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  1. Selling  State 203 HQ P5 - VIP9 242m BP / Troop 1.6m and T10 riders only / chief 56 + h

    Im selling my account on state 203 very active state. I sick and don't have time to play. Main account: - 244 M BP - HQ Plasma 5 Riders P5 Infantry and Hunters P4 - 1.6 m Troops - VIP 9 - Chief lvl 56 2nd HQ farm - 66 M BP - HQ30 - 355k Troop - VIP7 - Chief lvl 45 If you need...
  2. Selling  #78k All Platform acc 115m power 16vip 60m T5 Troops 39 legendary[14 Full] 15

    3300$ ====================================== For more information: check screenshot -> ====================================== all platform Account : 115m Vip : 16 Passport: 67 Gems: 12k Gold statue: 74 Silver coind: 16M ====================================== Legendary(14 maxed): Guan Yu 60lvl...
  3. Stronghold 40 930m power high troop volume

    Make an offer Stronghold 40 930m Power 2.3M T12 Infantry 400k T12 Cav 370K T12 Bow Destruction gear Dragon 70 Troop stats 2700/2800 Stats: 5500-6200 High troop numbers over 200m kills
  4. [150$] 730M Might, 20M Troops, T4, 7 armies Vip15

    VIP 15 T4 ACCOUNT 730M MIGHT 20M TROOPS INTERESTED MAIL: [email protected] DISCORD: JaneB#5210
  5. SOLD  Lvl 233 ,130ktroops, short base

    Lvl 233, have a bunch of riders including atlas rider all with legendary or elite gear some lvd. Silver destroyer, bronze trapper and seiger have enough xp for silver. 98% of all breedable dragons up till garnet , a bunch of devines including garnet ,saphire,gold for pvp .130k troops on atlas...
  6. Selling  Trap Account with 5 mil troops

    Hi, I‘m selling my trap account with 5 mil troops. It has good war gear and nice research. It’s still in progress but ready to eat some hits. If someone interested pls add me on Line: Cizzl Price is: 170$
  7. Selling  70B gold ..MTT power ..HQ 141 and com 241 need to sell ASAP

    Need gone ASAP ,looking to sell fast so make me a reasonable offer i have been daily active on this account for months now eveything is unlocked and all top tier troops bough and built there is 70B gold on this account because I’ve put a lot of money into the game make me a reasonable offer...
  8. Selling  Two Accounts - CHEAP - 5.6mil & 3.8mil. Both have T3. Realm 257

    Hey all - looking to get rid of my two accounts on this realm. They are Cit 23 & 22 respectively. Both are fairly well off - the 3.8mil account was actually the better of the two until I messed up and let it get hit hard so its lower power (and price) are reflective of that. Not looking to...
  9. Selling  Sh30 lvl 47 lord 49 drag vip10 all t10 warmonger ***great value***

    I've decided to keep playiing
  10. March of empires; Top account

    I am selling my TOP tier account, in a new realm, pm for info or send me your line id. The account is 330m might, has 7,7m gold, VIP15 and pretty much everything you ever needs, good gear and tons of spares. I require that you will make your own bid. As info there is about 6k $ invested, not...
  11. Selling  Castle 24 30mil might 84k gems 2 mil guild coins I hear offers

    Castle lvl24 90k+ Gems +30k in treasure trove Vip 11 30 million might vel. construction 237.7% vel investigate 182.2% almost standart building in lvl 24 400+k troops T3 380+ capacity infirmary Hunter Mastery III lvl 8 Heroes lvl58 2 purple 9 Blue 2.0 million guild coins 2800+hours speedup...
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  13. Selling  100+m account for sale, 1+m gold, 2Bn of each rss, t4 unlocked and 000s SU

    In Scan #92 104m Power (and growing daily - doubled in size in 5days) - only 7.5m of that in troops with 71m in research. Econ/Combat/Trap research all complete, CO mostly done. Over 2bn of each rss and over 2000days of SU. Plenty of gear and other bits available - $50
  14. Selling  Mobile strike acount 400+ a cheap €250,- will use the trade guardian

    Mobile strike acount 400+ state 128 Global Elite a cheap €250,- will use the trade guardian contact Line-id: orphan8 or email Buy Now vip lvl 6 black Buildings stone 5 lvl 21 / 6 lvl 20 oil 8 lvl 21 farm 1 lvl 22 iron 5 lvl 21 HQ 1 lvl 22 vault 1 lvl 5 banks...
  15. SOLD  #271 19.8m 16 HQ Account for sale | 450k T3 Troops | £200 ONO |

    Hi, I'm selling my MS account as listed below, don't have much time to put into the game, looking for a quick sale so asking for £200/$288 ONO 16 HQ (19,789,424) 16 - Wall/Research/Warehouse/Armory/Bank/Training Grounds/Oil/Quarry/Stone/Farm 22 lvl 14 farms 10 lvl 14 Hopsitals = 160k Hospital...
  16. Selling  For Sale // HQ21 300 mil power top 10 account - Blass #116

    Account for sale: - HQ 21. - Power pushing 300mil. - Top 10 in power, troops killed, commanders killed and power destroyed. - Commander lvl 50. - High volume hospital beds (400k). - All buildings are lvl 21 except 3 hospitals. - T4 troops & traps. - 8mil+ troops (T3&T4) mix. - Research facility...
  17. HQ21,State: CEUR, 15 Million Power, T3 Troops, well trained, Millions of ressources

    HQ21,State: CEUR, 15 Million Power, T3 Troops, well trained, Millions of ressources Im selling my beloved mobile strike account before my wife is killing me ;-) State: CEUR HQ21 15,8 Millions Power 38k Rocketinfantry 38k Rangers 38k LAV's 38k Horwitzer 18k Bunkery 18k Claymore 18k EMP's 4k...

  19. Selling  Sell Th 10 lvl 113 only $250 and Th 8 max def lvl 78 only $50