1. SOLD  Dreadnaught EU PVP 60 Orc Warrior 100% mount

    Original email Original owner Pre-Raid Gear, All attunements 100% mount, 700 gold included, Exalted with Stormpike Guard Mining/First Aid - 300 Transfer Available Contact: Discord - Wence#5545
  2. SOLD  60lv Warlock and Warrior on feenix Warsong

    Selling my account @ feenix Warsong with two 60lv characters: 1 for horde and 1 for alliance Horde: 60 Warlock well geared Gear: T2.5(AQ40) Shoulders, Hakkar back, Rockfury, bloodvine, and rest t1-t2 epics Other: 100% mount (warlock quest), / Full AQ, ZG and BoN / full Attunes attunes Profs...