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Cheap CP Points and Packs for CoD Modern Warfare 3!

2400 CP Points
13 USD
5000 CP Points
20 USD
13000 CP Points
42 USD
21000 CP Points
60 USD
26000 CP Points
80 USD
65000 CP Points
190 USD
Important - Prices shown above are only if you add on discrd or message us here on epicnpc, and pay via zelle, venmo, wise, revolut or crypto. Website rates are higher +10% to cover transaction fee, since it is charged on our end and not yours.

Purchase directly here - Packattackstore.com/CoD-MW3

Purchase will be made through the Xbox store, so your account needs to be linked beforehand. You can link a new Xbox/Microsoft account to your MW3 account. This is for MW2, MW3 and Warzone. Also, available for Black Ops Cold War.

Add me!
Discrd: Packattacks
Line ID: xldevour Name: xlDev
or message me here on EpicNpc

Check out our Full Collection - Packattackstore.com

Payments through Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp, Western Union, Wise or Crypto

Why buy from me over others?
I have been doing this for over 7 years and have had ZERO accounts banned! 640+ Positive Reviews!

Product Image 1.png Product Image 2.png
I match prices of any verified seller on EpicNpc!

1. Top Up is done by hand.
2. Loading is done through regional currency difference.
3. Sharing game account is against most game's ToS, which may result in a ban. However, this has never happened using my services.
4. All transactions are made legally through the in-game store.
5. User account will be accessed from the USA.
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Simple, Fast, Easy

Very simple process and quick. They’re very responsive especially after purchasing. Also very nice and patient. I recommend them 100%
Hi will I be able to use the cod points on my own or no ( I use PlayStation)
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You will have to access via xbox. I can get the bundles/skins for you at no extra cost or anything (part of the service).
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Amazing service!

Honestly probably the quickest, smoothest transaction of digital goods I've ever had. Super nice and friendly seller, even went the extra mile and purchased the goods for me as I'm on pc. 10/10 will be coming back for sure! Thanks again!
Great service patient and got everything I needed at the end 10/10 will come through again would recommend
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very patient and informative seller, asked a bunch of questions surrounding the purchase and he answered them all quickly very kind and respectful 10/10 would recommend this man if you want cheap cod points appreciate you homie
Hi, do I need an Xbox for this? I have an Xbox account but not an actual Xbox console. Thanks!
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You do to be able to use CP, since COD does not have a shared wallet. I can purchase the bundles for you upon request (no extra charge).
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