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  1. Selling  Selling CUE Cards

    Contact me if you need anything
  2. Trading  WTT EU Ying Yang Archangels for Global. Mid-game. Lots of nat 5

    Looking to trade this beautiful midgame account on Europe with Double LD Archangels and Light Chun Li for something similar on Global. The runes on the account need work. Free Rune Removal coming soon. Looking for 2+ LD 5* in midgame to endgame. Preferable LD 5* : Beelzebub, Ragdoll, Nepthys...
  3. Need the Weapon master and archangel

    Looking for an account that has Archangel and the Weapon Master and also a Ifrit too IOS preferably budget is $100-150
  4. SOLD  EU 35 NAT 5 + 1 LD Artamiel 59$ Final Price

    35 NAT 5 + 1 LD Light Archangel Artamiel 59$ Very Safe Account nearly have all fire/wind/water nat 4. ready for you to invest on them. Has enough essences for you to easily awaken the mons you need. TOA 100 / TOAH 59 You can use middleman service if you want but you have to pay for it . ONLY...
  5. SOLD  18 3.45 (+ 6 more possible) top 6* champs, cheap

    great account with og info and great price - 600$ only! all content 100% for more info line: aloneagain_or, telegram - @aloneagainor
  6. SOLD  [Global] 5.1millCC all angels 6/6 Marg 3/6 Whale content creator account CHEAP

    Hey guys, its Elyan! Make sure to check out the pictures and the description below. The account is available for $350. Feel free to contact me on discord or Twitter for questions but please serious offers only, no more scammers or time wasters please. I have included a video account showcase but...
  7. SOLD  [Global] 5.1 Mill Box CC + 6/6 Angels etc Ex Content Creator acc Marg with all

    Hey Guys its Elyan, I made a video showcasing the account for simplicity's sake, for now the Account is at $300. Make sure to Check all the screenshot and some of the highlighted info, any questions don't hesitate to add me on discord!: ElyanGC#3462 Have about 22-24 UR gear sets + also have...
  8. SOLD  Unison League Acccount (1M GS, Soldier)

    I am looking to retire. I created the account 5 years ago, I fished but did not play as much as before. Main soldier 1,090,599 GS 434,451 ATK 415,444 DEF Some weapons, helmet, armor fully infused. I also have the fully infused Veluda armor suit. I got a few copies of other gears that you can...
  9. SOLD  5m box Endgame Whale

    Account is LINKED. Several units with full costumes Current Gems - 580 (Subject to change) 5.06M Box CC Champ 1 Ungeared Challenger Geared Top 3% BRAWL PVP Top 100 PVP if bothered to play (I was not) 15 UR Sets. Has 1.2k+ Awakening stones and 160+ UR Stones (10+ Sets already created/awakened...
  10. SOLD  Mai kof, Assault Meliodas & Archangels with 730+ Gems

    Details : Price $35 730 Diamonds and still increasing till sold Full awaken token 2 Main quest at 157 All town UNTOUCHED (free stage, hawk, quest, etc) Plati coins 91, gold 200, silver 770 PvP Platinum I, Elite GoldV Plenty of resources etc Contact me of you're interested - Facebook <<<...
  11. SOLD  Flashsale [glb] fullfest + AM team + theone 3/6 & 4archangles with 1.6M box cp

    SELLING :coffee: Global Account UNLINKED with 64 Lvl with 1,6M CP BOX Full fest,4 archangles,assault meli Full team List of Ult Assault Meliodas - 2/6 TheOne - 3/6 (Xmas set MAX) Lostvayne - 2/6 Eli God - 1/6 Sariel - 1/6 Tarmiel - 1/6 Ludociel - 1/6 B Drole - 1/6 R zeldris - 1/6 B Zeldris...
  12. SOLD  All Festivals include AssMeli, TheOne 4/6 | KoF Athena | Sariel + Tarmiel

    Details : Price $75 negotiable Assault Meliodas only using 660 Diamonds (can be upgraded to lvl 2++) Story at eps 197 Town untouched chapter 1 - 6 TheOne Santa set max PvP PlatinumV, Elite GoldV Plenty of Resources etc Contact me of you're interested - Facebook <<< Click - Whatsapp <<< Click...
  13. SOLD  550k cavalier account , 7.8k prestige (og info ) 150$ Paypal

    3 5* r5 - duped ( archangel , nick fury , warlock ) Many god tier 5* - duped (ghost , hyperion , doc voodoo , long shot , human torch , magneto ) 6* hitmonkey , storm pyramid x , Aegon Completed act 6.1 Paypal 130$ ( negotiable) If interested dm me on line dr.vegeta is my id
  14. 7ds, assault meli, 3 collabs

    60$, Japan, IOS/Android. PayPal: +79214240774
  15. SOLD  120k MMOC account with full rank 5 4star Corvus. 35$

    Selling my 127k account for 35$. I will ask for an email change for the new owner. Payment through PayPal or allowed middlemans. 1.5 mil gold, 870units Screenshots describe well which catalysts and heroes are there.
  16. SOLD  MCOC 486k rating - 1 year old Acc for Good Price - Cavalier, 4x 5/65s, 6x 6*s

    MY PRICE IS $200, (We can negotiate if you can make the payment fast). SEND ME A MESSAGE NOW :D CONTACT ME VIA LINE. MY LINE ID: minhcyclops (Avatar is Ghost) MY MOST CONVENIENT PAYMENT METHOD IS PAYPAL. I've been playing this game for exactly 1 year up to now. However, I want to...
  17. Selling  Clash of Kings P6 Power 210 Million

    (PICTURES ATTACHED) Kingdom 486 Lord Level : 48 Lord Equipment : Archangel Set + Level 30 Gold Dragonglass Soldiers : All P6 soldiers and all Tier 13's Very high level Heroes including wind ranger, death knight, etc.. Very active Kingdom vs Kingdom events. In highest alliance of the kingdom...
  18. SOLD  [GLOBAL] Forest Archangel & Valkyria Starter Account

    This is one account (archangel & valkyria) Linked gmail account Open Price (pm your reasonable price) Direct paypal (family) Contact Direct message or Discord eiger007#6135
  19. Buying  WTB Light Archangel Artamiel Starter account Global

    WTB Light Archangel Artamiel Starter account Not much played on, as low as possible lvl account. kik: kkbbtnx
  20. Selling  Selling Account 300k 5*Blade r4 - 5*AA duped Many 4*maxed

    Hello Guys, I'm interested in selling my MCOC account for a fair price Asking for 200USD, but can accept other offers It comes with some nice characters both 4/5*, lots of resources. https://ibb.co/bL5T3m0 https://ibb.co/fVgjVRH https://ibb.co/DfsHqqZ https://ibb.co/KsDYF6y...
  21. Selling  9,324 prestige with r5 corvus, blade, sparky, vision!

    I'm purchasing a new account, so I'm selling this monster account and all the Units and Donations for Map 6 included. Top notch attackers for easy AW fights. Easily change the game-name as you please. I've invested over $10,000 into this account, so the price is firm at $2,200. All game...
  22. Buying  WTB Artamiel Global Starter Acct

    I am looking for an Artamiel starter account on Global; Starter or very early. Not interested in paying for a partially or fully built account. Kik: Despaire09
  23. SOLD  8 Ball Pool Acc 10/10 Legendaries + King Cue + Galaxy + Ice Cue, 667M ( Best )

    Hello there, i sell one of my acc for a good price :) Price: 120$ Account INFO: Contact me here via PM or KIK : ckrevo 667 114 040 Coins 10/10 Legendaries Galaxy Cue King Cue Ice Cue Czar Cue All chat packs All avatars [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  24. Trading  Looking for a Global account

    This account is on the China server. Looking for a Global account with a Nat 5. - - - Updated - - -
  25. Selling  Selling CHEAP Feenix/Archangel 2.4.3 accounts. level 70s, quite geared! both PVE and PVP.

    Selling CHEAP Feenix/Archangel 2.4.3 accounts. level 70s, quite geared! both PVE and PVP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Archangel Feenix 2.4.3 Account 1 [feral]Night elf male druid level 70 300 skinning, ~ 279...