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______________________ "Contact Info" ______________________
DISCORD: JohnMarket#9999
DISCORD Unique ID: 368174449062576128

CLICK Here TO ADD Skype>>>
Skype Display Name: JohnMarket Gondrong
Skype Name: live:mrgondrong789

WhatsApp: +6282298988988
Telegram: +6282298988988


CAREFULL alot imposter trying to copy my Skype and Discord name Make sure You Copy-Paste correct Detail to ADD me
NOTE: I never ADD Someone first, if that happen that's definitely an imposter

NOTE to make sure You contacting to real JohnMarket
1. I never ADD people FIRST and offering some services, because in Discord my contact is already 1k++ in this case my Discord become "elite friend club Category" and i cant ADD people first cek this out

2. My only Discord is JohnMarket#9999 (Subscriber since Mar 27/28/29 2020, Different time/country maybe apear -+ 1 day Different)
if you see Someone has same username as Me and ADD You first definately they are imposter

3. In Discord alot scamer using Discord NITRO to imposter People by duplicating username if you did not notice it u can cek their nickname by copy-paste (only copy-paste do not type manual in this site) this is example Some imposter trying to duplicate "my name Old Discord name" cek this out

4. For Skype i never ADD people first too,,
Skype Display name: JohnMarket Gondrong
Skype name: live:mrgondrong789
exacly same as this images


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