wiz for sale

  1. Fire wiz lvl 106 maxed out. Dr Dizzy#2415

    Message me on discord for more info! thanks
  2. Wizard maxed 54 item level bis in slot items

    Maxed out wizzy bis gear (pretty famous wizard in game hope thats not a no no anyone xd) maxed bolster on mounts comps and best gear. no mythic collars tho. best comps for aoe and single target
  3. Selling  Top wiz account

    Hello there wizzzzzards. I’ve finally come to close a chapter of my childhood and am giving up wiz. I’ve have spent over thousands of dollars in this game which all ends up on around having 80% of all mounts in the game, top pets for all schools of wands commander gear, houses, top school gear...
  4. SOLD  Level 75 death wizard, lvl 37 storm +mounts, pets, house, $35

    Im selling a w101 with two wizards, one death lvl 75 and the other storm lvl 37 for $50 the wizards have several mounts and pets and also a house worth $20 by itself the account also has membership for a couple more days so all the worlds are currently unlocked hmu, discord: digthakiller#1904
  5. Wizard101 Account: Six Characters, Bundles bought. Pack items, pvp pets,

    Main Aspects: Account has most bundles bought. Most accounts have used the level 50 elixir. Has a lot of high-end pets across all accounts. Most useful crown items are on all accounts. Comes with a level 60 Privateer and 65 Musketeer in Pirate101 and some useful items like bundles on it. Has a...
  6. Selling  WTS 268AAP wizard sea server

    $500 only. RUSH SALE with lvl 62 Zerk lvl 61 Musa PM me on my facebook account. "Homer Pacasum"
  7. Max storm and max ice

    I’m selling two accounts, one has a max storm, other has a max ice and multiple other mid level characters. Contact me on discord @ Tor#0784 if you would like screenshots or any more information. PAYPAL OR CASHAPP.
  8. Selling  Wizard101

    I am selling a 2 Wizard101 accounts the first one consist of a 95 death with all gear and all lore spells, a 102 balance with all gear and lore spells, a 113 storm with all storm spells and gear,a 21 life with weaver, and a 35 myth with all warlord gear and the second account has a 66 ice with...
  9. Selling  Level 100 death/alts 5 years owned

    This is an amazing account! I've opened it for a super long time! There is a max death with tons of amazing hear and mounts and several collectors mounts. Message me for more info on skype at : yeni.yena
  10. Selling  LEVEL 100 DEATH w/ ALTS

    Selling my 100 death with ALTS, 56 ice warlord, 83 life commander. Tons of awesome mounts have pics and can screen share hit me up on skype if you want more info at : yeni.yena
  11. Wizard101 death for trade!

    I have an account with a Max death with all death spells, completed all of kt, and has done all of darkmoor! It also has a bunch of mounts, houses both gauntlets, winterbane a awesome healing mega pet, a lot of houses, it also has a lvl 37 balance, all damage sun spells! the death star spell! I...