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zhongli & baal & kazuha

  1. SOLD  AR 57 NA baal + bis, zhongli, venti and nahida 80$ a lot to explore

  2. Selling  Clean AR 57 F2P Account (with the previous Metas haha)

    Selling my clean AR 57 Account which has not been played since the first Chasm (26% exploration) patch! Sumeru is untouched so you have a lot of content to play and explore! :> I only played up until the Chasm patch for a bit then quit. Notable Features: AR57 Clean, no dead links Original...
  3. [NA] AR 57(near 58) 13 five stars, 5 five star weapons, diluc 5star skin.

    contact: jimin kim#4015 NO PRIMOS main story isnt progressed after early summer. didnt start on TCG low pity (just pulled Ayaka) 5 stars: c4 90diluc , c4 90keqing, c1 80kazuha, 80raiden, 80ayaka, 80shenhe, 80mona, 90xiao, 90yelan, 90hutao, 80zhongli, 80venti, 80jean. 4 stars: c6...
  4. Selling  Genshin Impact Acc (13 limited 5 Star)

    SELLING MY 2ND ACC FOR PH 11,000 reason: Need money for School tuition Strictly NGF(got scammed before) Mode of payment: Gcash or Paypal
  5. SOLD  ASIA | AR55 | itto C5 + signa + gorou C6 | kazuha C2 | screenshots

    Username was linked, but i know it, you can get it after purchase Paypal | Perfect money | E-currency are payment method accept my discord : Lê Nhật Huy#7570
  6. SOLD  Selling high end with many dupes

    Im selling my account cuz irl reasons its urgent and i didnt touch it in ages thats why im selling it cheap ill give info on chars,builds etc just add me on discord. I accept paypal feel free to add me and have a nice day ^^ price 120€ Heres my discord : 𝐑𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧#5529
  7. Selling  AR 59 Genshin Impact (10 limited 5 star)

    Selling my 2nd acc for 15k(price negotiable) Strictly ngf(got scammed twice by mm and buyer) 🙅 Payment method: Gcash and PayPal only
  8. Selling  AR57 genshin WHALE account

    I'm selling my account to pay my treatment, I have every item since more than a year ago, almost every character, 23 5* and some of them C1 - C4, good artifacts and many 5* weapons. You can clear all abyss The price I'm putting is 22k dollars but it can be negotiable, please no scammers, I'm...
  9. SOLD  Asia| Ar 57 unset username

    Sell only Ar57 unset username Asia server guaranteed event char if you want detail just send to my dicord Stuartgimara#3330 or my facebook Stuartgimara