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  • How it works: You join the party with me, and I place you in the ranked matches against my afk players.
    Is there any risk in playing ranked matches against bots? No, I don't use any kind of cheats; everything I do is entirely legitimate. I've been playing bot lobbies in ranked matches since MW2, and I've never encountered any issues.
    Why use my services? I've been doing it for a while now. Back in the MW3 season 1, I got 8 top 250 accounts, and several clients reached the top 10 or higher in the top 250 using my bot lobby services.
    Which platforms does the bot lobby service work on? All of them. There are no restrictions. It works for Xbox, PC, and PlayStation.

    I'll initiate a free trial match in the bot lobby for you to test before making any payment. You can play a match for free to see if you like it.

    MW3 Ranked Play Boosting Prices:

    Prices per lobby:
    Bronze to Platinum 3: 5€ per match
    Diamond to Crimson: 7.50€ per match
    Crimson to Iridescent (message us)
    Top250 - (message us)

    Discounts available for bulk orders!
    Buy 5 lobbies, and get 1 lobby for free
    Buy 10 lobbies, and get 3 lobbies for free
    Buy 20 lobbies, and get 7 lobbies for free
    Buy 35 lobbies, and get 15 lobbies for free
    Buy 50 lobbies, and get 22 lobbies for free

    Attention: If you buy lobbies while you’re in Bronze, Silver, Platinum, or Gold and you hit Diamond with some remaining lobbies, you can’t use them in Diamond unless you pay the difference or use them on a different account in the lower ranks. The same rule applies to Crimson, Iridescent, and Top 250 lobbies. So, ensure you purchase what you need wisely; we won’t provide higher-ranked lobbies if you purchased them at a lower rank.

    Order piloted, how does it work? It's quite simple. We provide boosting services exclusively for consoles, so we only accept accounts linked to PlayStation or Xbox. If you're a PC player, you'll need to link your Activision account to an Xbox account.
    Once that's sorted, you provide us with your account credentials, we log into it, and ensure it ends up on the winning team.

    What are the prices for piloted orders?
    From bronze to plat 3, it's 5 euros per game.
    From diamond to crimson, it's 7 euros per game.
    From crimson to iridescent, it's 7.5 euros per game.

For a quicker response, add me on Discord: Piiaba
How it works:


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