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Middleman transactions take place only on EpicNPC! I never Middleman off-site!
of IMPERSONATORS! If you talk with me on Discord, always ask me to message you here for confirmation!

If someone adds you pretending to be me, put them to message you on EpicNPC(not the other way around). If you add me everything is fine.

https://www.textmagic.com/free-tools/unicode-detector Use this tool to check fake Unicode in Impersonator's Discord Name

This is how my discord looks like:

I don't have Nitro or anything else. If it doesn't look like this, it's not me.
Discord Unique ID: 177492642559426560

If you want to be safe when you are trading on Discord, follow this guide to check if someone is an impersonator or no in 1-2 minutes.

This guide will teach you how to Enable Developer Mode on your Discord and how to check the Unique ID of an user.

Every Discord Account has only one Unique ID and this cannot be changed. Scammers and impersonators are only able to change the Discord ID. They can make it look identical with font glitches and non-english characters or by adding numbers if they use Discord Nitro.
Examples of Discord Unique ID and Discord ID:
Discord ID: mercurial003#6573
Discord Unique ID: 177492642559426560

1. Click on User Settings located in lower left of your Discord, near your Discord name:

2. Click on Appearance located under App Settings:

3. Scroll down to bottom and under Advanced enable Developer Mode:

4. Right Click someone and at the bottom you have a new option called Copy ID:

You can now go to https://discord.id/ and Paste his Unique ID here and it will tell you the date when his account was created:

If you copy-paste or type someone's Discord ID you will always add the right person, you can't add an impersonator because even if it looks the same, impersonator's Discord ID is not the same, it only looks like that because of the reasons mentioned above.
You can go to the person they try to impersonate and copy his Discord ID from his threads and add him to friends, even if he doesn't accept your invite you can still right click > Copy ID and check if they matches.
In fact, if you do this, you will add the Real user.
To avoid this every Seller should include his Discord Unique ID in his thread along with his Discord ID.
Contact Method:
Discord ID: mercurial003#6573
Discord Unique ID: 177492642559426560

To be 100% sure safe put the person to message you on EpicNPC a custom message(something like "cats"). People often PM themselves the Pretended person and this is wrong, if they don't want to PM you on EpicNPC he is a scammer most likely, avoid trading with him.

Red Flags:
Someone adds you pretending to be a big seller on EpicNPC with a lot of Feedback (it rarely happens to be the said person, but a reputable seller should offer himself to PM on EpicNPC first to avoid any suspicion; if you ask him to PM you a custom message on EpicNPC and he refuses, don't trade)
Someone telling you to buy him gift cards or something similar - he redeems the gift card and there is no way for you to get the gift card back
Someone telling you to go on a different website and buy him something from there
Someone adds you and has Badges, like Discord Nitro

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