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big mom

  1. D

    Selling  (sold out)OPTC JP fresh luffy&law+v2BM + many sugo

    1. sold out 2. sold out 3. sold out 4. sold out 5. sold out !!!price is nogotiable!!! If you want any questions, plz pm me
  2. Criscp96

    SOLD  🔥Beast Global Fresh Accounts With Top Tier Legends and Tons of Subs+Bonus🔥

    👉 Global Android Accounts (if you are iOS just tell me and I will put gems on box or pull at your request ^^) 👉 ❗❗❗AMAZING OFFER: 1 BONUS ACCOUNT FOR EACH ACCOUNT BOUGHT (first 7 buyers)❗❗❗ 👉 ❗❗❗Ultra Beast Accounts with TONS of TOP TIER legends and subs❗❗❗ 👉 IMAGES: Accounts: 1. X2 V2...
  3. Criscp96

    SOLD  💎Beast Global Big Mom Warco Lace 40 Unique Legends(81 with dupes) 90 Gems💎

    👉 Global Android Account (if you are iOS just tell me and I will put gems on box or pull at your request ^^) 👉 Beast account with tons of legends, tons of subs and tons of materials ❗❗❗ 👉 BOX: 💥BIG MOM (PENTA MAX) +WARCO (PENTA MAX) +LUFFY/ACE (PENTA MAX) +LUCY (PENTA MAX) +SHIKI (PENTA...
  4. T

    Trading  amazing jp with BM, snakeman, warco + more

    I've got a nice jp with most of the top tier legends, that I'm willing to trade for a nice dokkan (jp/global) if you have any questions or want pictures please add me on discord thanks. delixum#8258
  5. Criscp96

    SOLD  🔥Ultra Beast Global Anniversary Accounts Big Mom Warco V2G4 Etc.🔥

    👉 Global Android Accounts (if you are iOS just tell me and I will put gems on box or pull at your request ^^) 👉 Ultra Beast Accounts with TONS of TOP TIER legends and subs 👉 BOX: Accounts: 1. X2 BIG MOM+WARCO+KATAKURI+BROOK+V2 SANJI+V2 SHANKS+V2 AKAINU+V2 AOKIJI+JUDGE+FRANKY+GARP+ROBIN+X3...
  6. T

    Selling  Big mom+g4v2, nami and lucy

    hey guys I've got an account the characters listed above, if any questions just add me on discord delixum#8528 and ask there thanks!
  7. D

    OPTC JP farmed account 46 legends lvl 441

    Starting at 200$ pm me you offers on discord. Add me Dani4tm#5544 46 legends including big mom, 2 warcos, v2g4 6+, v2 doffy, v2 akainu, v2 aokiji. Most legends max lvl, candy, special and limit break. Most raids, colos and treasure map characters maxed If you have any question talk to me on...
  8. M

    Selling  Fresh Global and JP accounts G4v2/warco/nami/v2kata

    Fresh Global Account G4 V2 & Nami 15€-20$ SOLD Fresh JP Account V2 Kata Warco 10€-15$ SOLD Fresh Global Account Big Mom Kata Nami v2 Shanks 20€-25$
  9. Criscp96

    SOLD  💥Beast Japan Snakeman+Big Mom+Sulong+ 58 Unique Legends (95 with dupes)💥

    👉 BOX: 💥 58 Unique Legends (95 with dupes)-SNAKEMAN+BIG MOM+SULONG+WARCO+BEGE+V2 AKAINU+V2 SHANKS+other amazing top tier legends (only V2 Kata, WB, Shirahoshi,Usopp and Marco missing)❗❗❗ 💥Tons of subs and full batches for the top tier legends❗❗❗ 💥45K Ray Points+nearly all Bazaar Ships+5...
  10. Criscp96

    SOLD  ❗Monster V2 Kata+Snakeman+Big Mom+V2 G4+Bege+V2 Akainu+Lucy 20 Unique Legends❗

    ⭐⭐⭐GOMU GOMU TOP TIER ACCOUNT 20 UNIQUE LEGENDS (26 WITH DUPES)+TONS OF FULL BATCHES⭐⭐⭐ ⭐BOX: Click to find ONE PIECE❗ ❗ ❗ ⭐V2 Kata+Snakeman (Triple Maxed)+Big Mom+V2 G4+Bege+V2 Akainu+Lucy 20 Unique Legends (26 with dupes)❗ ❗ ❗ ⭐V2 KATA FULL BATCH-Streusen+Mont d`Or+Flampe V2 G4...
  11. Criscp96

    SOLD  Beast Japan Big Mom Warco 44 Legends CC Maxed

  12. Dexterjj

    SOLD  Optc Jap 63 unique beast Katakuri V2 Carrot Capone Snakeman + 1300 gems

    Optc Jap account level 463 with 63 unique legends, New Katakuri v2, New Carrot, Snakeman, Capone, Big Mom, Brook, Shiki, WB/marco, Akainu v2, Zephyr, Katakuri, Luffy/Ace, Shanks v2, Sanji v2 ect.. Katakuri v2 complete batch 25 non evo legends 120.000 Raypoints All ship max & 1300 gems ready...
  13. Dexterjj

    Selling  Beast Optc Jap Account 48 Unique Legends low price

    Player level: 512 Legends: 48 Rainbow legends: Luffy/ace, nami, g4, shirahoshi Limited characters: Lrr bonney,lrr koala,lrr jinbei All tm characters are rainbowed except wb,law and boa. All coliseum characters are maxed except for old and very weak ones. The most recent colosseum and raid...
  14. M

    Buying  Buying Fresh Japan Account

    Looking to buy a fresh Japan Account Must have at least 2/3 of the following: (Will pay appropriately if account has more top tier legends) Whitebeard / Marco Dual Unit G4v2 Big Mom Beginner Sugo MUST still be active at least 48+ Hours Left Beginner Sugo MUST only have 1or less pulls Story and...