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Selling Merzifon's GW2 boosting: Masteries, Ascended Gear, Fractals, Raids and more !

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No exploits, no bots; just a GW veteran with lots of free time.

I have been playing Guild Wars 2 since early access and Guild Wars 1 since Prophecies. At the time of writing (which is early days of PoF); i have 800+ LI, 250.000 Account Value and 30.000+ Achievement Points.

All services are done by me as efficiently as possible, there is no nameless middle man who doesn't even play GW2.

Services and pricing:
Crafting 1-500 : $10 for the first, $5 for each extra (plus enough gold for buying craft materials)
PoF Max Mastery (including griffon): $70 (Xp farm is included in the price. Griffon costs 250 gold, you should have this amount on your account)
HoT Max Mastery (includes Tyria): $260 (Mind that the price includes the experience farm needed, if u just want the mastery points it will be much cheaper)
Levelling 1-80 :$40
Story Rush : $30 (PoF) , $40 (HoT) , $40 (Tyria)
World Completion : $80 (Tyria), $30 (HoT or PoF)
Hero points : $5 per 50
Daily Fractal (Tier 4) : $10
Daily Fractal
CM 99 and 100 : $26
Raid weekly LI Farming (14 L.I.): $35 for EU servers, ask for America
Raid Wing 5: $40
Any Living Story: $25 (Must be unlocked)

Raid Wing 6: $20
Roller Beetle Mount: $25
Vision Achieves and map currency: trying to fix a price for it atm

Any HoT Legendary Achieve: varies, $50-$90, gets lower depending on what you already have. ask on skype for price breakdown for your legendary needs.
Any PvE Achievement : price varies, ask on skype.

Note: For the services listed above, i will need to log into your account.. which means you cannot play meanwhile.

Hot Deal: PoF story + Masteries boosting

I rush the PoF main story for you and take all the masteries for mounts of the expansion, including the secret Griffon Mount.

You need to have at least one level 80 char with a solo playable build and exotic or above gear.

(Note: Secret Griffon costs 250 gold, you have to have the gold ready in your account and mention that you want the griffon. Otherwise i will still do the free parts of the griffon quest.)

Delivery time is 2 - 4 days (depending on your char. and account)

Payment: Paypal (send to friends and family) or Western Union Money Transfer

Price: $80 (Or $110 if you want the Roller Beetle from the Living Story 4 too)

Hot Deal 2: 80 Boosted Account rushed for End-game (with fully ascended gear)

This service is designed to take a new account with a boosted char to ready for anything, including the raids. Here is a full list of what you get:

* Full Elite spec unlock for 1 char
* Full Ascended Set for 1 char. (This includes 6 armor pieces, 2-3 weapons and all the trinkets. Runes/sigils are also included, infusions are not)
* All necessary Crafting skills maxed out for your armor/weapons.
* Important masteries that are needed for most of the content farmed. (Advanced Gliding, Raptor Jump, Bunny Jump, HoT area masteries etc)
* Benefits of heavy farming: Story progression, around +100% permanent magic find, lots of materials and achievements

Delivery Time is around 10 days.

For this to work, you will need to have the expansions PoF and HoT plus Living Story 3 unlocked. If you dont have them it can still be possible but contact me beforehand

Payment: Paypal (send to friends and family) or Western Union Money Transfer

Price: $200, plus gold for buyable parts. The gold needed depends on the armor/weapon stats you want, i will give you a quote over skype once i know which one you need

For all services, I will use a vpn from your country to avoid risks (and refund the full money if something happens while i am logged in, but never happened yet)

Contact Info:
For more info feel free to pm me or contact me via Skype id: live:quasireal_1 or discord user: quasireal#8816

Use the skype link below to avoid impostors

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Bought the path of fire pack for $75, he finished all the masteries and unlocked the griffin within 4 days. Very nice guy, keeps you updated with progress and answers any questions. Highly recommended!


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bought a special task to upgrade two ascended rings with 3rd infusion slot - everything was planed and carried out accordingly. very nice guy that answers all questions and requests. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


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Used his service for both gear farming and fractals. Very happy with both - was done fast and professionally.

He gives you regular updates, and is quick to answer on Skype if you have any question.

Highly recommended!

Edit: Placed another big order with him to farm mastery points. He finished w1-4 and 150 mastery points in less than a week. Great guy.
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Interested in HoT mastery, contacted you via Trade Guardian
Update: Super professional seller, ordered a ton of HoT and Tyrian mastery points for a great price with a low timeframe. He is always quick to update on Skype and double-checks before making any decisions with your account. He got a few extra points when he had the opportunity and even unlocked an elite spec on one of my characters just because he's a great guy. I will definitely be returning to use his services again and highly recommend you do too!
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Accepted my friend request on Skype really fast and even apologised that it took 3 hours (added him at 3 in the afternoon so to be expected).
Despite having very little time he said he would do it in between his other orders while adjusting for my schedule.

Did this all very politly, updated whenever he was playing or was done, even finished it before the mentioned date.
Bought the 100% map completion and took him about 6 days and the character was around 10% when he started.

Would recommend / buy again
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Messaged and dealt with him through Discord. Lad was an absolute pleasure to work with. Paid $30 USD and he VPN'd on NA servers to do Raids. First 14 LI was a bit slow due to him not finding groups/finishing up other orders. Did a second order with him the next week and he knocked it out immediately. Communicated very well and didn't touch anything on my account (1600 liquid gold & 10k+ in infusions). Would definitely recommend, and will definitely use his services again if I'm looking.
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