6k mmr

  1. Selling  6440 MMR 8450 BHV 120$ SEA played

    SEA played account RANK: EU Original e-mail, my own smurf account (2013 1st match) https://www.dotabuff.com/players/151292062 https://steamcommunity.com/id/double_dx Contact: ttt000#0111 Payment methods: PayPal, crypto
  2. Selling  ✅5810 MMR✅60$ Only | 10000 Behavior score | Original Email

    ✅After purchase, you get full access to your account along with your email account ✅A virtual phone number is linked to the account. You will be able to start playing right away. ✅Original owner ✅Original Email +First letter ✅No market transaction ✅Non Smurf heroes Payment Methods: Paypal...
  3. Selling  Cheap 6.240 mmr acc |10k behavior| Original Email No Vac Bans - ONLY 55€

    Selling a cheap 6240 mmr account (play 1 game and you will get rank 4700ish) with 9895 behavior score and 26 role queues available and 61k dota plus shards. Price: 55 euros, (Paypal) i sold 4 other accounts here without problem :) Discord: yawaman#3940 The account also has phone added so you can...
  4. SOLD  6580 MMR | Behaviour score - 10K | Arcanas, Personas, Terrains, Creeps | 400€

    Screenshots: https://ibb.co/kyV66hv https://ibb.co/sy0Dktq https://ibb.co/TB6rxgT https://ibb.co/VHgzqPT https://ibb.co/ZhyHqRG 4600 Hours played 6580 MMR 10K Behaviour Score No cheats used Access to change email Price: 400€ - Paid in $Bitcoin or $Nano (and multiple other cryptos) Items...
  5. SOLD  ⭐6280 mmr 130$ ORIGINAL email no transactions⭐

    Hello Everyone, Selling Immortal | 6280 MMR Account Account Features ► Perfect Conduct ( 10000 ) ► With Phone Number ( Matchmaking Ready ) ► No Ban History ( Safe Account ) ► No Previous Transactions ( Clean Account ) ► Comes with Email ► Comes with Lifetime Warranty My Contacts for...
  6. SOLD  ⭐7140 mmr 190$ original email NO transactions⭐

    Hello, I have a 7140 mmr account for sale; clean account, no bans or anything. Comes with mail too of course. contact Discord: Vladlen#7226 payment method: Paypal
  7. IMMORTAL | 6000 MMR | 80$ | original email wlth first letter

    First letter Good smurf (25 lvl) Full acces Behavior - 10 000 Rank - IMMORTAL If you are interested in the account, write to me in PM or add me to discord or Telegram. My Telegram: likonboy My Discord: Likon- # 8464 payment - mastercard/paypal you can offer on this thread
  8. SOLD  Immortal | 6080 MMR | 80$ | Original Email with First Letter ✔️

    Hello, I would like to sell my smurf account. Never used any cheats/scripts Original email + First letter Current Immortal Rank Medal is: 4865 Dotabuff: https://dotabuff.com/players/1117542308 (hidden to not get banned signature heroes) Steam URL...
  9. MMR BOOSTING service [0-6000] with low price [ read the description ]

    Hello my name is Nicholas and welcome to my Dota 2 services. I'm a new verified seller on EpicNPC that is ready to offer a fast and safe boost. My nickname is infernalxp. I'm 6k+ mmr player. I boost to 6000 mmr. I have several boost recommendations made in my region with a lot of experience...
  10. SOLD  Dota 2 6k mmr account

    Want to sell 6k mmr smurf Original mail 10k beh score On that account was playing Justin Beaber
  11. SOLD  Immortal 6040 MMR - 80$ (original email, no transactions)

    Price: 80$ Behavior Score : 9805 My smurf ✔️ Original email with first letter ✔️ No transactions on Steam ✔️ No game restrictions or bans ✔️ Virtual number associated with Steam & Dota -> ready for Ranked Matchmaking contact Discord: screep#8604 Payment method: Paypal
  12. Selling  Immortal accounts 5600-6000 mmr; no transactions / original email

    These are my smurfs. I’m the original owner of the accounts. ✔️ Original email with first letter ✔️ No transactions on Steam ✔️ No game restrictions or bans ✔️ Virtual number associated with Steam & Dota -> ready for Ranked Matchmaking ✔️ All matches were played manually without...
  13. SOLD  Immortal - 6940 Solo MMR

    [Immortal]- 6940 Solo MMR Selling Immortal Rank 6940 Solo MMR - $200 [Comes with original Email] Discord: nigaswongapenga#6722 Or You can message me in EPICNPC as well. Accepting Paypal/Payoneer
  14. SOLD  6540 MMR, Main account with some games, 100% Feedback, VERY LOW price - 100$

    Selling acc 6540 MMR, Main Account with games and inventory (Original owner) behaviour score normal 6400~ (screenshot) List of bought games on acc: The witcher 3 (All DLC) , Trine 4, Left 4 Dead 2, Borderlands 2, Dying Light, Dead by Daylight. Price - $100 (Paypal only, family & friends...
  15. SOLD  Safe/Cheap Immortal 6190mmr account | 10k behavior | 40$

    Hello everyone, i'm verified seller on EpicNPC with 100% positive feedback. I'm selling my 6190 mmr smurf account. I also sold 5 my accounts on epicnpc (5000, 5800, 6020, 5002, 6014). (my MMR boost service) -dont have vac/lp/ban warning/any other restrictions -no transactions -mail is not...
  16. SOLD  5900 MMR, Original mail, 100% Feedback, VERY low price - 60$

    Selling acc 5900 MMR / Original mail / No transactions / Behaviour normal 6.2k+ Price - $60 (Paypal only, family and friends method, u send money first or middleman for your money) Discord - lavender#7532 , or pm me here! Dotabuff - dotabuff.com/players/1082803426
  17. SOLD  6200 MMR | 10k behavior | Original E-mail | 80€

    Hello everyone, as the title says I have an account which I would like to sell for a fairly reasonable price. All information is listed below: -MMR: 6200 -Behavior score: 10000(highest) -Dotabuff: https://www.dotabuff.com/players/435217316 -Original first E-mail made just for this account...
  18. SOLD  5720 MMR, Original E-mail, 9k behavior score, 40€

    Hello everyone, I have another account up for sale. Account is only couple of games away from 6k mmr. The information is listed below: -MMR: 5720 -Behavior score: 9000 -Dotabuff: https://www.dotabuff.com/players/233764857 -Original first E-mail made just for this account (same as Steam...
  19. SOLD  immortal (6020mmr) account 79$

    Hello everyone. I'm Selling Dota 2 account. -dont have vac/lp/ban warning/any other restrictions -10000 behavior score -524 matches / 297 wins -24lvl account -2800 rank sea -mail is not original MMR: 6020 mmr startz: stratz.com/player/218282294 steam...
  20. 6200 mmr 9k behaviour score <800 games 80€

    I will of course grant the account email with it Stats: -6120 mmr mostly safelane games -9360 behaviour score -Less than 1000 games -First match: 4/2/2016 -Previous rank: Legend More information: I'm not an hardcore account seller, and this was formerly an account i had to play with friends, but...
  21. SOLD  Account 6320 mmr, original mail and letter

    Account 6k mmr with first mail 450 matches , 10k behavior QIWI , WebMoney : 100$ https://pastenow.ru/8MJG7 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198976778655 https://ru.dotabuff.com/players/1016512927
  22. SOLD  Account 6460 mmr, 6k

    Account 6460 mmr without original mail, 7900 behavior , 575 matches WebMoney, QIWI: 89$(or your price) https://ru.dotabuff.com/players/993289961 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198953555689
  23. SOLD  6000 MMR, Original mail 100% Feedback, Very low price - 75$

    Selling acc 6000 MMR / Original mail / No transactions / Behaviour normal 7k+ Price - $75 (Paypal only, family and friends method, u send money first or middleman for your money) Discord - livezi#2468 , or pm me here! Dotabuff - https://www.dotabuff.com/players/1028476168
  24. SOLD  6014 core mmr account (70% wr / 328 matches) 115$

    Hello everyone. I'm Selling my Dota 2 account (smurf). -original mail + first letter -this account is linked to perfectworld (you can play on china servers, but other servers are also avilable for the game) -dont have vac/lp/ban warning/any other restrictions -with phone number (matchmaking...
  25. Selling  6027 Solo mmr tbd Party mmr [cheap]

    6027 Solo MMR TBD party MMR first email no purchases 180$ paypal/qiwi/visa discord: bornfrompain93#9432