1. Selling  Selling weapons, ursus medusa and joker. Middleman on, 40$ all

    Selling Ursus(5kk) Medusa(2.4kk) and Joker(4-5kk) (rare pistol ) Im selling all of them together for 50$ price its not fixed. Im accepting all payments posible, Paypal cripto etc Add me on discord or send me a msg here The.Simart#4133 We can use midleman and everything its not a problem.
  2. Selling  Apb Eu account

    Hello, I want to sell my apb account because I completely lost interest for the game. Payment method: Paypal/Skrill Contact: Discord = Dorogete#3906 Price: "150€"
  3. WTS 400 Millions In-Game Money [ APB : Reloaded]

    CITADEL ■ 200 M + In-Game Money ■ 200 Legenderaies ~ (270-350 M) Each Million: 7 Euro Payments: iDEAL / Paypal / Cryptocurrency / CSGO Skins ( Steam: Endeavourz )
  4. Selling  APB reloaded account with some account perma guns and maxed character

    It has a max character crim, server is NA, and rank 236 cop, good account for veterans . I accept paypal as payment method.
  5. Enforcers 255R, 26k kills, 2400 TJ

    Силовики 255р. 1123 часа 26k kilos. 2400 ТДж. Оружие: Colby NEO, PSR Kite, CBMP Dart, Rocket Launcher. (почта 4 страницы) Автомобили: Vegas 4x4 детектив до 31.01.23, Charge Cisco 1804 4 отверстия, Cisco JX04 Bulldog, Jericho V20 Ophelia Prime, Ghost Interceptor. данное снаряжение, Кремовая...
  6. Selling  -------Selling Ursus and Sitting Duck (Citadel Eu)---------

    im selling my ursus and duck weapon ursus = 15 eur//dollars duck = 15 eur//dollars both are 25 eur// you can pay with PAYPAL / WISE / ANY COINS / also payment methods that i don't know are accepted. you can contact me from my discord: Nallodyret#3353 or from epicnpc.com messages ^^...
  7. Selling  Ursus and Bloody Marry on CITADEL

    Hello Community, as the title says, I am selling 1 "Ursus" for 20€ and 2 "Bloody Marry" each 10€. Accepted payment method is PayPal. For more information, my discord is mamadi#7194 Cheers!
  8. SOLD  2 max rank crim and enforcer NA + Jericho, insane apb account тђเคG๏#1672

    its a insane high end apb account 130 EUR PAYPAL ONLY (we still can deal about the price) my discord : тђเคG๏#2889 CRIM : 255 (NA) ENF : 254 almost 255 (NA) more 3 characters alt ABOUT CLOTHINGS : Have almost all clothings of events, cash and joker unlocked in main character criminal, can i send...
  9. APB Reloaded Account High Prime

    ■ 2 Maxed Out R255 ( Well knowed names in community ) ■ 150M + In-Game Money ■ 200 Legenderaies ■ 20M + In Inventory Worth (Clothes, Designs, Themes, Music) ■ 75+ Legendaries, All Legendaries Available ■ All Armas Bundles (Inc redeem codes + Premium) ■ Price Range 2250€-3500€ '' Price is...
  10. Selling  Apb NA account rank 182 alot of armas stuff

    Hello im selling my account since i dont play this game anymore and i downloaded it and figured i still have my account! i bought a lot of stuff and im willing to sell it for 80$ if you are interested dm me here or on discord. sppp#4758
  11. SOLD  Selling nano and ursus in NA for reduced price

    Want to sell Legendary weapons URSUS AND NANO for 30$ usd, Ursus is an AR in APB reloaded, while nano is a secondary in APB reloaded. Preferred payment method is paypal, but others are accepted too. To contact me for price negotiations, you can contact me in discord, my id is : A1dan#0454...
  12. Selling  selling apb reloaded legendaries NA

    i have 3x ducks, 2x volcano, 1x cap40, 1x jersey devil, 1x colby commander, 1x ursus ursus - 15$ newglory - 12$ volcano - 10$ duck - 15$ cap40 - 9$ colby commander - 8$ jersy devil - 5$ and if u are interested in account that i have offer me add me ocoig#0802 on discord
  13. SOLD  High end enforcer NA

    For more details, add me in discord : тђเคG๏#2889 here is all all CLOTHING and GUNS unlocked :)
  14. SOLD  NA account high end cheap

    DISCORD : тђเคG๏#2889 price : add me on discord for price Paypal only NA criminal R255 1255 hours played time 1260 jokers .45 ap atac 2 slots oca whisper pr2 anubis adden Mail have: Agrotech ACES Riffle R&D III, Atac 424 NFCP3 MODS: Clotting Agent III / Car Surfer 2x / Flak Jacket 2x /...
  15. ★ CHEAP Legendary Weapons& Cash Citadel ★

    WTS cheap Legendary Weapons and in-game $$ Weapons - €10,00 Showstopper 'Thunder' €10,00 Mountie SF9 'Yukon' €05,00 Agrotech FFA 'Bullshark' —————————–—————————–—————————– €25,00 €20,00 Bundle price. In-game money - €4,00 Per $1m 10M in Stock Payments - - Paypal (Friends and Family)...
  16. Buying  Looking for a High End APB NA acct for 2 Steam Accts

    As title says, I'm looking for high end NA APB Acct for 2 high end steam accounts. Add my discord, Synth#8837
  17. SOLD  APB Account Citadel enf 255 + crim 158 new price 15$

    Hello, Im selling this apb account because i don't play more apb. This account includes the follow weapons from: Scout RT1 Colby CSG RT1 Joker CR5 3 slots Some clothes lifetime, including halloween pack account lifetime Enf: 1x vegas 4x4 slots customizable crim: 1xvegas 4x4 gum shoes 150day...
  18. [EU] Looking for a Designer

    Hey i am looking for a Designer in the game, PM ME :) My Payments: Paypal
  19. Selling  Apb Cheap Account for sale Rank 225

    Selling Apb Account Rank (225) Enforcer Rank :225 Criminal Rank : 60 1 legendary Sitting Duck Full weapons on Mailbox 1day - 15 days Alot of cars. 2 million Cash ingame. Outfits : Cars : weapons : Rank :
  20. SOLD  🔥APB HIGH END 3dglass Account🔥

    PRICE 190 7Slot of Char Discord -- Vevu#4976 Paypal Only
  21. APB Reloaded Scammer

    Soo I don't really know how to start this so this is gonna be a bit chaotic sorry We started chatting in game, I wanted to buy weapons from him and we insta went on discord. We have kinda long convo so I'm just gonna post the most important screenshots. All screenshots from him I'm gonna...
  22. SOLD  ★ SOLD OUT ★

  23. Selling  Cheap Weapons / FFA R&D and more

    Last year I did a huge selling bulk and nearly sold everything! Now its time to sell the last few items I have left, and I'm selling them fairly cheap! Accepting PayPal - If needed I will be able to showcase the weapons. I'm willing to negotiate. I do have a cheap FFA R&D in stock aswell. I'm...
  24. SOLD  Selling cheap ingame money

    Selling in game money, 20M stock at the moment. EU CITADEL 1M = 3.5M Payment method = Western Union - CSGO SKINS Discord = Canthandle#9651 I won't go first.
  25. SOLD  ★ CHEAP - Legendary Weapons - 35€ For All Weapons ★

    ★ ★ ★ Welcome to APBMarket Legendary Shop ★ ★ ★ We only have weapons and in-game cash on server: Citadel EU List updated: 22-12-2020 BUNDLE PRICE: 1x Colby Commander 1x Raptor Condor 1x Sitting Duck 1x OCA Nano 1x N-Tec Ursus = 55€ 35€ Any weapon will be delivered by an Auction on...