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apex account

  1. T

    Selling  [PC] 🔥 Apex Legends Heirloom Store ✅

    DISCORD: TommyWalterz#8420
  2. A

    Selling  Kunai wraith heirloom set, full access, change everything

    Wraith Heirloom account Wraith Heirloom Set [Kunai knife / Pose / Quip ] 14 lvl fresh account / 65 crafting metal / 7200 legendary tokens Payment method : Bank Payment or Bitcoin/Ethereum Full access: Email change - Available Password change - Available Security question change - Available
  3. P

    Selling  Huge apex plat apex account 💎

    Hi, I am selling my account due to lack of time to play. As on the screen below, you can see that there is a lot of stuff inside. 🔵 Plat rank in season 2 ( and still plat in season 3) 🔵 Voidwalker skin *-* 🔵 2000 dmg badge on 2 legends 🔵 Low price compared to real value In addition with...
  4. windbig

    Selling  Bloodhound ax red, 66 lvl, diamond 8943 rp, 1 gold item, 10 purple item.

    Screen - Discord - windbig # 1647 Accepted payment methods: PayPal, Scrill, bank transfer, BTC. price 80 dollars
  5. R

    Selling  Apex Legends Diamond IV Accounts + Unopened Apex Packs | 20 USD

    ! ONLY PAYPAL PAYMENT IS ACCEPTED ! ! PRIVATE MESSAGE THROUGH EPICNPC OR DISCORD @ DEVO#2481 ! SELLING MULTIPLE DIAMOND IV ACCOUNTS DIAMOND IV (SEASON 2 RANKED SERIES) Price : 20 USD Collection : Varied levels from 20-50 Unopened Apex Packs BP-1 Pathfinder Skin 2000/2500/3000 Damage badge on...
  6. V

    SOLD  Predator account both seasons with over 13k kills

    Crafting Metals: 4590 | Legend Tokens: 290600 | Apex Coins: 800 Battle Pass S1 Lvl 110 (Purchased) Battle Pass S2 lvl 110 (Purchased) Battle Pass S3 lvl 110 (Purchased) 28 Legendary Skins Price: 250$, but we can negotiate. My Discord is kolizeum#1946 with an L and lower case i (koLizeum)...
  7. T

    Selling  S1 & 2 Pred / All 4 Heirloom / Decent Stats / 4k 20k Badges + More

    4k / 20k badges on Wraith, Path, Caustic, Blood, Octane, Lifeline, and Bang - Over 3.5KD 750adr overall - S1 Predator with rewards unlocked - S2 Predator - Maxed S2 battlepass - Maxes S3 battlepass - All skins from hunt event, wraith event, and christmas event - All Halloween skins - Wraith...
  8. A

    Apex Legends [PS4] Wraith Account - 20 bomb + 4k damage badge for sale

  9. S

    Selling  Level 220 - 2 Heirloom sets - 150+ legendary items - 3 Seasons maxed out

    Hi there, I am selling my main account with the following properties: - Level 220 - 153 legendary items (see pictures) - 10.000+ crafting metals - 200.000+ tokens - almost 8000 kills - 2 heirloom sets (Bloodhound & Pathfinder) - Diamond 4 rank - 1170+ hours - Lifeline & Bloodhound edition See...
  10. I

    Buying  looking to buy

    Looking to buy and apex legends account for PC with the following: S1 Paid Battle Pass Max S2 Paid Battle Pass Max S3 Battle Pass (OPTIONAL) Full Access to the account, security question, account is email changeable, etc. Please reply with what you have and how much it would cost. Thanks.
  11. C

    SOLD  Apex legends heirloom account with original email

    Selling heirloom wraith account with certain amount of legendaries and
  12. X

    Selling  [PC] Apex Legends account level 101 , WRAITH Heirloom Set.

    Missing 3 legends ( Caustic , Wattson, Crypto ) 680 Crafting Metals 47,4 k Legend Tokens Level : 101 No battlepasses bought. 14 unopened Apex Packs. Photo of Heirloom drop. + Proof The account has Plenty of epics, and some legendaries. My personal discord : Combat#7286 Steam ...

    SOLD  [PC] Diamond IV✅47% WR✅5.3 KD✅1000 ADR - $20

  14. Q

    Selling  Wraith kunai heirloom + Predator Apex legend account

    LvL= 200+ Rank: Predator Season 3 battle pass: Purchased(110 LVL complete) 26 Legend skin Price: 110 dollar Discord: Quadroware #8940 Payment Method: Transferwise or Middleman(PayPal not available in Turkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  15. H

    Selling  Cheap main Wraith account 5k kills and diamond rank - Lot of legendaries

    Wraith main account 5k kills and diamond rank and lot of legendaries: Add me on discord if interested: himnz0r#3998 Paying methods: PAYPAL (Goods and services or whatever you desire) 35$
  16. H

    SOLD  Bloodhound Heirloom cheap

    Selling this account with Bloodhound's heirloom and 20 kills badge and 3k damages badge Add me on discord if interested: himnz0r#3998 Paying methods: PAYPAL (Goods and services or whatever you desire) 30$
  17. V

    Selling  Cheap Predator smurf account lvl 64

    lvl 64 1160 crafting metal 22200 legend tokens Has 4k dmg badge and 20kills badge on Wraith, Pathfinder and Octane 3k dmg badge and 20 kills on Lifeline Also has few epic and legendary skins Price: 100$ My Discord is kolizeum#1946 if you cant find me on discord, send me a private message...
  18. V

    Selling  Predator account 15k kills with 4k dmg and 20k in 4 characters

    Level 101 / 2745 Crafting Metals / 300200 Legend Tokens / 1200 Apex Coins Season 1 BP lvl 110 (Purchased) Season 2 BP lvl 110 (Purchased) Season 3 BP lvl 21 (Not Purchased) All legends unlocked 20 Legendary Items Wingman - Merciless Wing, Red Rocket Peacekeeper - The Noble Cause Triple...
  19. faruqomer

    Selling  🔥Expensive Apex Legends Heirloom Account 🔥0.08₿

    READ FIRST PAYMENT METHODS THEN SEND ME PAYMENT REQUEST I use always MiddleMan services -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PAYMENT METHODS: <<UPDATING STATS & SCREENSHOTS DAILY>> 3...
  20. H

    Selling  Apex legends account with lot of legendaries and Airship Assassin skin

    selling this account with lot of legendaries and Airship Assassin skin Add me on discord if interested: himnz0r#3998 Price is negotiable, hit me with your offer :) Paying methods: PAYPAL (Goods and services or whatever you desire)