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  1. SOLD  Good Side Account, Over $400 spent. Bag End after Season 5.

    Looking to sell my good side account as I am no longer able to play. I’ve spent over $400 over 5 seasons on high-efficiency items. I have bound the account via Google Play Store to a throwaway e-mail address, so you will get the account and Google e-mail address. This way the account will be in...
  2. Selling  S3 0026 cheap, competitive account

    S3 account with the following numbers: R5 gimli R5 gandalf R5 theoden R3 legolas R5 eowyn R6 haldir R7 faramir R6 dwalin And 8 more, please check the last picture Currently sitting on 3900 gems and 16 unopened mathoms, the account is on rp S3 erebor (0026), competing for the win, DG protection...
  3. Selling  Lotr Rise to War S3 0010 Strong,Good,Cheap

    No need more talking. Everything is in pictures. Really cheap good strong acc. MY BEST COMMENDERS ARE: R10 EOWYN R10 DWALIN R9 GIMLI R6 IMRAHIL R6 THEODEN R3 GANDALF THE WHITE R7 GANDALF THE GREY Only 500€. I SPENT 500X3 !!!