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wts gold pwi

  1. Selling  Buy and sell pwi coins on all servers pwi

    Hello all! Point 1: We are selling and buying coins on all servers. Actual info for 06/07/2018: ​ Region / Server Price for 100 mil US West / Etherblade 10.5$ US West / Twilight Temple 10.5$ US East / Tideswell 10.5$ Europe / Dawn Glory 10.5$ If you want to buy / sell coins or...
  2. SOLD  Coins on all servers PWI

    Hello! We are selling coins on all servers. Our permanent prices for Coins: Archosaur: 4.500.000 per $1 Lost City: 4.000.000 per $1 Sanctuary: 5.500.000 per $1 Heavens Tear: 5.500.000 per $1 Raging Tide: 5.500.000 per $1 Harshlands: 5.000.000 per $1 Dreamweaver: 5.500.000 per 1$ Morai...