1. Selling  💰 WTS Siel Kinah $1/million

    I'm looking to sell some kinah on Aion Classic. All of my kinah has been earned through legitimate gameplay - primarily selling warehouse items as I have quit. The stock listed below is all I have left, and I will not be restocking once sold. Stock: Asmo: 89mil Elyos: 14mil *10mil minimum...
  2. SOLD  [Siel-Asmo] WTS Lv50 Chanter, Lv50 Templar, Lv40 Ranger

    Selling a Siel Asmodian account with the following characters: Lv50 Chanter: • Shadetouched Staff fused with Betoni's Stave • DC armors & Adma accessories • All necessary support stigmas • Rank 1 - 150k+ AP • 449 Alchemy, 426 Essencetapping, 403 Aethertapping Lv50 Templar: • Shadetouched...
  3. SOLD  [Siel-Asmo] WTS Lv50 Cleric

    Selling a lv50 Cleric on Siel Asmo: • 5 mil kinah & mats to sell • Full Fabled gear & lv49 Void accessories • 80k AP - Rank 3 • 35 days of Siel's Aura remaining (as of 8/24/21) • 1445 Quna ($30 worth) • Email credentials included - the account will be yours completely upon transfer. Price is...
  4. Selling  Selling 75lvl Cleric on Antri-Asmo. pm me for more information.

    4 Army star officer, lvl 75 , minion: Weda. endgame 80 ap gear (few pieces need to be upgraded) , peitan mace +5 with 20mr. hb and block sets in inventory. // +7 feather mb/macc , unicorn mount and etc, pm me for more info and screenshots. :o:o
  5. Selling  Kinah on TM-A

    WTS Kinah on TM-A $17 for each bil also trading the kinah for SL-E kinah
  6. Trading  Wtt 4* ranger asmo tm for geared tm asmo sorc

    WTT my 4* asmo ranger on NA/Tm for a Asmo geared Sorc on the same server Pm me for more details on my guy. Message me on twitter @co0p95.
  7. Buying  Siel asmo any class lvl 61-65/+

    Looking for basically any class that is between lvl 61-65. No gear preferred (I can gear it easily myself). Lvl 66+ is acceptable too though. $20.
  8. Selling Lv72 AT Beritra Asmo

    4star , almost 5 star Full pvp gear multiple sets, full 70+ archdaeva pve, Pvp gear minimum enchant +15, most +16 +15 archdeava 4star wings full pvp 2star accessories +5 water dragon weapon chest fire bird pet wing skin magic level reduction stone 20 omega stone +6 golden plum+6! Most stigmas...
  9. SOLD  TM-A Geared 4-Star Cleric

    INFO: Tiamat Asmodian Cleric (female character) Army 4 Star Officer Lvl 68 Price = $300 Skype: caychkl don't offer less and/or trades SETS: 1) BLOCK (4,411) Fearless Chain Set +10~+15 Neverending Scale Shield +15 Bastion Aggressor Firm Mace +15 (w/ gold ilu para gs) 2) HP (20,383) Dark...
  10. Selling  Selling veteran account full of characters, 3 lvl 65s, all geared.

    Can't wait for the 5.0 update? Don't make a new account and start from 0 with all the charges, don't waste ur time, start from a veteran account, with full chars and all classes to play, all geared characters with the stuff required to play 75. Here is what i offer u: Veteran account (2009)...
  11. WTS/WTT Asmodian 4 Star Best Pvp Chanter On BR

    I'm also willing to trade it for a samely geared or so sin in Siel server Add me at skype if interested(is a really good chanter): murdd0k
  12. SOLD  WTS Templar Lv 65 Star 4 Asmodian Server Kahrun

    Price: 250$ Open to negotiations. Any question will be answered. PayPal Only. My Skype: xobeliscox
  13. Selling  WTS ASSASIN 65 lvl and MORE O.O (DEYLA , ASMO SIDE)

    Helo !!! I have for sell account on Deyla server Asmo side !!!! Account contains : Assasin(65) ( 2 * officer) , Chanter (65) ,SM (65) Cleric (65), Gladiator (60) , Sorc (31) ASSASIN-PvP: 2 star officer -EQ: 2 start ap set dagger +17 sword +15 , armour +10/12 , rank 1 set dagger +17...
  14. Selling  1kkk deyla asmodian side.

    i have 1kkk to sell in delya server asmo side. add me on skype :) (dont reply here pls) Skype: atreiashop
  15. SOLD  Gold Pack -30 Days- (Asmodian)[Antriksha]{EU}

    Gold Packs are only available on official EU/EN Antriksha server Asmodian side (When used it works on all servers/characters). 1 Gold Pack (30 Days) = 5 USD Paypal Skype/Email: [email protected]
  16. SOLD  GG Spiritmaster @ Spata - asmo

    Hello, Quiting Aion at his best with a gg sm on Spata - asmo side I have the original e-mail, 70/70 veteran. The bonuses have reseted and you can claim all the veteran rewards to other new chars (you must create them) I have all stigmas for all 3 vision stigmas! Gear PVP...
  17. SOLD  5 Star - TM Asmo SW

    Selling PvP & PvE geared XFORM songweaver in Tiamat Asmodian. Included most important things in picture Master Handicraft 499 essencetapping If you have question and/or want to see more, add me on skype : CAYCHKL Price : $300 by paypal (transfer included, if you...
  18. SOLD  TM Asmo 5 star PVP/PVE geared

    --- Selling --- Tiamat Asmodian Army 5 Star Officer Songweaver ~ original email ~ 116 arena of glory tickets (if you want general) ~ 4m+ ap ~ eclipse and shadowshift set ~ 4 star accs + wing ~ enraged hyperion set + accs ~ +15 eb harp ~ +11 enraged hyperion harp ~ +6 dd harp ~ add me on skype...
  19. Trading  Wtt asmodian army 2 sw on kahrun server

    WTT My sw asmodian army 2 on kahrun server for a gunner/cler/chanter/sm/sorc or ranger must have pvp abyss set and weapon good pve accesorys also a pve set and weap..
  20. Selling  4 star sorcerer ~~ full geared pvp / pve ~~ [US Siel Asmodian]

    PLEASE NOTE I AM AN ORIGINAL ACCOUNT OWNER WITH FULL ORIGINAL ACCOUNT DETAILS, INCLUDING SECURITY QUESTION & ANSWER. PVP Set Armors:- Shadowshift Tunic +15 [Full Magic Boost +27/Magic Accuracy +7 Composites] Shadowshift Leggings +15 [Full Magic Boost +27/Magic Accuracy +7 Composites]...
  21. Selling  WTS Full Geared Officer Sorcerer Siel (NA)

    Aion Class: Sorcerer Lv 65 Asmodian Army 4-Star Officer [Siel] // Endgame Geared Aion Class: Sorcerer PVP Set Armors 1:- Shadowshift Tunic +15 [Full Magic Boost +27/Magic Accuracy +7 Composites] Shadowshift Leggings +15 [Full Magic Boost +27/Magic Accuracy +7 Composites] Shadowshift Shoes...
  22. Buying  Wtb gg chant/cleric spatalos asmo side

    speaking about seriously good geared both dps & support sets for both pve and pvp, preferably with officer acessories, dont have to be enchanted, can do that too myself preferably a 4* or higher char, please dont come at me asking if i wanna buy some strife geared character, i wont. i'm looking...
  23. Selling  Full geared 4 star officer gladiator, kahrun na, asmodian

    Hi, I want to sell an AION US - Kahrun server , ASMODIAN SIDE account with 2 characters : 1x MAIN , 1x DEPOSIT / OR WTT THIS CHAR WITH OTHER GLAD ON SIEL ASMO - SAME GEAR/RANK 1) Gladiator lvl 65 - Female (Asmodian Army 4 Star Officer - 47.000GP/2.000.000 AP) - IN TOP 1 RANKED LEGION ! Gear...
  24. Selling  [asmo] anuhart chanter

    i will not post any details here its a good geared char, played on daily for several hours, if you want more info feel free to pm me here only selling for real money or trading vs an equally geared / ranked char of the same class on another server
  25. Selling  Gunner and chanter lvl 65 both , master alchemy , cheap asmo kahrun acc

    [/IMG][/IMG][/IMG] The gear belongs to the gunner. the alchemy skill is from the chanter . i also have a lot of other stuff in the account , like mounts(the dinosaur-dragon one that i dont remember the name :P) and tons of items that you can use for alchemies . im trying to sell this account...