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Hi, welcome to romanjason's store.

I am selling tons of game's starter accounts.
all accounts from me are legal, not come from some sporadic farmers. all account resources are from daily login farming, no hack/mod used in the farming process. over 3000+ trusted and successful deals.

game list:
epic seven [All server]
seven deadly sins [All server]
exos heroes [All server]
guardian tales [All server]
fire emblem heros [Global]
dragon ball legends [Global]
dragon ball z dokkan [All server]
more avaliable games just contact me here or in discord.

Easily purchase and Cheap price just let you to start a game smoothly. Happy game.

ᑀᐳᐳ Beware of some discord impersonators with exact same aphpabet like me , they are scammers or person with ulterior motives. i will not add you first in discord to buy/sell accounts. i will not talk politics topics with you.
how to verify my identity on discord:
you can click ur discord setting-appearance-open Developer Mode on, click my discord avatar to copy id, my discord id is 603799941038735372, and my discord is from july 25,2019

you can also pm me directly here to ensure you are contacting with the right person.

Working Hours: EST 8:00 pm - 12:00 am

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