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Stuck in the 90s to never get out of that hole called rollin' pop culture music, the booming industry of technology and of course games. Welcome to my Profile! Hub world of philosophical madness combined with the sweet hint of everyone's favourite craze, cute kitty cats :3


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| Female - ♀ | Student | EpicNPC Moderator | longtime experience with MMOs and Mobile-RPGs |

I will never add you on Discord, Skype or any other IRC. All business will happen on site. Don't even try pestering me about it!

"If you have any issues or are in desperate need for any form of assistance please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be more than happy to provide you with the help needed. Also open to occasional chit-chat, don't worry I don't bite."

Available always from 12:00 to 20:00 and from 22:00 to mostly 3:00 in the night (all times in GMT+1).

CAUTION: Scammers and Impostors beware the Tyrannosaurus Rex! She fearsome creature of past century does not fare well with criminal scum like you. Her favourite activities are calling authorities, hiring lawyers and telling your mum that you've been a naughty boy. You have been warned!


"Ich sehe, ich ziele, ich erlege und häute alles was mir in den Weg kommt. Bis nichts mehr übrig bleibt. Das Blut rennt vor meinen Augen, über meine Wangen mein Kinn hinunter. Kommt und stoßt mich von meinem Thron runter. Ihr werdet es eh nicht schaffen. Das hier ist mein Zuhause! Ihr gehört hier nicht hin! Ich sterbe nicht geschlagen! Ich bin Gottes seine Maschine die nur zu funktionieren hat, auch halb tot. Du bist das, was zwischen mir und dem [Gelobtem Land] steht !"

- Könige und Spieler, die rache eines Erzengel


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