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apex legends

  1. S5Boost

    Selling  Selection 5 Apex Legends Ranked Boost Season 2 now Available PC PS4 Xbox

    INTRODUCTION We are a small group of ex-professional and semi-professional FPS players, with 2 years of boosting in various FPS games. We held top 10 ranks in Overwatch, PUBG, Ring of Elysium on multiple accounts, and now we are coming into Apex Legends, with over 5000 matches played, 10000...
  2. B

    Selling  [PC] LVL 81 + S1 Battle Pass lvl 55 + 3 Legendary Skins + More Skins 20$

  3. NukeBoost

    Selling  💎Season 2 RANKED Tier Boosting!💎

    With the addition of the new ranked system coming into play, we would like to open our new services to Apex Legends customers. We have assembled a small group of the finest Apex players that are highly efficient and capable of competing at the highest level of competition. We are offering...
  4. J

    SOLD  [PC] LEVEL 71 (54 lvl battlepass); 35$

    Account 71 lvl + battlepass until 54 lvl (original owner) all legends unlocked 47 packs remaining; 450 apex coins 3 gold unique skins (event): wraith (night terror) r-301 triple take 2 purple: blooodhaund (master of the hunt) prowler 3 blue skins from battlepass and other stuff until 54...
  5. Clauder

    Selling  [PC] Clauder | Pro Booster for 3+ Years | Ranked Boosts Now Available!

    Discord: Clauder#3148 Ranked Boost: Price Per 10 RP 1 RP - 120 RP = $3 per 10 RP 121 RP - 280 RP = $4 per 10 RP 281 RP - 480 RP = $5 per 10 RP 481 RP - 720 RP = $7 per 10 RP 721 RP - 1000 RP = $10 per 10 RP Kill Boost: $35 / 100 Kills Legend's Wake (20 Kills in One Game): $99 Legend's Wrath...
  6. S

    Selling  Apex Legends Account, 110 lvl battle pass

    Battle pass level - 110 Crafting Metals - 1400 Legend Tokens - 33000 Apex Coins - 1050 All Legends Legends skins Bloodhound - Master of the hunt, Neural net (epic) - Tight rope, Life cycle (rare) - Flamingo, Evergreen (common) Gibraltar - Volcanic, Woodland warfare...
  7. C

    SOLD  Apex Legends Account Lifeline Main 1000kills, 250k dmg, Heirloom Set Wraith

    Selling my Apex Legends Account Lifeline Main 1000kills. 250k Dmg Wraith has Heirloom Knife Account with original Email Price: 150€ (negotiable) Paymentmethodes: Paypal/Bank Im trading against Steam Games, Csgo Skins (150% in Skinprice), Hearthstone Account, Overwatch Account Discord...
  8. J

    SOLD  [PC] Level 114 (110 SEASON 1); 75$

    Games: Apex Legends (original owner) Level: 114 lvl 110 lvl (season 1) max 50 packs remaining 75$ Payment: paypal.me (I'm verified) Skype: joojn_911 Discord: Aerobot#1067
  9. E

    APEX Legends 6700 coins PC Origin code

    Unused apex legends 6700 coins PC origin code, awarded by ea for attending an event last week. Image is to large to upload.....
  10. F

    SOLD  [PC] 50 LVL / 16 packs / 16200 coins / 10$

    Price 10$ Full access OCTAINE PURCHASED 50 lvl / 16 PACKS / 16200 COINS / 195 METALL Wraith kils 563 Badge 1 Wtath lvl 2 Badge 2 Double Duty Badge 3 Hot Streak Pathfinder kills 202 Badge 1 Apea Predator Badge 2 Wrath lvl1 Badge 3 Triple Triple Skins: R-99 - Eye of the Storm Triple Take -...
  11. L

    Selling  Account LvL 146/ Best Achievements for Wraith/ Heirloom Set/ Lots of Skins

    I'm the first owner of the account. Has the 4k badge and 20kill badge on wraith. Has the 3k badge and 20kill badge on pathfinder. Will give all full info of account. 1800+kills on Wraith Message me on discord Happy#9015
  12. N

    Selling  SELLING 7k Gaming Account | 25%+ Engagement

    Will listen to all offers You can easily convert this back into an all gaming account or any specific game. Account was originally an all gaming account then at 4.5k followers I turned it into an Apex Legends account. The name of the account is VERY good for the niche, which makes the potential...
  13. N

    Apex Legends Account 100LVL/BP + 11legs, 2500kills

    Legendary: Wraith: Quarantine 722 VK-47: Hazard Pay Prowler: The Bullet Contagion RE-45: The Predator Wingman: Dead Heat Pathfinder: Quiksilver, Omega Point Octane(banner): Top Rider Mirage(finisers): Pound It, Bro Gibraltar(banner): Protective Element Havoc: The Silver Storm More epic and rare...
  14. W

    Selling  apex legends account - Caustic legendary skin and more , lvl 59 account.

    you can contact me on discord for a faster answer : Weissman#7048 taking offers. got some badges too.
  15. V

    Wraith Kunai LVL 100 1,900+ Kills, Good Badges, Tons of Legendaries Insane Acc

    Everything you need to know about the account is in the screenshots! My discord is val#6670 NOTE: I didn't show the Gibraltar/Caustic because I'm assuming nobody cares about that stuff lol, if you do I have a Legendary skin and banner for Gibraltar, and a Legendary banner / two epic poses for...
  16. V

    Selling  Apex Legends account with Heirloom set on it (Kunai)

    LEVEL 37 ACCOUNT WITH HEIRLOOM SET ON IT WITH ALMOST 400 KILLS ON WRAITH AND 10+ WINS Mazen#8698 Talk to me on discord for more information and for price discussion!
  17. T

    Selling Apex Legends Account Level 85 with Heirloom Set 758 kills on wraith

    Selling Apex Legends Account Level 85 with Kunai Heirloom Set + battle pass + 758 kills on wraith + 3k damage badge on wraith https://prnt.sc/n9vi2l for more info pm me in discord : AshGG#0825 current offer 80$ can go first if +100 feedbacks (willing to use middleman if u pay fees)
  18. A

    Selling  159lvl 2.6k Wraith kills KUNAI heirloom void specialist and more

    Selling Apex Legends FULL ACCESS Account with Mirrage legendary Bangalore and more stuff im the first owner of the account discord: AGILABILITIES#6743 for more info selling the acc for 85$
  19. A

    Selling  PC 159lvlKUNAI 2.6k+ kills on wrath wep legendarys and more 110$ full access!

    Selling Level 159 account without battle pass KUNA wrath 2.6k+ kills Bangalore Mirrage Blood got atleast 1 legendary and weapon legendarry's like r310 and more 110$ BUY NOW BEFORE IT's TOO LATE Discord agilabilities#6743 for more info
  20. HasteBoost