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  1. [NA-Cassiopeia] Ontari lv 47 Assassin 573.6 GS 263 Skill Points

    Hey! I'm the original owner of the account. NA Cassiopeia Ontari Lv 47 Assassin 573.6 GS 263 Skill Points : 4/4 PvP Set Lv 32 Mana : Stats: T5 Compass Luminus | T3 Dragon Luminus : T4 Epic Pet : The account also has a +0 (upgraded, need reset) legendary pvp weapon, and I've upgraded the...
  2. SOLD  635+GS Assassin Ontari Andromeda Lvl 47(50% before 48) 300€

    Hi, I selling my account with an assassin lvl 47 (50% before lvl48) with 635 GS & 300 skills points, rune attributes -> 21 assault / 12 control / 33fate / 12 support / 12 protection / 48 awakening). I have a dummy gmail for the account, so no problem if u want to keep this e-mail. If u need to...
  3. SOLD  Assassin lv 46 andromeda | 257 SP | 1900 max atk| bis stats| T5 lumi| 100 euro

    Selling assassin account, original owner, kakao account safe. -lv 46 (74%) -gs 540 (1900 max attack - 40% phisical dmg) -bis random effects (main max attack3\3, cooldown 3\3), (secondary max attack3\3, phisical dmg, magic dmg), gloves (max attack3\3, min attack3\3 projectile skill), boots with...
  4. SOLD  44 lvl assassin EU sagittarius

    daily updates 44 lvl assassin 421 GS male EIN, luminus T3 corona FATE, 174 skill points , 15 mana level star's blessing 16 days, 500 ruby 60$ negotiable price paypal F&F only. discord - h4ruka #3822
  5. SOLD  (EU) Andromeda , Vulpin , Assassin LV44 450+ilvl, All preorder packs

    Hello im selling my Elyon account due to lack of time of playing : Account comes full secure with email of creation and 100% lifetime warranty Selling Elyon Account with Full 3x Preorder Founder Packs all twitch drops (EU) Andromeda server, Vulpin Assassin lv44 - 450+ ilvl and 25%to lvl 45...
  6. Selling  Assassin Cross server Gaia Garden City lvl 60

    #WTS WTS CRITICAL Assassin Cross Server Gaia Garden City Rfs Join friend on other server 2x Magnolia 2x Skeleton worker 2x Golem 1x Ant Larva 1x Muka 1 x Whisper Critical up to 15K Play Since day 1 Pm for more details Price: Pm ur Best offer
  7. Selling  Assassin 53/34 Odin Royal Instrument CBT Costume

    Selling because im too bored... Base 53/Job 34 Has Motorcycle mount from battlepass Season 1 maxed Price : 200$/Trade Guardian Discord : BrokenDoge74702#2021
  8. Selling  [EU] HM23 Astromancer 2758 ap + HM21 Assassin 2310 ap Twink + HM17 Gunslinger

    I decided it is time to sell my account. Asking price is 400 Euro either with Paypal (Friends&Family) or Middleman-Service but you have to cover the cost. Below you find every information you need. For further questions or everything else PM me or Discord: Niqz#0301
  9. Buying  Gladiator , Assassin or Mage [EU]

    hello I am looking for an Gladiator account preferably but Mage suits me too. Europe server .
  10. WTB: Warlock, Tanker or Assassin Server Global or Asia Power Min 6M.

    WTB: Warlock, Tanker or Assassin Server Global or Asia Power Min 6M++. i need 2 account.
  11. Darkness Rises High End Witch, Archer, Assassin, and Guardian w/ almost 1M💎!

    Been playing since game launch almost. I have dozens and dozens of upgrades, inventory to last you months, about 900k gems! Tons of legendary items! The list goes on. These are excellent characters to play and enjoy for hours. Willing to accept any offer but please don't insult me with...
  12. SOLD  SEA 9.72M Assassin -- Full Access -- LF offers!

    Hi all. I haven't been as interested in Ulala lately and I have decided to sell my assassin of 9.72M with lots of potential. South East Asia Server -- LV 196 + Most Current Stage Cap - There is a large amount of gift points waiting to be used. - 10 Star cat with multiple dupes - Almost 9 star...
  13. Selling  Sold

  14. SOLD  SEA SERVER 2 Accounts 4 Chars Complete team

    Team Composition - Mage, Druid, Assassin, Gladiator. Team Level - 113 Current Map - Storm Summit 8 Pearls on each character: 4.8k CP per char: 2.8m Overall CP : 8.5m **Mage has all UP skills. **Most chars have relevant/must-have UP skills (Poison 2, Reverb 2, Mend 2, Lily 2, Hoo Kham Kham 2...
  15. Selling  ✅[PC] Wraith Flashpoint, Airship assassin with kunia 20K 4K 119 leg BP 3,4,5 ✅

    discord : Nonkub#7133 price : looking for offer
  16. Selling  Level92 BV Assassin - MasterSpellblade SupporterPack - 154/154 Atlas - HeistSC

    Level 92 BV Assassin - Heist Softcore Master SpellBlade Supporter Pack (60$) 154/154 Atlas on both bonuses Level max on heist jobs 5 slots map device Currency Tab Maps Tab Divination Cards Tab Fragments Tab 2x Premium Quad Tabs 3x Premium Tabs ~70ex spent on gear 17/40 Challenges done Price...
  17. Selling  Endgame Assassin 2.4k AP (EU)

    WTS Endgame Sin full IA Gear, full PVP gear, a lot of cosmetics ( some extremely rare ) 10 alts , 2 months of premium , 2,2k unity , lots of vials and petpacks , more details and pics in PM or discord : Bunny #2527 Trading with middleman only, taking bank transfer, paypal, bitcoin, ingame gold...
  18. (NA SERVER) Good starter account! Warrior/assassin

    Have an account for sale that would be a great boost for a newer player or someone who wants a warrior or sin but wants to start a little further along. Both have great legendary skills. Warrior is level 80 and around 650k power. Sin is lvl 65. Both are on an older account and have great costume...
  19. Selling  Us-029 420K assassin (deathkiss, moonshot, creator, fairy)

    Deathkiss, top tier pvp Sin. Very competitive guild and build - has moonshot lvl 4, appetites of spring lvl 5, creator lvl 2, Hydra s grade pneuma -has the fairy S grade eidolon. Turn ppl into trees ;) -all items +15, with +18 wep - all lvl 6 soul stones, some lvl 7 -32+ engraves, great...
  20. [EU S24] - lvl97 250k Assasin main with 2.3k coupons - $700

    Hi all, I'm selling my account due to no time to play anymore. I have been playing every day completing all eve nts since launch of my server S25 but now merged into S24. Stats below will change as I will still be playing until sold, I'm currently Reaper in the photos. As I'm Assassin main, my...