wts wow account

  1. Selling  WTS Priest t2 8/8 Mage Bloodvine set Rogue 50 lvl

    This is my personal account and I still playing on it, I'm in a guild with good raid progress so if you want you are more then welcome to stay. If its need I can always log in to the game and show you each character. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask. For payments i prefer MM...
  2. WTS WoW Account / Accounts

    I have 2 wow accounts that i am looking to trade for Cs Go Skins, Keys or just plain cash. I have done almost all of my trading on D2jsp, if you would like to talk on there to see my FG and transactions i am ok with that. I will be turning over the email for both accounts when you finalize...
  3. Selling  WTS ETERNAL WOW ACCOUNT (1.5k$ Donor Account)

    Hi guys , i want to sell off my Eternal wow piravate server account which i don't really have time to play anymore , as stated on title its an VIP acc with 1.5k$ , in the account consist of full donor Shaman with 3set of donor weapon (2xfist, Healing Staff, DPS) , I'm selling it off for 500$ (...
  4. WTS WOW ACCOUNT ILVL 674 Blood Elf Paladin.

    Selling my wow account. Main character is ilvl674 Blood Elf Paladin. 3 other lvl 100s: Orc Monk, Undead Warlock, Orc Death Knight. Couple of extra lvl 90's. has game time left on it. $125 LINK TO ARMORY: http://epicwowarmory.com/wow-armory-14284623.html PM me offers as well.