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Welcome to ITALY'S middleman service,
I understand your concerns, i've bought many items online :
Maybe you are scared you would get scammed, but you really want that item/account
The seller does not have many feedbacks or reccomendations, so you do not really trust him
You've never done a trade before, you do not know how this stuff works, you just want to buy your account and be done with it
Do not worry, ITALY is here to help !

For the SELLER :
I will make sure that the vendor receives his money, i offer a MONEY HOLDING option, which no other middleman offers, it guarantees that no buyer can ever charge back. This is subject to how trustworthy both of you are, it is up to me to hold or not the money. I do not guarantee that during the trade the buyer won't chargeback.

For the BUYER :
I will use the safest procedure to ensure that the seller cannot chargeback the account, i will check each and every account to make sure that the buyer will receive exactly what he paid for. I will secure the account to my own email, and make sure that you will receive your item right after the payment !

So what are you waiting for? INVITE ME AS YOUR MM : https://www.epicnpc.com/tradeguardian/?mm=630102

Want to know more about me?
Hi, nice to meet you, i am Frank Stinson, i am a 39 years old entrepreneur , i have managed multiple websites and i am a Verified (ID+Photo) and TRUSTED member of this community,
I've been a vendor before becoming a MM and i've dealt more than 250k$ in Epicnpc, which is why i have been selected to become the MIDDLEMAN by Epicnpc.com
You can trust me 100%, all middlemen are filtered by the Admins, i will be offering my MiddleMan services for ANY GAME, OR TYPE OF ACCOUNT AND ITEM !
I mostly do : Youtube / Fornite / Mobile Apps / Overwatch, but i will do ANY game !
I am also very experienced with Twitter, chosing me you can't go wrong !
The difference between me and the other Middlemans is that i am a Seller myself, i own multiple websites (ezBoosts.com etc..) and i know how sellers behave, i can spot a scam/bait just by reading the thread.
I wil be using my experience i gained as a Vendor to protect all Buyers/Vendors, that's why you should chose me.
I am not just a Middleman who cares about his fee, i am different. I care about my costumers, but more importantly i really have experience selling/trading/buying, while other Middlemans may just have experience trading other people's accounts.

What i can do :
- I will secure the account and deliver it to the buyer 100% secured. I take full responsability and i will issue a full refund if i make a mistake during the trade.
- If there are any red flags from either party i will abort the trade and make an admin intervene. I take NO RISKS, the transaction will go smoothly or it wont happen.
- I will be showing you how to secure the account and protect yourself from chargebacks
- I will help you AFTER THE TRADE for free, if you need any help.
- I will check the accounts and make sure they match the description.
What i can't do :
- I do not sell or buy accounts/items, i will not resell your items/accounts.

EpicNPC stats:

Online time : 8am-1am utc+1
Completed deals : 100+
Trans. estimated total value: 78,050$
*keep in mind that it can take up to 1hour to download the game during your transaction.

I will log and verify that the account matches the description
I will take the payment and rotate it to the vendor, to protect him from chargebacks.

Invite me as your middleman : https://www.epicnpc.com/tradeguardian/?mm=630102
Why pick me as your middleman:

- I will do every game
- I am the only MM who does payment rotation
- I have a deep knowledge of online sales
- I am trustworthy and selected

What are you waiting for? invite me !

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