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xiao c6 pjws r5

  1. Selling  NA AR 59 whaled + 4 C6 5* + xiao c6 + primordial jade R5 + endgame builds

    Account details: 5 star char constellations: -Xiao C6 -Ayaka C6 -Keqing C6 -Mona C6 -Jean C5 -Klee C4 -Qiqi C3 -Tartaglia C3 -Zhongli C2 -Baal C2 -Ganyu C2 -Hu Tao C1 -Shenhe C1 -Diluc C1 All unlinked. Well mantained, I mean with this endgame artifacts for all characters. All 4* maxed BENNET...
  2. SOLD  (na) 168x5 10x5 c6/10 r5/kazuha c6/ganyu c6/venti c6/xiao c6 and more

    Selling super leviathan genshin account! no dead links full access Well maintained abyss 36* easy Price 3k (negotiable) I can accept trade for another whale if it calls my attention or account + money payment methods for this account preference crypto/wester union/paypal f&f i accept trade...
  3. Selling  {ASIA AR 50} 4 C6R5 Waifu and husmando

    đź‘‘ god whale ar50 asia đź‘‘ 76 resin + 42.000 stardust Guaranted character + BiS
  4. Dolphin username unset xiao c6 pjws r5 ganyu c6 amos hutao c3 homa 70x5* $800

    Helping a friend selling his account EU Ar 56 BD set Username unset Invoices available MC Aether Xiao C6 + Primordial Jade Winged Spear R5 Ganyu C6 + Amos Bow Hu Tao C3 + Staff of Homa R3 Raiden C2 + Engulfing Lightning Shenhe + Skyward Spine R5 Eula + Skyward Pride Diluc C2 + Wolf's Gravestone...