I

    BBS Late game account

    -6 GOLD ACCESSORIES, 1 50% SP for Speed Arrancar -about 200 6* characters, 95%+ had 150% soul tree 200 lvl -7 full link slots characters -9 5\5 characters, 2 heart special move source -12 TYBW, 10 CFYOW characters -1 unclear hard story (CFYOW 5 on hard mode), 2 unclear sub stories, unclear new...
  9. L

    Selling  Bleach Immortal Soul account with Yama and many SSR caracters

    One of best account´s of server 25 with more than 10,000 jades (only it is more than 99$ after first recharge), and the best limited caracter at 4 star promotion with power above of 22k. More than this another UR, like ichigo or Zaraki are avaiable, some omnis shards and 40 weaken stones for the...
  10. D

    Selling  [Oceania Server] #1 Rank Toshiro | 21k Cyrstals | 172 SSR Tickets | 4 x Yellow

    Oceania Server OC1: The #1 Rank, Max Yellow 6 Stars, Max Quality, Great Class Converted, Strongest Toshiro in OCEANIA SERVER! 4 Max Quality Yellow SSR Characters (Toshiro, Toshiro Bankai, White Ichigo, Kenpachi) You're chance to take over a Great Account! Rename Pill Included (Pre-Purchased...
  11. A

    SOLD  Bleach Brave Souls BBS Dream Account 22/26 tybw 10/18 cfyow 10+Gold 2000+orbs

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bleach-Brave-Souls-BBS-Dream-Account-19-26-TYBW-9-18-CFYOW-10-Gold-2000-orbs/254574489315 Bleach brave souls BBS Dream Account 19/26 TYBW 9/18 CFYOW and 2000+orbs Captain Level in PvP Lots of characters have full link slots and lots of character with max special...
  12. K

    Selling  Bleach Brave Souls Account for Sale (GLB) Tybw+ Cfyow Characters

    Selling This Account https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G6agltNVvyvsEBn3TTHhnxfEcB6_xTko/view?usp=drivesdk Need the money so i can be very negotiable with prices. If you have any questions feel free to message me in discord @ GT#7895 It has cfyow characters and most of the tybw characters and...
  13. X

    Selling  5/5 toki & hikifune, 6.5k+ orbs etc (CAREFUL, someone tries to sell my acc!!)

    Just got told, that someone tries to scam with the screenshots i'm providing. Take care, im not responsible for any potential scam u get into involinv my screenshots. I'm the only one selling this acc and better ask for update and actual proof before you buy :) Scammer aparently goes by the name...
  14. R

    Top account check! Global

    Sell Price pm discord requen#3096 Only ID Klab
  15. L

    Selling  Bleach brave souls account

    Hi! I'm selling a bleach brave souls account. 7 TYBW characters 2CYOW characters 47 $ Data Link-Facebook
  16. D

    Selling 153 6* + 7 Golden Accessories (3 Chappy 30% Attack) + Noitora

    telegram: @Vovayarosh payment: payoneer
  17. R

    Selling  Bleach : Soul Bankai SELLING!!

    Selling Account, VIP 7, Rank 27 on server, spend abou $90 Price : $50
  18. J

    SOLD  A BEAST BleachBraveSouls Midgame Account! $90 ( Negotiable )

    I want to sell this account because I dont have time to play this game anymore, so I want to sell it! This account comes with many beast characters and many accessories for you! (Rare, CFOW, TYBW) Account info! - 10Max Link Slot Character - 1 Gold Puppies and 2 Gold Chappy Accessories - Half of...
  19. L

    Selling  Bleach Account lv 92 Europe Server S11 Many SSR High and recruit ticket

    Selling account lvl 92 with many SSR up More than 14 Tickets to recruit and 4400 Crystals Just see Screenshots and don't hesitate for more info ! Discord : #PenséeLeo5226 or pm me here
  20. L

    Selling  International Account S11 with 90% SSR lvl 87

    Selling Account lvl 87 with many SSR (See screenshots) 36 tickets to recruit ! don t hesitate to PM me or discord me for more info Discord : #PenseeLeo5226 or #PenséeLeo5226