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twst trade

  1. SOLD  JP 21 SSR acc

    Hello, Looking to trade my JP twisted wonderland account for an ensemble stars basic account. my discord is mu#6106 Please note: Rank 46 ( will increase ) Bday has not been set. 21 SSRs 7 Lims 10 Bday 4 Dorm Currently on episode 3 of the main story, still extremely farmable with the side...
  2. SOLD  Selling TWST Account [JP]

    Twisted wonderland JP account Rank 80 32 SSR (+ 19 dupes) Guest Room Rank 24 Birthday set Full story 0 Gems & Keys With a few Twistunes rewards availables has all the R & SR cards until 09/22/2022 has all backgrounds until 09/27/2022 Negotiable price & only paypal Send DM if you are interested!
  3. Trading  Trading LVL. 63 account

    Hello. I'm looking for an account with these cards: Beanfest Azul (!) Outdoor wear ruggie Suitor Ace (!) Stargazing Deuce (!) Bday Silver Suitor Idia In exchange of my account, Lvl. 63 Any offers is greatly appreciated too! My discord is deianira#0098
  4. Trading  LF Kalim and Riddle SSRs and Bean day Floyd for 7 SSR account

    I'm looking to trade (or buy an account) my EN account (7 SSRs) for an account with Kalim and Riddle SSRs as well as bean Floyd! Wedding Idia would also be great. All Octavinelle cards are appreciated! My account is seen in the pictures below:
  5. Trading  LF: BDAY Silver (and sebek if possible!)

    I'm willing to trade my Lvl. 60 account with 4 SSRs (Dorm Leona, Riddle, Jack, Deuce + dupe) for an account with BDAY Silver (or Beanfest Azul/BDAY Sebek) in it. I can also sell the account! Sadly the account only has 29 gems (not farmable, catched up until book 4) since I used all of my keys...
  6. Selling  JP account with full Azul album + 9/12 octavinelle SSR cards

    Hello, I decided to sell my account after 2 years of playing. notice: full azul album, 9/12 octavinelle SSR cards, grim 1st and 2nd anniv card, has many old event R + SR. has gacha keys worth 1400+ gems this account is perfect for octavinelle fans especially azul fans! the fixed price is...