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bleach account

  1. L

    Selling  Bleach Global/world many 6*

    Selling account with many 6* More photos on discord : #PenséeLeo5226 Ulquiorra third transformation Yhwach Ichigo thousand war and many others just ask photos and price Klab Id so id can be change!!!
  2. R

    Selling  Bleach brave souls RARE account OG!! still available!!

    Bleach brave souls account for sale! played every day for 4+ hours!! GREAT account with great price!! Offers are welcome. kik - raghavbhatt discord - raghavbhatt#6797 payment method accepted - bitcoin, any gift card or we can discuss one on chat. message me on kik - raghavbhatt or discord...
  3. S

    Selling  God-Tier Bleach: Brave Souls account

    former S league player account here's what i have to offer: CHARACTERS: a whopping 117 Characters at Level 200 (you can count for yourself) 10/10/10 characters: -TYBW Soi Fon -4th Anniversary Fully Hollofied Ichigo -CFYOW Zommari -Belief Toshiro (heart) -Belief Kenpachi (power) -Cacao Society...
  4. M

    SOLD  Selling good bbs $50

    Hey selling bbs its very good true bankai ichigi hikone and tybw kisuke are 10/10/10 contact me on discord to discuss Malono#8183 pulled a golden chappy just now
  5. M

    Bbs Endgame new 2 cyfow units and etc

    Hello, I am selling my endgame bbs with new cyfow arroniero and cyfow syzalporro,Contect me on discord @Malono#8183 i am selling this bbs account for $30.
  6. T

    Buying  Bleach brave souls semi fresh

    I'm looking for a fourth anniversary Mugetsu & FH Ichigo , TYBW Round 5 units, CFYOW units with final form banki Ichigo
  7. D

    TBYW Soifon and Aizen + More for $70

    View other thread for more information
  8. R

    Selling  Amazing BBS whale Account, Still with story and More

    Amazing Bleach account with a lot of top tier characters and more. * Has amazing PVP team if your into that * Has Great PVE characters * Has a bunch of accessory and character tickets. You can but the tickets that are out now. You can also getting the 5th anni ticket for logging in. *...
  9. S

    Selling  167 6*, all ichigo, best pvp and pve chars, 13/17 TYBW+2 anni, good accs+3 gol

    Hi! Today I want to introduce you my old endgame BBS account. 167 6*, all ICHIGO, best pvp and pve chars, 11/14 TYBW+2 ANNI chars, good accs+3 gold, 864 days. This account is a part of my life, but now I have no time for it. Also I can show screenshots. You can write me here or on my mail...
  10. W

    Buying  LF fresh Retsu Unohana tybw

    Looking for a fresh tybw retsu unohana account not trying to spend a lot of money that’s why I’m looking for a fresh one
  11. U

    Selling  [VIP 10] M4 Server - Top 10 player - Power : 6.3mil . Selling cheap

    Hi All, Im looking to sell my account at M4 , this account is top 10 in the server,. Refer to photo below, if you need more info , add my line ID : cchrox My asking price paypal : USD 200 negotiable or RM800 for Malaysian Almost VIP 11 , left about 500 gem purchase You may refer below for...
  12. W

    Buying  Looking for alternate rebirth nelliel fresh

    Looking for alternate rebirth nelliel fresh account
  13. B

    600+ day BBS account rank Lieutenant with 12 Gold Items and20+Max Link Slotted

    Epic Bleach Brave Souls Account for 300$ 12 Gold items 3 gold chappies 3 gold pupples 6 gold yukis 949 characters unlocked account has 1900 in game currency just right in time for 4th Anniversary (it only takes 25 currency per single summon) no guild atm and account is on...
  14. D

    Selling  BBS account - 13 × 6 stars, 10 × 5 stars characters, story 99% untouched

    Some level 150 characters fully upgraded, including some special edition ones. 1000+ orbs ready for the 4th anniversary, 99% of all the main and side stories available for completion. Only with what you have now you can easily finish the hardest raids, auto the lottery events and stories. You...
  15. D

    SOLD  All the Anniversary Units Up to Date(Mugetsu and Hollow Ichigo Maxed 200) 60$

    All of the Anniversary units from current and past years and the units you see in the image.
  16. J

    Selling  Bleach 3D S64

    Server = S64 AccName = Abi VIP Level = VIP III Profile Level = Level 98 Power Level = 1412856 Moniker = 3rd Seat Association = SHINIGAMI List of Character's Unlocked : R = Kurosaki Ichigo, Yasutora Sado, Uryuu Ishida, Inoue Orihime, Yamada Hanataro SR = Kusajishi Yachiru, Kuchiki Rukia...
  17. L

    Selling  Fresh Starter With WeaKen, Speed Chad, 15+ 5* Accessories and 2000+ Hearts

    Like the title says, I have a fresh account here for sale, pictures are below. Asking price 35 euros. There is everything you need here to start crushing pvp and many many orbs to be farmed from the story, as well as events. The WeaKen with the current build can easily auto the 40m event and...
  18. D

    Selling  Res Ichigo(Lv80), (Quincy & Dangai Ichigo) Lv200. And some other units 20$

    Send me your discord if interested. The account is at the start of part 4(just passing Soul Society Arc.) in normal difficulty and none of the side stories touched. 20$ The account has the following units: Quincy Ichigo Lv200 Dangai Ichigo Lv200 First Bankai Ichigo(resurrected) Lv127 Kimono...
  19. D

    SEA Level 100 Acc 16 SSRs (arrancar aizen, ulquiora, nel tu) 17,000+ Crystals

    Hey all, Pretty good account in my opinion. Top 35 in server power rankings. Power Level = 1,700,000+ with plenty of room to grow as I only really maxed out Aizen. The game is fun but I have no time to play any longer unfortunately. Contact: [email protected] OR +60123845118 OR PM me...