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  1. SOLD  [Siel-Asmo] WTS Lv50 Chanter, Lv50 Templar, Lv40 Ranger

    Selling a Siel Asmodian account with the following characters: Lv50 Chanter: • Shadetouched Staff fused with Betoni's Stave • DC armors & Adma accessories • All necessary support stigmas • Rank 1 - 150k+ AP • 449 Alchemy, 426 Essencetapping, 403 Aethertapping Lv50 Templar: • Shadetouched...
  2. SOLD  [Siel-Asmo] WTS Lv50 Cleric

    Selling a lv50 Cleric on Siel Asmo: • 5 mil kinah & mats to sell • Full Fabled gear & lv49 Void accessories • 80k AP - Rank 3 • 35 days of Siel's Aura remaining (as of 8/24/21) • 1445 Quna ($30 worth) • Email credentials included - the account will be yours completely upon transfer. Price is...
  3. Selling  Selling 75lvl Cleric on Antri-Asmo. pm me for more information.

    4 Army star officer, lvl 75 , minion: Weda. endgame 80 ap gear (few pieces need to be upgraded) , peitan mace +5 with 20mr. hb and block sets in inventory. // +7 feather mb/macc , unicorn mount and etc, pm me for more info and screenshots. :o:o
  4. Selling  Kinah on TM-A

    WTS Kinah on TM-A $17 for each bil also trading the kinah for SL-E kinah
  5. Trading  Wtt 4* ranger asmo tm for geared tm asmo sorc

    WTT my 4* asmo ranger on NA/Tm for a Asmo geared Sorc on the same server Pm me for more details on my guy. Message me on twitter @co0p95.
  6. Buying  Siel asmo any class lvl 61-65/+

    Looking for basically any class that is between lvl 61-65. No gear preferred (I can gear it easily myself). Lvl 66+ is acceptable too though. $20.
  7. Selling Lv72 AT Beritra Asmo

    4star , almost 5 star Full pvp gear multiple sets, full 70+ archdaeva pve, Pvp gear minimum enchant +15, most +16 +15 archdeava 4star wings full pvp 2star accessories +5 water dragon weapon chest fire bird pet wing skin magic level reduction stone 20 omega stone +6 golden plum+6! Most stigmas...
  8. SOLD  TM-A Geared 4-Star Cleric

    INFO: Tiamat Asmodian Cleric (female character) Army 4 Star Officer Lvl 68 Price = $300 Skype: caychkl don't offer less and/or trades SETS: 1) BLOCK (4,411) Fearless Chain Set +10~+15 Neverending Scale Shield +15 Bastion Aggressor Firm Mace +15 (w/ gold ilu para gs) 2) HP (20,383) Dark...
  9. Selling  Selling veteran account full of characters, 3 lvl 65s, all geared.

    Can't wait for the 5.0 update? Don't make a new account and start from 0 with all the charges, don't waste ur time, start from a veteran account, with full chars and all classes to play, all geared characters with the stuff required to play 75. Here is what i offer u: Veteran account (2009)...
  10. WTS/WTT Asmodian 4 Star Best Pvp Chanter On BR

    I'm also willing to trade it for a samely geared or so sin in Siel server Add me at skype if interested(is a really good chanter): murdd0k
  11. SOLD  WTS Templar Lv 65 Star 4 Asmodian Server Kahrun

    Price: 250$ Open to negotiations. Any question will be answered. PayPal Only. My Skype: xobeliscox
  12. Selling  WTS ASSASIN 65 lvl and MORE O.O (DEYLA , ASMO SIDE)

    Helo !!! I have for sell account on Deyla server Asmo side !!!! Account contains : Assasin(65) ( 2 * officer) , Chanter (65) ,SM (65) Cleric (65), Gladiator (60) , Sorc (31) ASSASIN-PvP: 2 star officer -EQ: 2 start ap set dagger +17 sword +15 , armour +10/12 , rank 1 set dagger +17...
  13. Selling  1kkk deyla asmodian side.

    i have 1kkk to sell in delya server asmo side. add me on skype :) (dont reply here pls) Skype: atreiashop
  14. SOLD  Gold Pack -30 Days- (Asmodian)[Antriksha]{EU}

    Gold Packs are only available on official EU/EN Antriksha server Asmodian side (When used it works on all servers/characters). 1 Gold Pack (30 Days) = 5 USD Paypal Skype/Email: [email protected]
  15. SOLD  GG Spiritmaster @ Spata - asmo

    Hello, Quiting Aion at his best with a gg sm on Spata - asmo side I have the original e-mail, 70/70 veteran. The bonuses have reseted and you can claim all the veteran rewards to other new chars (you must create them) I have all stigmas for all 3 vision stigmas! Gear PVP...
  16. SOLD  5 Star - TM Asmo SW

    Selling PvP & PvE geared XFORM songweaver in Tiamat Asmodian. Included most important things in picture http://i.imgur.com/prJXz2y.jpg Master Handicraft 499 essencetapping If you have question and/or want to see more, add me on skype : CAYCHKL Price : $300 by paypal (transfer included, if you...
  17. SOLD  TM Asmo 5 star PVP/PVE geared

    --- Selling --- Tiamat Asmodian Army 5 Star Officer Songweaver ~ original email ~ 116 arena of glory tickets (if you want general) ~ 4m+ ap ~ eclipse and shadowshift set ~ 4 star accs + wing ~ enraged hyperion set + accs ~ +15 eb harp ~ +11 enraged hyperion harp ~ +6 dd harp ~ add me on skype...
  18. Trading  Wtt asmodian army 2 sw on kahrun server

    WTT My sw asmodian army 2 on kahrun server for a gunner/cler/chanter/sm/sorc or ranger must have pvp abyss set and weapon good pve accesorys also a pve set and weap.. https://36.media.tumblr.com/86af9ebf766f68f3e716e6b618bc2421/tumblr_nwl8ng1jSj1spw8xgo1_500.png...
  19. Selling  4 star sorcerer ~~ full geared pvp / pve ~~ [US Siel Asmodian]

    PLEASE NOTE I AM AN ORIGINAL ACCOUNT OWNER WITH FULL ORIGINAL ACCOUNT DETAILS, INCLUDING SECURITY QUESTION & ANSWER. PVP Set Armors:- Shadowshift Tunic +15 [Full Magic Boost +27/Magic Accuracy +7 Composites] Shadowshift Leggings +15 [Full Magic Boost +27/Magic Accuracy +7 Composites]...
  20. Selling  WTS Full Geared Officer Sorcerer Siel (NA)

    Aion Class: Sorcerer Lv 65 Asmodian Army 4-Star Officer [Siel] // Endgame Geared Aion Class: Sorcerer PVP Set Armors 1:- Shadowshift Tunic +15 [Full Magic Boost +27/Magic Accuracy +7 Composites] Shadowshift Leggings +15 [Full Magic Boost +27/Magic Accuracy +7 Composites] Shadowshift Shoes...