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Selling Multiple whaled accounts lots of SS legendaries, zavia/baron/ithos/bad-el etc.

Mobile OS
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Multiple Accounts
Early/Mid-level accounts for sale, pm me on discord for pics and details, shoot me an offer, open to negotiation:

PST hours
Buyer pays mm fees

1. Baron+Kymar+Kymar+Skartosis+Elenaril+Warchief+Bloodgorged+Shirimani+Mortu

2. Ithos+warcheif+longbeard+rae+shazar+lugan (masteries completed on all legendaries and clan fighters, 15 6*, double-digit million damage on brutal clan boss, Gold IV in the arena)

3. Nethril+byatophus+septimus+kymar+valkyrie+sethalia+shamrrock

4. Sir Nic+Roshcard+Huntsman+warmother+Nethril

5. Sir Nic+Zavia+Fushan+Roshcard+richtoff

6. Zavia+Bigun+Altan+longbeard+tomblord

7. Cupidus+Robar+Roshcard+bloodgorged+dracomorph

8. Bad-el+Shirimani+Longbeard+tomblord

9. Rae+Kymar+Ghostborn+Mortu

10. Kymar+Mortu+Roshcard+Septimus

11. Baron+Nethril+Astralith

13. Venus+Rhazin+Septimus

14. Rhazin+Roshcard+Skartosis

15. Arbiter+Warlord+Bigun

16. Sir Nic+Mashalled

17. Bigun+Fushan

18. Baron + royal huntsman

19. Rae+Kymar

20. Bad-el+Rhazin

21. Bad-el+ ithos

22. Septimus+septimus

23. Kymar +Valkyrie

24. Turvold+Altan
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