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vampire kanagi

  1. Selling  4s Infinite Iroha, Vampire Kanagi, and other LIMITED Girls account ($100)

    This is a semi-starter account, but has so many top tier limited girls, and once you purchase and raise it, it could get you into end game in no time! 4s Infinite Iroha (LIMITED ANNIVERSARY UNIT) 4s Vampire Kanagi (LIMITED SEASONAL UNIT) 4s Mitsune Miwa 3s Kanae, Mifuyu 2s Tanabata Yachiyo...
  2. Selling  Magia Record JP Account with 4s Vampire Kanagi and 16+ other SSRs (182+ Pulls)

    Starter account with 4s Vampire Kanagi, 182+ Pulls, and 16+ other SSRs! This account has Magical Girls: - 4s Vampire Kanagi - 2s Mitsune - 2s Kanagi - 2s Kanae - 1s Sis. Momoko, Mami, Ao, Sudachi, Madoka, Mikage, Mifuyu, Yozuru, Nemu, Sayuki, Hagumu Memorias: MLB Tonight We Shall Have A...