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  1. Selling  25X Kanna | Bera | Full Meso Gear | 17* | 72XX K Legion | Vac Pet

    Great starter account for anyone that wants to get into the game and support their core bossing party with a Kanna (up to vhilla)! 72XX k legion with 2k+ coins available, Full Meso gear + Full 17 * gear to make grinding way easier to get into Will give more details when asked for DM any...
  2. Selling  Maplestory Power Leveling | Meso Farm

    Selling Maplestory Power Leveling Service(Except Reboot): Leveling a character 1 - 120: $15 Leveling a character 1 - 150: $30 Legion Bundle of 10+ characters(That are 120): $135 Legion Bundle of 10+ characters(That are 150): $270 Leveling of characters of 200+: $5/hr Selling Maplestory Meso Farm...
  3. Selling  BERA Lv247 Pathfinder 28k dex, original email, 4.4k legion

    All equips are 17 stars or at least most of em, cubbed and scrolled good, got perma pets and some cash items that will be shown in a picture, never banned i made it myself from 0, its 2-3 years old account... Price 180$ Payment Paypal f&f Discord: Samsa#9476
  4. SOLD  [BERA] 24X DB W/ Sengoku Badge & 3k Legion

    Just has untradeables (21* L/L SW face/eye, 36% att emblem, heart etc...) Lots of face/eyes and some NX items. 3k legion with most of important links done *Account is also golden snail so all nx credit is automatically converted to prepaid bin: $500 not original owner but have owned the...
  5. SOLD  Bera mesos 30B => 160$

    Got 30b mesos for sale for 160$ discord: AltGs#8817 Paymenths methods are : Paypal F&F, Zelle, Any Crypto Coin or currency
  6. Selling  [Bera] Lv.231 Paladin, Lv.223 AM (I/L), Lv.220 BM / 7100 Legion (a/w: $470)

    I want to quit after selling my account * 7100 Legion * Have all the lv2 link skills except Zero, Pirate Explorer and Lara * Can solo up to Chaos Papulatus & Hell Gollux (Haven't tried Normal Lotus and Damien) Accepting PayPal f&f (470 USD A/W) I am the original owner of the account. Have been...
  7. [BERA] Lv263 Aran 43kstr 8k legion ogemail all links Lv252 Kanna farmer Cheap!

    All the info in the pictures below very detailed... Kanna Has 29k INT (has pottable badge too) On ranks Price= 600$ Contactd Discord: Elected#6148 Payment: Binance, Amazon GC..
  8. Selling  [BERA] ACCOUNT (240 demon slayer 30k stat clean 4681 legion)

    Has over 10b of NX cash item outfits, 2 perma pets, 6b mesos with around 5b of nodestones. Everything else is shown in the pictures. DM if you have any questions taking offers.
  9. Maplestory BERA Fashionstory Account

    hi! i'm selling my beloved acc that ive put a lot of money in to. This acc is not very DMGstory - THO, its the ultimate fashion acc. If fashion is ur favourite part of the game, or you wanna start fresh with ultimate cash items this is the acc for you :) Highlights: - Doll's Nightwear -...
  10. Lvl 247 Bera Main

    Selling maplestory main account, lvl 247 phantom, and lvl 237 shadower as the 2 main characters, 8.2k legion, perm nx items, perm teleport rock. The account is relatively clean but there are some training gear live brown gloves gold earrings & hunter totem. this also come with HTR & perfect...
  11. Selling  [Bera] Lv 242 Thunder Breaker 30k STR 6.8k Legion

    Detailed info on pictures, comes with original email. Payment method are paypal F&F or Cryptocoin Discord ArkariTark#2790 Current Offer 300$ A/w 450$
  12. Selling  [Bera] Clean Outlaw Hear for Sale

    Looking to sell my clean Outlaw Heart in Bera. $1000 or best offer If interested message me at discord: KimKim#9999
  13. Selling  [BERA] Lv235 Aran 20k str 7.8k Legion OG E-mail updated c/o**

    Selling lv235 Aran 20K STR OG E-Mail 7.8K Legion Alot Perm NX-Pets 7 Years+ Old Account OG Owner Paypal F&F, Crypto, Amazon GC, Netflix GC. Discord cadenamaple#9398 Current Offer= 150$ No Auto Win
  14. Selling  [Bera] 25x Dual Blade | Lucid Earrings | Firestarter ring | Sengoku Badge | Pe

    Hello everyone, I have an account for sell: It used to be 60k but it has been cleaned out, played actively for about 2-3 years so it has 2-3 years worth of stuff on it. Untradeable equips are still there. Lvl 25x Dual Blade w/: Firestarter ring Perm Hyper rock Lucid earrings Sengoku badge +...
  15. Selling  BERA kanna 213

    I'm selling my secondary account, I tried to upload it to farm mesos but I don't have enough free time . The price is 150$ I have no reputation on this site. We can use a tradeguardian to do the transaction or maybe I can give you the account first as long as the buyer has good reputation on...
  16. [BERA] BUYING mid tier DB equips and beginner training gear

    Please dm me here or add me on discord: vvekqls#3152
  17. [BERA]S>Lv241NL 25k Luk perm pet+cash items 5k Legion Very old account oe-mail

    Selling Lv241 Night lord with 25k luk + 5k legion, very very old account more than 7 years old, never banned,whispered or any troubles of that kind. Has all links Add me to discord to discuss price im still looking for offers. AnnyRiu#8817 Payments paypal (F&F) or binance/Coinbase
  18. Selling  [bera] selling mid tier warrior equips and beginner training gear

    Selling mid-tier warrior gear (for aran) and beginner training gear perfect for link skill mules accepting offers for all items :) message me on discord pat#0271 to discuss, USD only via pp f&f
  19. Selling  GMS Bera Mesos for 1B/10$

    Selling Bera Mesos, currently 11B In stock with tax included for 1b/10$ Payment method for PayPal FF. Discord : MesoUp3000#3951
  20. SOLD  [BERA] Level 25X Adele + 7.7K Legion

    Feel free to msg me on disc KURA# 3132, (remove the space) Account Comes with Adele 25X 28K Stat -60% Meso Drop Gear -60% Item Drop Gear -All Arcane Gear with Mostly all Unique (3 Leg) -Comes with lots of perma nx -1240 AF (Maxed VJ,Chuchu,Morass) -Comes with lots of Faces/Hair Saved Legion at...
  21. Buying  Buying Bera Account

    Hey guys looking for a BERA account that MUST include; Explorer class with 3 perm pets HTR full information 6k legion+ or decently geared pathfinder Let me know what you've got and whats your price range. If no price is given, it will be ignored. Will be using middleman. ♥ Thanks
  22. Selling  Selling Bera mesos!! Current price 10$/1b

    Hello everyone! im an old time seller from some privates servers (maplelegends, royals, etc) and now im here selling mesos on Bera server, the current price is 10USD/1B , no tax covered! Atm Payment methods are : paypal (with the f/f option), uphold, btc! if you want more details write me! PM...
  23. Selling  Bera Mesos | 1b/10$ Tax Covered | 112B in stock now!

    Selling Maplestory mesos for Bera Server! I will give lower rates on your next purchase! Current Stock: 112B TAX COVERED Add my discord Bye#0102
  24. SOLD  Lv 245 Zero in Bera personal account

    Hello, I've had my fun and made memories with this game. But, now it's time to put it to rest officially by selling my personal account that I put time, effort, and money in. Some details about my account: - Main character is Lv 245 Zero - Weapon is 22 starred legendary arcane - 25.4K STR -...
  25. Selling  ✴️Fast And Safe✴️Teraburning 0-200 30$⭐PreQuest⭐Link skill⭐6k Legion500$

    Incredible promotion for each skill of 5 links we give you another one totally free PowerLeveling Train Main $5 USD Per Hours Lv 200+ Lvl 1-120, 12$ Lvl l 1-140,14$ Lvl 1-150, 16$ Lvl 1-200, 40$ Zero Full chaper 80$ New: Daily Vanishing Journey; $2 USD The minimum purchase is 6 days for a...