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tybw chars

  1. Adity0309

    SOLD  Semi-fresh Account 8 tybw + 1 cfyow & both 4th Anniversary Character

    #WTS Semi-fresh Account 8 TYBW + 1 CFYOW 2nd & 4th Anniversary Character Klab only Pm if interested
  2. Adity0309

    SOLD  Semi-fresh Account with Tybw 1&5 also have 4 cfyow

    #WTS Semi-fresh Account TYBW 1 & 5 Full banner CFYOW Stark & Aaeron Others good units Current about 1600+ Orbs Check picture for detail Klab Only PM me offer
  3. Adity0309

    SOLD  Beast fresh with tybw 1 & 5, Cfyow Stark And 4 Golden Accesories

    #WTS Beast Fresh Account 4 Golden Accesories TYBW 1 4/4 TYBW 5 3/3 CFYOW Stark Klab only PM if interested Discord: IchiGOD#2497 Facebook: adity0309
  4. Adity0309

    SOLD  Beast Mid Game Acc with 7 Gold Accesories and 7 tybw Char + 4 cfyow for cheap

    #WTS 350+ Day Login Acc (Mid Game) 7 TYBW Char + 2 CFYOW 4/5 PVP Character 6 Golden Accesories Price negotiable 👍 PM if you interested Link Slot Upgrade: Chad: 10/10/10 Nnoi: 10/10/10 Toshiro: 10/6/7 Yama: 10/5/5 Yami: 5/1/1 Mugetsu: 5/5/2 Unohana: 5/0/0 PM me on Discord: IchiGOD#2497...
  5. Adity0309

    SOLD  Selling Semi endgame acc With all 4th cnniv char + tybw Vol.5 for $80

    #WTS Semi-ENDGAME ACC 4 Anniv Char Mugetsu & VL TYBW Vol.5 Full Banner + 6 TYBW 1 Gold Chappy Easy Clear Senka & TOD Price can be negotiate PM if interested Discord: IchiGOD#2497 Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/reski.adi.07/albums/2373640619325519/
  6. L

    11 out of tybw Character account. End game

    I don't want to play this game anymore so I just want to get rid of my account. I am selling it on eBay for 90. If you want a private transaction then it has to be pay pal friends and family only. Hit me up if you have any questions. ebay link with all the photos-...
  7. S

    Endgame account, 10/14 tywb, anni ulquiorra quincy ichigo etc,

    Only paypal 10/14 tywb Quincy ichigo Anni ulquiorra 4 gold accesories 60$
  8. S

    Selling  end game account

    Fairly end game account: all important asc with 30sp/30att. Gold heart chappy. 101010 PvP team: retsu, Yama, kusaka. Nearly all of current tybw line up (mostly tybw2-4). 900 brushes, 7 max. 100s or 1000s of pots, 2000+ rainbow pots. Several unopened 6* and 5* character tix, 50+ bs tix, some...
  9. G

    Extra fresh acc, with many tybw chars, untouched story, 4k farmed orb klabonly

    Hello guys, i'm up for selling mine main BBS account, i'm quitting game due work and other obligations. I farmed orbs for like a week so i can get higher price since it's freshie. There's many TYBW characters as you can see from pictures with latest pulled Yachiru and Zaraki Bankai (TYBW)...
  10. Y

    Super fresh tybw manga account with 4k farmed orbs, quickselling klab only

    Selling superfresh BBS acc that is only klab linked, latest pulls are Yachiru Unohana and Kenpachi TYBW. Story literally untouched I'm looking for 25USD (Consider it fair since its fresh and for what account offers) (Can accept Paypal and bitcoin as payments) Pictures at...