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tricaru team

  1. SOLD  Looking europe sw account with 1 ld5 and auto farm dungeons,etc

    Budget is not that much but 100 euros. Mostly looking for an account mid/end game with 1 ld 5 (like nephthys, nicki, laima, yeonhong, giana, wonlyung,etc) or just good nat 5*s in general and with auto farm dungeons in general and some good runes. (Europe or global only but mostly wanting...
  2. BOUGHT  Buying SW Acc, Want all Dungeons cleared + ToAH (Pref Auto)

    Looking for a SW account, Pref Global but would consider Europe. Don't care about PvP but want all Dungeons autoable, would like Tricaru teams when possible, and ToAH full auto, if not doable not a huge deal as long as its clearable. Price around $100
  3. Buying  Buy Tricaru farm team Global/Asia server

    as the title says, im looking for acc on global/asia with tricaru team. Prefer low budget,cheap. Doesnt matter how many nat 5 ow 6*. Inbox me offer or discord at Zul#4954
  4. Selling  EU|C1Arena| Psamathe,Tiana,Molong,Savannah,Perna |Pve Content 100%

    Hey everyone, no time for sw. • Nearly all Tower Max ( Light Lv3., Dark Lv18., HP Lv.11) •Bernard 186 Spd / Savannah 186 spd •Bj5 28 seconds. •Toa/H auto play without any problems •PVE Content 100% do able ( Dot Team, Tricaru) •All Element Rifts SSS •Safe Auto Raid Team ( 1:40min ) •Guild war...
  5. Selling  90days account tricaru team verde, bj4 auto solo 100%,

    Tricaru team verde, 20* six star, 13 five starr all runed, auto solo bj4, toa, toah, eirgar, all fusion monster 5 star bit wind walkyria, lightning emperor, and totemist, leo, bastet, borgnir, mephisto, and other nat 5star,