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  1. SOLD  NA Human Ret pally w/ Twinblade of the Phoenix - prot farm gear SSC TK attuned

    Hey guys- selling my Human Ret pally on Benediction. This is a very high pop alliance favored server with numerous raid guilds. The character transfer is on CD. As of this posting there is only 3 days of game time left as I am quitting the game. I am looking for $250.00 Firm- Paypal F&F This is...
  2. Selling  Darrowshire : Zul'Mashar : Alliance : WTS 500 Gold

  3. Selling  Mage Frost PvE 245 ilvl - Renown 63 Night Fae - Alliance - Character

    Mage Frost PvE / Night Fae / Renown 63 / ilvl 245 Legendarys 225: Freezing Winds GEAR SAFE ARMORY: https://retail.safe-armory.com/en/character/618530b9155ab PAYMENT METHOD: PAYPAL
  4. Selling  (US) Undead Rogue 70 Pre bis 160$ USD - Mage 70 P1bis - Paladin 70 Pre bis

    Mage and Pala in the same acc - Rogue $160 USD https://seventyupgrades.com/set/qHCxEd6Gw2NhyNo6TMZujk - Mage (Negotiable) https://seventyupgrades.com/set/opqqjZTNELz2n3TrFiUA2J - Paladin (Negotiable) https://seventyupgrades.com/set/2T1boCxe59eyWxA2N4cmyd For more info or price contact me via...
  5. 70 Female Mage Alliance Transfer up PVP with great gear and all heroic. $400.

    Human Female 70 mage on PVP server with transfer up for sale. Has great gear and pvp set with all heroic keys...
  6. Buying  WTB Icecrown human alliance BiS PvP Priest

    Hi, as title says I'm looking to buy a BiS PvP Human Priest on Icecrown. Both Disc and SP set (with HC Bauble and HC Charred and HC Solace) preffered. Buying only with original email and via PayPal. Titles, achievs etc do not matter. Post on thread with details and I'll PM Discord.
  7. Infernal Gladiator Dwarf Priest

    max enchanting with many rare recipes such as boars speed, cats swiftness, sp to bracers, sp to wep, etc. max mining 1830 pve bonus healing with t5 gloves, 300 resi pvp set with s2 offset items. has season 1 rank one title inferal gladiator, and the swift nether drake. account also has a 70...
  8. Buying  Female Draenei Shaman

    Looking for a female Draenei Shaman. Should be around level 65-69. Some main profession (Leatherworking prefered). Transfer needs to be available. Budget would bei 150$
  9. 70 shaman / warrior / druid / paladin / warlock - ALLIANCE US

    I am done with the game. 2 accounts. (all toons alliance) First account 70 shaman SSC / TK attuned P1 bis resto and enhance sets exalted with most TBC factions 375 leatherworking / blacksmithing (has the rank 3 1H mace) about 7k gold epic flying 70 warrior SSC / TK attuned almost full P1 bis...
  10. Selling  Selling Faerlina Alliance gold 1k/7$

    Safe handfarmed Gold and good methods to trade. 30k stock Willing to go first if higher rep Payment via ETH, USDt, BTC /Paypal Hit me up via chat or on discord: Netheos#2091 If you add me on discord send me a message in epicnpc chat to confirm it's you
  11. Sold!!! NA Ele Shaman Almost BiS - Transfer Up!

    SOLD!!!! Hello, I am selling goat lady elemental shaman in an almost P1 full BiS Shaman on a high pop pvp server. epic flying just purchased! 375 LW/375 Mining Here is the Ele Gear: https://seventyupgrades.com/set/52EWqot43ewDhSzK2su86Q just obtained T4 shoulders Also, have some healing...
  12. Wow TBC US Aliesh Alliance

    Hi. Can sell u some gold on US Atiesh TBC Alliance. 3.5k=40$. Payment: Bitcoin Discord: Serenkiy#8180
  13. SOLD  US PVP Gnome warrior with Deep Thunder and PVP set

    CURRENTLY TAKING OFFERS !!! Feel free to message me with any questions you might have. Buyer pays the middleman fees. *29 DAYS OF GAME TIME *US PVP Gnome warrior with Deep Thunder and PVP rep set and PVP Trinket 215+ RESIL *Attuned to all the heroics and Karazhan, SSC attuned and have...
  14. Selling  Selling Gold On stormrage (A), illidan (H), sargeras and tichondrius

    Selling Gold on Stormrage 80$ per 1 million (Alliance) Selling Gold Sargeras 80$ per 1 million (Alliance) Selling Gold Tichondrius 80$ per 1 million (Alliance) Selling Gold Illidan 80$ per 1 million (Horde) via Guild Trade Method Payment: Paypal
  15. Selling  Darrowshire - 60 Alliance Warrior - Rank 8+ - Old 100% mount

    Alliance warrior on Darrowshire for sale! 60 Human Warrior Rank 8+ 100% Mount ( old mount style ) Engi/Mining 300 500g in materials darrowg#1245 on discord only paypal
  16. SOLD  Spectral Tiger - Invincible - CM Gold $100

    20 - 30% OFF on your first order with us across our network, ask for details. Original Owner | Lifetime Warranty WORLD OF WARCRAFT NOTABLE MOUNTS Spectral Tiger Challenger’s War Yeti Infinite Timereaver Invincible CHARACTERS Illidan-US Horde 45 Blood Death Knight 45 Havoc Demon Hunter 50...
  17. Selling  Wts 100% Bis Pvp and Pve Alli Priest

    Selling ELITE p1 bis priest both pve and pvp. On Benediction , highest pop server in game. Other info: 375 Tailoring 375 Enchanting 280% flying mount 2000g 2800 arena points 12000 honor , with a bunch of marks 99 parses on Warcraft Logs Almost full shadow off set in bank including Mindblade...
  18. Selling  [EU] PvP Alliance - Dwarf Priest - Good pvp and pve gear

    Hi. Im quitting wow and decided to sell my accounts. This priest have good pvp and pve gear. PvP...
  19. Selling  70 Rogue, 60 Warlock - Faerlina Alliance (xfer open) (Pics)

    70 Rogue. 2 greens the rest blues. x2 Ced's Carver Daggers. Not Karazan Attuned yet but on second or third quest. Tons of gear in bank from BWL and MC Knight-Captain Title with Black War Tiger Mount Onyxia Hide Backpack 1700gold 100% ground speed 60% Flight Speed Transfer available. 60...
  20. Selling  WTS Gold on Darrowshire - Zul'Mashar - Alliance 500g

    Hey, as the title says im selling 500g on Darrowshire. Paypal payment Discord: darrowg#1245