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apex legends

  1. C

    SOLD  [PC] lv1300+ Predator - wraith/lifeline 13K+ Kills | 42+ legendary items |

    Level: 1300+ 135 CRAFTING METAL / 739500 LEGENDARY TOKENS Season 2 - Predator - 18000+ points Season 1 Rank - Predator, (Predator Charm and Trail) 38 000+ Kills Legendary skins (42+): Wraith - 5 Skins, 1 Banner, 1 Finisher, Bloodhound - 1 Skin Gibraltar - 1 Skin Lifeline - 2 Skins, 1...

    Selling  ⭐Holyshieeet's Boosting Cave | Ranked | Price Matching⭐

  3. M

    SOLD  Voidwalker Wraith + Kunai + Halloween Wraith! A lot of skins, Battlepass!

    Hello, I'm currently selling an account with NEGOTIABLE PRICE with the following: Voidwalker Wraith + Kunai 6 Legendary Wraith skins including Halloween Wraith! 26 Legendaries! Active Battlepass level 55, already unlocked Lifeline skin! Diamond Rank from past season! Wingman Rare Skin! A lot of...
  4. S

    SOLD  Cheap lv97 Account $9

    Selling a lv 97 Apex account, original owner. 8 legends unlocked. Will give the email associated with the account. Craftion Metals: 1020 Legend Tokens: 20400 Apex Coins: 250 $9 - payment through Paypal f/f or Bitcoin. Middleman works if you want to pay for it. Discord for questions and such...
  5. E

    SOLD  [PC] Heirloom set wraith + Airship assassin skin+4700 kills, 20Kills badges.

    Hello ! I have an apex legends account to sell it include : Wraith kunai set ( Heirloom ) 20 kills badges + 3K damages badges. +4700 kills / 5341 headshots / 1109707 damages banner. 3 legendary wraith skin : Airship Assassin ( gold one ) Quarantine 722 Void Specialist No ranked Season 3...
  6. M

    SOLD  CHEAPEST apex Legends Season 3 predator. Only with Middleman.

    Hello Guys! Selling Season 3 Predator Account Level 67 The Account contains: 1775 Crafting material ( you can craft any skin you desire) 26400 Legend tokens Some Purple/Blue Weapon + Legend Skins. (I can Screen share and give you a complete tour of the account if interested) 4000 dmg + 20 kills...
  7. A

    Selling  Apex legends account main wraith heirloom set and banga DIAM 3

    Hi everyone, am selling my own account has verygood stats owned season pass 1 and 2 and i didnt purshase season 3 if you are interested Contact me Price : 150$
  8. H

    Selling  Apex Legends accounts with Wraith Airship Assassin

    Selling 2 Apex Legends Account BY BUYING THESE ACCOUNTS YOU WILL BE ABLE TO : CHANGE NAME CHANGE EMAIL CHANGE SECRET QUESTIONS 1st account Legendaries items: Wraith: Exclusive skin Airship Assassin + Void Specialist + Quarantine 722 + The Liberator Bangalore: Apex Overdrive skin + Stormchaser...
  9. VitoDelaCito

    SOLD  sold

  10. PrelacyJ

    Selling  Closed

  11. Taskmast33r

    🚀 [ PS4 | PC ] Season 3 | 20 Kills & 4k Damage | Rating Boost 🚀

    -Your boost is 100% anonymous -We provide privacy, security and safety -100% Positive Feedback! and Verified -No 3rd party program -Free Advice / Tips about game -We will have full responsibility of your account during boost -Amazing relationships with long time customers [email protected]
  12. M

    SOLD  Bloodhound Heirloom Axe Raven's Bite! Brand New Account!! 50$

    Hello, I'm currently selling a Low level Bloodhound Heirloom Account with Full access and original ownership! If you're having interest hit me at Discord at MechaHunter#0869 I'll send pictures and full info or just DM me if you don't have Discord! The account is currently selling for 50$ but...
  13. M

    SOLD  {PC} Kunai + Void Specialist Wraith Account! Price Negotiable!!!

    Hello, I'm currently selling Wraith Kunai Account with 16 Legendaries with skins like Void specialist + Pathfinder Twitch Prime skin and more! Price is this if you want to buy it at a rush but I'm just searching for the best offer possible so it's very affordable! If you're having interest hit...
  14. E

    SOLD  Apex Legends_ | 19 Legendaries + 1050 Apex coins | Cheap ACC | Full Access

    Price - 10$ Discord - erver321#4910
  15. E

    SOLD  Wraith Heirloom Set | 13 legendaries | Cheap acc | Full access

    ONE OF THE CHEAPEST SHOP Price - 45$ Discord - erver321#4910 ( ! if you want to make a purchase with an Middleman you pay fee ! )
  16. E

    SOLD  Wraith Heirloom Set | 37 legendaries | Cheap acc | Full Access

    ONE OF THE CHEAPEST SHOP Price - 45$ Discord - erver321#4910
  17. M

    SOLD  Voidwalker Wraith Account Diamond Price Negotiable

    Voidwalker Wraith Account Diamond 4 ranked season 1 (all diamond rewards) currently gold 2 10 legendary Items A lot of epics 37200 Apex Tokens 175 Crafting Materials 0 Coins Kunai - No The Account has orther games like Crysis 3 Hunter Edition, Mass Effect 2 Deluxe Edition and orthers! Add me on...
  18. H

    Buying  Apex legends Account with Voidwalker skin

    Searching an account with voidwalker skin Discord: himnz0r#3998
  19. J

    Selling  [PC] Level 400, Platinum 4; 110$

    Games: Apex Legends; Titanfall 2 (original owner) 2715 Crafting metals (1200 for any gold skin) 177.600 Legend tokens 800 apex coins all legends unlocked Level: 400 lvl battlepass 1 - purchased (110 lvl completed) battlepass 2 - purchased (67 lvl completed) battlepass 3 - purchased (56 lvl...
  20. M

    SOLD  Seeling Apex Legends Smurf Account Bronze 1

    Wanna play with your low level friends? Or just kill some low level players? Seeling Apex Legends Smurf Account Bronze 1 Main pathfinder 122+ kills Season 2 wins - 9+ Top 5`s - 17+ Cheap