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šŸ”„Welcome to PELOQ - Game StorešŸ”„
My Discord: peloq#6496
Easy, Trusted, Legit & Cheap service!
Offering Cheap Mobile Game Accounts


We update our website daily, now with 24/7 Automatic/Instant delivery to your email after purchase!
Be sure to Join Our Discord Server - Open a Ticket and ask any question!

Payment options: Skrill, Quick Payment Links (Visa, Mastercard, America Express, Discover), Google Pay, Apple Pay, eBay PayPal, Revolute.

If someone adds you on discord pretending to be me, put them to message you on EpicNPC (not the other way around). I can sent you screenshot of our conversation from EpicNPC to prove this! If you add me first everything is fine. You can check Note 1 to be 100% sure that you are talking with me on discord by checking my Discord ID.

My Discord: peloq#6496
Discord ID: 459853227626725376 (Check note 2 to learn more)

The hours that I am not online are 1 am - 7 am (GMT+3).

With over 330+ positive feedback on epicnpc and over 10,000 successful transactions without a fraud.
You can fully trust me and feel free to contact me for questions on discord or EpicNPC's chat.

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