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  1. S

    WTS HIGH-END GW2 acc with 3 x leg trinkets, leg backpiece, leg heavy armor

    Hello as the title says im selling high end GW2 account: Account is ready for RAID(all wings cleared, over 300LI),CM fractals(atm around 40 KP), WvW - BASICLY END GAME READY :) -warrior has 100% map completion so its also ready for open world, -all masteries unlocked (303 max atm) -infinite...
  2. V

    GW2 account end game for pve and wvw! with both expansions.

    hi there, WTS my gw2 account with HOT and POF upgrades. Good both for wvw 350+ rank(plus commander icon), pvp 50+ rank good for pve also, 100% map completion on warrior,all mounts unlocked including gryphon and warclaw/warrior for pve fully ready for raids and fractals(150 AR) warrior for WVW...
  3. JalKhales

    Selling  GW2 (US/EU) 1-80 in 24 hours! Power leveling, masteries, achievs (no bots, no exploits)

    GW2 (US/EU) 1-80 in 24 hours! Power leveling, masteries, achievs (no bots, no exploits) Greetings fellow guild wars 2 players! I'm Archy the skritt, and here you can offer some of my shiny services: Power leveling from any level to 80 in 1 day Boost your character up to level 80 in less than...
  4. P

    Selling  Guild Wars 2 Account, 7 Level 80's, Legendary Incinerator, Main Elementalist

    Account Includes: Main- Asura Elementalist lvl 80 full ascended 100% map completion Norn Guardian lvl 80 half ascended 80% map completion Human Thief lvl 80 Full Exotic Charr Warrior lvl 80 Full Exotic Asura Mesmer lvl 80 Full Exotic Sylvari Necro lvl 80 Full Exotic Asura Engineer lvl 80 Full...