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Selling S>MapleRoyals • $6.00 per CS & WS • Reputable Seller •

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I am an experienced and reputable MapleRoyals currency seller that is active and quick to reply on SKYPE or DISCORD.

MapleRoyals requires a lot of time, farming currency legitimately to start a main to have fun bossing with your friends in the late game could take months of work. I provide a quick and seamless process of getting you to the end game content where all the fun is without having to waste your time grinding.

Random sellers come and go from time-to-time and sell at a slightly lower price as well as to claim to have no bans recorded to attract buyers, however, that justification is largely dependent on their historical evidence which pales in comparison to me. The difference of paying a premium of a few cents for my services can be the difference between getting your account banned or enjoying the game.

I currently have completed 500+ successful transaction with over 150+ customers, this means on average one customer comes back to me 3 times after buying, you are welcome to ask me for vouches. There have currently been 0 customer complaints against me in all my time selling.


= $6.00 USD
= $6.00

You can find me on SKYPE via [email protected] (Or just click the skype button on my profile)
You can also find me on DISCORD via MSRoyalsSeller#1817 (Or just click the discord button on my profile)

I do not use any other form of communcation other than those specified in this thread, anyone posing to be me not using those mediums of communication is not me.
Also please do not post your IGN/SKYPE/DISCORD/Contact Information as a post in this thread.
Contact me DIRECTLY.

Remember, as with anything, there are risks associated with RWT purchases that may lead to your account being permanently banned in game, by purchasing from me, you agree that you incur those risks without me being responsible, however there are currently 0 known bans across all my customers as I always do my absolute best to make sure you do not get banned.

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I was SO skeptical of this entire site--the sellers, the reviews, the disputes--but I decided to just take a chance, because the worst that could happen is that I get scammed out of 14 dollars... Not only did msroyalsseller deliver the goods as promised, he conducted the entire transaction in a way that (he explained) avoids detection by GMs.

I am a real person, and this is a 100% vouch for MsRoyalsSeller!