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Selling Injection Service Pokemon Master

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Injection Service Pokemon Master
Update #1
Sync Pair

1 Sync Pairs - Lv Sync Move 5/5 - 15 USD for each pair

2 Sync Pairs - Lv Sync Move Lv 5/5 - 15 USD for each pair (Gift Item one you choose x1000 )
5 Sync Pairs - Lv Sync Move Lv 5/5 - 14 USD for each pair ( Gift 1000 Orb Co-op and two item you choose x1000 )
10 Sync Pairs - Lv Sync Move Lv 5/5 - 12 USD for each pair ( Gift 3000 Orb Co-op and four item you choose x1000 )

15 Sync Pairs - 11 USD for each pair ( Gift 4000 Orb Co-op and six item you choose x1000 )
1 Items - 15 USD for every 1000 item
5+1 Items - 14 USD for every 1000 item
10+2 Items - 12 USD for every 1000 item
Note : Except Item Battle Villa
Any Candy - 30 USD for every 1000 Candy.

NOTE : If you buy sync pair have legendary or mythical, I will help you to level up and unlock skills.
[How to contact me?]

Please PM me on EpicNPC, I will sent my Discord or sent your Discord i will pm you.

I only accept payment via Paypal friends & family or goods & service option price add ($0.35+0.044*price) paypal fee.
No Trade Accounts or Gift Card.
After you payment, I will inject your account about 15~30 minutes. ( It will take more time if you buy a legendary or mythical pair that can take 1~3 hour )


Please dont show off your account (ingame ID, sync pairs, item...from service).
This is "game service" so it will be able to be banned, so if you accept the risk.

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Reason - Scammer - https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/possibility-of-scam-on-my-first-transaction-here.1636425/
Really nice and fast seller, would recommand

Got my order in less than 10min, seller was really nice and polite, everything was perfect you can trust him :)


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can you add legendary items and stuff? I missed the last few legendary events due to military deployment and I want all the legendaries and limited ones you can't get anymore