aura kingdom

  1. AK Olympus Royal Panel End Game Bard & Scythe Main Account

    Characters: SLv. 20 Scythe, SLv. 21 Bard (storm build), Slv. 5 Sorc, SLv. 3 Lancer, Slv 1 Shuri, Wiz, & Whip, lv. 98 hs, lv. 96 bow, lv. 95 chibi, 2 lvl 85 guitars. Gear: Lv. 80 Lordswrath full set + 20; all imperial Lv. 90 Blinding Sky top +25, Blinding Sky bottom +20 ( waist is +22); all...
  2. WTS: AK.TO Account End (Reaper)

    Reaper Slv.30 Hight End Imagens fixed more info DISCORD: Yanxi#1801
  3. Selling gold in Aura kingdom and Selling 40000 ruby coins

    Want to sell 155kg gold in AK,US 40000 ruby coins too dirscord hero4fun#1445 facebook :
  4. SOLD  RUSH AKUS Olympus account for sale

    AKUS ACCOUNT CHARACTERS: \ Katar DMG SET: Mspd SET: Profession: House lvl 10 futrnitures: Eidolons and Eido archives: EIdo Wish: Costumes and Pets/Special Pets: Others: Complete Holy Chest 6 +30 lv65 WEPS // S5 +30 HS lightning and Holy // S5 +30 Bow dark // S1...
  5. SOLD  Aura Kingdom US/Olympus High-end Account

    LEVELS: Ravager s18 Lance s16 (boosted) Duelist s10 (boosted) Wizard s9 Bard s7 Ronin lv71 Shinobi s9 Chibi s15 (boosted) HolySword s16 Whipmaster s7 Grenadier s7 Reaper lv22...
  6. SOLD  Aura Account

    WTS Account (No Email Linked to it ): Price : $100 (i prefer Genshin Impact Currency via Codashop) Some Screenshots : Gear DPS lv 90 (+30) to awak new characters easy + Gear Tank Lv 110 (+30) more info (Discord) : Yashiroe#2767
  7. SOLD  Aura HIGH-END Account

    - I am looking for a HIGH-END Account - all alt-characters should be able to clear easily REV-Dungeons to farm LP (at least most of the Chars) - Should have almost all Eido-Wishes done - should have meta Gear Sets all +30 and also accessories. - Should have almost all Card Breakers done at...
  8. Selling  Gold Aura Kingdom (Rate 4.5$:10k, 45$:100k)

    SELLING GOLD SERVER: OLYMPUS(US) RATE: 4.5$:10K, 45$:100K GOLD STOCK :300K Payment: Paypal (Friend & Family) DISCORD: Pò Bò#7229 ACCEPT ORDER
  9. SOLD  Chimerian's Stall > Endgame account AK pvp/pve god 97/113 eidolons 500$

  10. Selling  WTS Account

    End game account with : 300% boss dmg + 220 Pen Can solo all nightmares & revs Chars : S25 Loli S25 Sorc S20 Bard S18 Guardian Some other lower level awaken chars Full s20 DPS set +30 Full s10 DPS set +30 Full s10 Tank set +30 Full gotzmog +30 S20 / s10 & s5 trophies All elemental trophies...
  11. Buying  Seling / Buying Aura Kingdom Gold 💰Big Stock & Great Price 💰

    CLICK TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE ABOUT BOOSTROOM BoostRoom is one of the best game supplier companies in the world. We are offering services since 2013 with more than 75000 orders completed. Our top priority is to provide and maintain top-quality service. What you can expect from us...
  12. Selling  wts Dark Aura (

    PRICE: 50 $ DARK AURA SECRETS ( CAN NEGOTIATE) LINKS TO THE SOLD ACCOUNTS: Payment Method: Paypal (Friends and Family) Discord: rebelclause#9221
  13. Selling selling gold / acc

    Wts gold 10k = 4$ or trade for welkin in genshin Selling acc s25 lancer s13 loli deadly lance 129%+ 30 deadly bard +30 radiant plume +30 accessories +30 orochimaro's gear Discord 1RYO#7334
  14. BOUGHT  Want Too Buy an Account Ak.To

    Hello, I would lIke too Buy an Account in Aura Kingodom .To It must had a lot of costumes and dress (Most Important) Bigjuandi#1169
  15. Selling  AK OS S15 Wizard (Repost) (Price dropped)

    $900 USD S15 Wizard S5 Star caller ( Chibi ) S3 Brawler Other 2x Alts for storage ( Boosted ) + These 3 for your usage. Items: Main Wizard: Slv 10 +30 Destroyer Staff with slv1 mspd card 7%, 5% det dmg, 3% ACC SS Slv 10 +30 Nocturnal Harp with slv1 mspd card 5%( DD on it ), 4% dmg, 9% dmg...
  16. Aura kingdom To Cheapest price References

  17. BOUGHT  Buying account

    Hi, i'm buying an akto account, i can offer 175 usd
  18. Selling  Selling God Tier account AK Serveur Gaia FR

    Hi All ~ Selling my AK serveur Gaia FR high-end account !! ~Details~ S15 Loli S15 HolySword S15 Brawler (Griffes) S15 Sorcerer (Grimoire) S12 Ranger (Arc) S5 Duelist (Lame jumelles) And many many more Item : S10 armor +30 All perfect enchantment S5 armor +30 All perfect enchantment S1 Armor...
  19. Selling  AK.OS Slvl12 (96%) Shinobi

    WTS: Slvl12 (96% xp) Shinobi Slvl10 Noct Shuri+30 Slvl10 Destroyer HS +20 Slvl10 set+20 Agni set+20 Holy Spirit+20 lvl4 storm mount Price; $70 usd via PayPal friends and Family midman fee shall be shouldered by the buyer
  20. SOLD  AK OS S20 Lancer (repost)

    S20 Lancer S1 Duelist S1 Lancer Other alts for storage and boosted Items: Main Lancer: Slvl 10 +30 set with 3-4% det dmg, 7-8% dmg to dark SS Slvl 10 +30 Deadly Lance with slvl 1 DD card and 3% det dmg, 8% dmg to dark SS Slvl 10 +30 Noctural Harp with slvl 1 mspd card and 3% det dmg, 8% dmg to...
  21. SOLD  Aura kingdom OS Account

    Hello I'm currently selling this account because I'm not using it anymore and I don't want it to just rot away. The account comes with the following characters Bard: level 105 Starcaller: 103 Lancer: 110 Gunslinger: 106 Holysword: 105 / 111 Shinobi: 106 Tachi: 102 Ravager: 104 Bow: 102 It only...
  22. SOLD  Cheap High End game AKUS Olympus Account

    "QUIT" King panel Unlocked and some limited Panels 77 Eidolons and Limited Eidolons Complete HC +30 95% Pen One hit All level Dungeon One hit Floor 1 to 3 VOE 100$ Rush let's talk for more info. Discord ketket#6143 MM Shouldered by Buyer
  23. Selling  Aura Kingdom Olympus Endgame Char

    Main: S19 Duelist Alt Chars: Katar lvl 97 Gear: S10 with S15 Duelist Weapon + Destroyer bard +30 with Full S1 Cards. Alt Gear: MS Top + HS Bottom Imperial Set +20 With full Lv. 90 Cards. Medal Score: 900 The account has items worth over 50k gold. It has around 30+ eidolons. Payment way...
  24. SOLD High End Full Set Aura Sercrets Account (Private Server)

    Greetings folks, we're currently selling Aura Kingdom (Private Server) account as the owner is letting go due to further studies. Kindly refer for the basic details as below (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Account Classes & Level: Total 16 Characters: 1) Sorcerer Lvl 125 2) Lancer Lvl 125 3) Holysword Lvl 125 4)...
  25. BOUGHT account

    Hello! I am looking for an account on Max price I can offer: 150 dollars Preferences classes: Dragonista, Lancer, Bard